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Exercise while pregnant.. what do you do?

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Loves weight.. training!
I've been in karate and was about to take up horse riding again - haven't ridden since the summer when I hurt my back.
so.. as both of these have gone out of the window now I'm pregnant, I wondered what you do, and what I could do :).

I'm off to an aqua aerobics class tomorrow at my local leisure centre. Not aimed at pregnant women but they do go apparantly. :)

There is yoga locally too so may well do this as well - might wait a litle longer though as would like to keep swimming going :) We go normally with our girls anyway but I don't get 'peace' to swim much. lol
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Hi ya,

I believe you can do pretty much any exercise while you are pregnant.

It may be worth making a one off appointment with one of the trainers at your leisure centre. I'm sure they'd be able to advise you and make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise while you are pregnant.

Walking is a safe bet for everyone and now the beautiful weather is here, enjoyable too.

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Loves weight.. training!
I won't take the risk with a lot of higher impact types. I lost a baby the day after I'd ridden a horse (I used to ride regularly). I didn't know I was pregnant and for all the reassurance I can never quite believe it wasn't my riding harder and longer that day that lead to my miscarriage. :(

I'm planning on just water based or Yoga :) Thanks though :)
I'm really sorry to hear that. I can understand why you would be cautious. I also had a miscarriage last year when I didn't realise I was pregnant. I had been on holiday and partied hard - again lots of reassurances from Dr but I still don't believe the alcohol had nothing to do with it.

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Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it's really hard to question your own actions, but neither of us knew, so it's not like our actions were deliberate. We have to take some comfort from that.
I swam once a week and I did a pregnancy exercise DVD for a good bit but stopped a while ago - wish I hadnt now!

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Loves weight.. training!
:) Will bear that in mind to keep going! lol
My main reason is to keep my back as supple as possible. I see a real difference when I Don't exercise.


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I take the dog for lots of walks and find the housework is quite exhausting as the time progresses.

I used to do high impact aerobics but stopped when I found out about baby.

I wish I had kept up with more exercise but My mum died just before new year when I was 14 weeks and I lost motivation for most things and will have to work hard afterwards to lose the weight comfort eating has gained.:cry:

Now the better weather and longer nights are here I can see the dog being taken out more for a gentle stroll.:p

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Loves weight.. training!
Thanks all :)

I don't think i'll manage to lose a stone! lol
I must confess I've put 3lb on, so am trying to really watch what I'm eating now. I have had some treats (chocolate etc) so am cutting those out again.

I have been swimming this morning for an hour, did 6 actual laps as well as mucked around with the girls. And then went for a walk for about 45 mins :) I was worn out when I got back - so were the dogs! ;)

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Loves weight.. training!
Am off to my 2nd class of aqua aerobics tonight :) looking forward to it :) really need to sort my swimming costume out though..


taking one day at a time
thinK I wil start swimming agian as ilove swimming apart fro that only walking as much as I can but to be honest I am feeling soooooooo tired havnt got the energy would love a pregnancy dvd can anyone reccomend one :D

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