Fat Girls and Alcohol

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  1. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    Hi All,

    I was reading the fat girls guide to life and in it she says alot of bullcrap and contradicts herself to the point of illness BUT she does say that generally fat girls dont drink - why go to a pub when you can go to a restaurant...

    For me - it rings true...a night is not a night out without a pile of heart clogging transfats...

    Alot of my overweight pals dont drink either... and being Irish - :eek:

    Incidentially my thin friends all enjoy a night at the pub...in preference to a night having a relaxing meal.

    Anyone else feel the same? Has Wendy Shanker finally found my weak point?

    I wonder,

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  3. Flopster

    Flopster Got a life thank you!

    Lighter Life
    Me I always say why drink your calories when you can eat them instead!

    Thinking about it I think quite a few of my overweight friends are the same.

    Not read the book - I take it you don't recommend it?
  4. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

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    I never go to pubs, but am found in restaurants all the time...she may have a point.
  5. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I would recommend it...but she contradicts herself alot in the book...and that can be really tough to cope with...she lays em up only to knock em down.

    But overall it was a good read. And it was from a US perspective where they have skinny cheerleaders, the jocks and that whole scene which is kinda alien to me.

  6. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Personally I prefer to eat and drink! Could that be where I have been going wrong? And yes, I am sitting here with a bloody awful hangover! I know, serves me right.
  7. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    I definitely am an eater not a drinker , but it is an interesting point as the times in my life that i was party girl were the slimmest years of my life !

    Mmmm Kandy is off to the pub, care to join me! x :D
  8. Bellybee

    Bellybee Silver Member

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    I barely drink at all maybe 3-4 times a year where I get really drunk and it is normally with cocktails at TGI fridays or something where a meal is involved. I much prefer a meal to the pub and to be honest when off of diet I dont see this changing
  9. willitracey

    willitracey Member

    Starting Cambridge on 18 August 2009
    Yeah, I agree, I only have a glass of wine on Christmas at my Mum's. If it was the drink that made me put on weight I would be a size 8:)
  10. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I think it could be my weak point - i would never dream of going to a pub when TGI is around the corner...

    It was something i didnt think til i read about it...

    and as i tend to let loose when i am out eating - i mean 4 course meal here even if its agony getting it all down :) and dont even mention an buffet...

    not that i will turn into an alckie, but it is ermmm food for thought tho' :)

  11. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Well it would seem I am alone in this - but I have been big drinker. Mainly vodka or cocktails - sadly I am the typical binge drinker! However that said I have now given up booze as it is banned on the GI diet and am more gutted at having to give up chocolate and jacket potatoes - saying no to a drink is far easier!
  12. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Interesting one this...

    My drug of choice is chocolate:D
  13. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    I think that statement is so untrue! I am a big girl and go to pubs and restaurants all the time! Well... mainly bars it has to be said and drink til I can no longer feel my legs, which doesnt take much! I love my alcohol and would rather drink than eat.. in fact I only eat out if I have drunk too much!

    I realise the above statement makes me seem like an alcoholic, :p .. i'm not! I just love my cocktails!
  14. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Ooooo I don't tend to drink but if it is cocktails and I have the money then lookout world :p
  15. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

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    Without my professional and sensible head on, I will say that Lacey's favourite would have to be a large vodka and tonic, ice and lemon and a twirly stick with a parasol!!:D x4

    With my professional, responsible head on, I would say, if your on a VLCD don't do alcohol at all while Sole Sourcing.

    If your calorie counting, alcohol can take up a lot of your allowance so be aware, and from a health point.....keep an eye on the recommended units of alcohol per week.

    14 units for women and 21 for men......;)
  16. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    hehehe - cocktails and shots.. they are my downfall!:D:D:D:D
  17. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    Not even on special occasions? :(
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  19. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD

    I don't do shots 'cause I'm not that 'ard! :eek:
  20. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    I'm with you squashedfroggy - I LOVE cocktails:p:p:p:p

    Oh well they are banned till I get to my target weight:(:(:(:(
  21. *Kitty*

    *Kitty* Member

    I am teetotal and also caffeine free! No addictive substances for me! Apart from food I guess which is really weird because I have such self control with allot of other things why can't i do it with food? Anycase I don't touch alcohol not even in food, but I go out ALLOT to clubs and concerts but I only have water or J2O or orange juice. I don't really go out to restaurants much, maybe once every 2 weeks, only if its a birthday dinner or celebration with mates and never get desert. It's mainly snacking and portion control that is my downfall! I was not drinking at my thinnest weight and also my heaviest and I must say when I did go tee total I dropped some weight too.
  22. bakerfa

    bakerfa Silver Member

    LL then CD then WLR!
    Squashedfroggy - alcohol is very dangerous while you're on a VLCD. Your blood sugar can get low & with you detoxed the alcohol goes straight to your head & can make you pass out or in very extreme cases die. On a lighter note the sugar can knock you out of ketosis so definitely not a good plan!

    I personally tend to only drink when I'm having a meal like Sunday lunch or in a restaurant. Used to go the pub a bit but seem to prefer food these days, (Was overweight then but now I'm calorie counting alcohol seems like a waste!)
    Also drink a fair bit on hol but then I eat to excess then too! That's when we do the whole Mediterranean 3 course meal with wine thing!

    Love xxx
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