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Fed up with buying clothes because they cover me up!

Hi! Am new, fell into Atkins by mistake when I realised I was in ketosis after starting a low carb diet. I am now on day 2 of week 4 and have lost around 12 lb but dont want to check my weight too closely. I think I have lost, I weigh myself and I havent so it can get depressing.

Previously I lost 3 stone on Lighter Life, I put it all back on again within a year.

I am now 44 and fed up with being size 18. So here I am.

Today for breakfast I had pork scratchings (mr porkys from waitrose)
For lunch I had a 3 egg omelette made with cream and filled with cheddar
for dinner i had roast chicken, mangetout, sausages wrapped in bacon and gravy
small bowl of strawberries with cream
have also drunk 3 litres of water
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Have been missing my milk and think I can have Alpro so I will get some.

I am so keen to get rid of this weight, I wrote all the reasons down for losing weight and so far I have only had to look at the list once.
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My food today
B - rolled porridge oats with water
L - Big Mac with no bun and a McDonalds bacon and chicken salad (took the coating off the chicken)
snack - bought an Atkins chocolate bar from Boots, expensive but tasty
D - pack of pork scratchings, small bowl strawberries and cream, coffee with cream
3 litres of water

Does the above look OK?
Hi Alpy, thanks for the encouragement. I am trying to follow Atkins but have just realised I shouldn't have had the rolled oats. Back to the eggs tomorrow.

First countdown is for a family wedding on April 21st.


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Morning Annie... Welcome to this site and apologies for not finding your diary before now ... There are so many lovely diaries that it's hard to get to everyone's... Just jump onto others if you want to comment on anything..,

You've done brilliantly well so far - so keep it up as its clearly working for you... Xx


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Ps... Alpro unsweetened is the one to buy x
Morning Alpy and all. Just been on the McDonalds website looking at the nutritional information and was amazed to see the carb differences. I now know that in desperation a bun free burger is the way to go with a salad. So I did make the right choice yesterday (McDonalds on my wedding anniversary - Ha Ha).

Today I am going to make a list of the right fruits and veg to go for and stick it up in the kitchen. I also need to look at cooking the cauli mash. If I can get into town I am going to the health food shop and going hunting for unsweetened Alpro (thanks for that).
Just spent the last hour looking through the stickys and various threads. I feel inspired now. As I type even my fingers look thinner. Just before I started the diet I had to remove my rings in the bath as they were so tight I thought they would get stuck forever. I now have them back on again. I have also been having problems with one of my heels feeling numb every now and again, I hope the weight loss will get rid of this.

Just about to finish my first litre of water for the day, a gold star for me!
Evening everyone, another good day. Bought some soya flour today, not made anything with it yet though. Helped my friend spend her money buying plants at the nusery today.

B - pack pork scratchings! Mr Porky from Waitrose 79p
L - small bowl strawberries and cream and low carb rye cracker thing x 2 with cheddar and Marmite
D - anchovy, pepper and feta salad with full fat mayo and some coleslaw
snack - few more pork scratchings but went to Lidl and bought theirs which arent as fatty tasting as Mr Porky's. 99p for twice as many.
3 litres of water as usual or bit less as had some diet lemonade
black coffee
Good morning world. Another great day and I can see the sun too this morning. My first 500ml water is nearly gone. Feel the urge to get on the scales but know I mustn't. My head feels very clear today.

I am looking forward to digging through my wardrobe for some clothes I havent been able to wear for a couple of years. Going to try my unsweetened Alpro milk this morning.


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Well done you! :) Keep it going and those size 14s will be loose soon


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Hey! I've not started an atkins diary yet, just a slimpod one, called Fiona's disappearing. Will use that for both I think


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Nah, its ok. :) will muck forums up I'm sure

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As long as you have plenty of support over there.

Just thinking about breakkie, going to have rolled oats and going to try the unsweetened Alpro with it.

Hope this sunshine has some warmth in it later on.


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I had a chocolate mim with double cream. Yummy!

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