Friendly Spider Program


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Hi all,

I am off to do the Friendly Spider Program in London Zoo soon!

I have tried it all, and didnt work on my phobia... :(

but after an encounter of the scary kind yesterday which left me literally dribbling with fear (a spider naturally) i have decided to give the Zoo a go.

I am at a low ebb in summer...and pray for winter...literally held hostage by my own fear

You know if i have a cent every time i heard someone say (something along the lines of - sure the size of them...they wont harm ya, they are more afraid of you) I'd be a VERY very rich woman indeed...

Sadly, its not the case...I am more afraid...

So off i will go...London Calling...

It a very real and common fear Ivy. There's even research to suggest that humans are genetically preconditioned to having a fear of spiders as a survival mechanism - so fear of them ISN'T irrational.

The Friendly spider programme sounds very interesting: let us know how it goes.:)
I'd love to know how you get on. I don't like spiders, but can't bear to kill anything or let anyone else!

Kids laughed at me the other day as I dusted around a small one.:rolleyes:
I hate spiders so much! I just moved into a new house and its a old victorian one and every now and again a spider comes running over the floor, not even small ones but pretty large ones. Luckily there are some brave men in the house and I just jump on a table (as if spiders can't run up the side of the table) and stay there until someone kills it! Other bugs i do not kill, i really dont mind rats or mice even, there are just something about spiders I hate. I call them satan's little helpers.
You know that hideous lurch that you get when you sense that appalling movement of a spider racing across your floor?

Well, I've just had that whilst sweeping in the kitchen.

Thank feck it was just a stray malteaser!

Phew!! lol
Lol a stray malteser!

Thanks for your replies...spiders have been the bain of my life for as long as i can remember...

My mind knows its stupid...but i can help my reactions...

But i am willing to try whats necessary!

Will let you know how i get on!!

Oh oh oh - I've just been incredibly brave and need to share lol.

Yesterday morning, I saw a thingy on GMTV going on about how this year, spiders are getting bigger than ever cos of the heat etc and I got all shaky and upset - silly moo! But I was reassured that I haven't seen any spiders in my house this year - only really really tiny ones and I don't mind them so much!


this morning, I found a BIG one in my kitchen window - EEEK!

So I carefully swept it onto my broom (no, I'm not a witch, OK???) and lobbed it out of the door into the back garden and saw it scuttle off happily.


I need a fag now! Bigtime!!!!!
Well done Izzy. Clever girl.

I had one for company last night. I begged it to go and eat the million moths we have in the kitchen.

Now..if I was a spider, I'd relish the binge:eek:

This one obviously has been in PMcK house before visiting mine:rolleyes: