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Days until Birmingham!
Morning Wemitts! So here we go another week..................
Here's to another good one for us all. Lets forget any mishaps last week and focus on losing loads weight for the Birmingham meet in 93 days time!

Love to all

Kamilla xx
1lb on but ss'd for 7 days solid!

Can't believe its raining AGAIN!!!! :mad: My poor son Toby is at Scout camp all week he'll be soaked.

Anyway, I have just completed a full 7 days of SSing! and tons of water has pasted my lips. I have resisted weighing myself but thought oh what the heck lets have a look. So popped on the scales think mmm 4lbs would be great but my scales say 1lb on!!:eek: Now whats that about??? I am due TOTM next week so maybe its all water but how annoying. :mad: Seeing lovely CDC (Diva) later so hope her scales show different in the right direction not even more on.

Hope everyone is ok.

Kamilla xx
Oh Kam,

I hope Diva's scales have gone down! and that Toby's not too wet! 7 days is excellent - Well done you!

I'm also retaining but have rung Docs as I realised I haven't "been" since before the accident on Thursday & my weight is grad. going up! Apparently another sign of shock! Waiting for her to ring back before I trudge round the chemist!

Love xxx
Hi everyone
Well, I'm back from Doncaster having dropped Sophie's little buddy back home.
I saw a few friends who ALL said I looked incredibly different which gave me a bit of a boost after my disappointment of last Thurs.

The only negative thing that happened was a comment made by (oddly enough) my very overweight friend. Several years ago, we both started Rosemary Conley and I weighed 3lb more than her. She gave up quite quickly and now, years later, she has gained quite a bit and weighs probably somewhere between 21 and 22st whereas I'm now 13st 10lb. She said I was doing well but then she spoiled it by reaching over, 'pinching' the spare skin on my upper arm and saying 'You're going to need some surgery on that though - you've got bat wings'. I was quite gutted and pretty speechless.

I've put it down to her feeling depressed about her weight as she's now pretty much debilitated and needs a wheelchair and she's seeing me (who used to weight more than her) a lot thinner and with a spring in my step. Still hurt my feelings though. :(

Kam - I know the temptation was great but I wish you hadn't stepped on the scales. I'm sure when you get on Diva's scales, the result will be different and if it's still a bit disppointing, you'll have the benefit of a counsellor there to take the sting out and keep your head in the right place. I've got my fingers crossed for a decent loss ... you've been a trooper this week and deserve the reward of a good result.

Anja - The after effects of a traumatic experience can be unexpected as you've discovered. Sending you a big hug and hope everything sorts itself out soon xx

Hi to all the other wemitts: another new week ahead so lets all make the most of it and get our positive hats on!! :)
Hi Debbie - Missed you! I would like to poke your 'friend' in the eye. What a miserable woman, which is probably exactly what she is. I guess it must be hard for her looking at you, it must really make her think where she could be now if she had your determination. Don't let her comment upset you, I am sure your arms are lovely and a bit of swimming will help tone them up anyway(not that I'm obsessed or anything!). Looking forward to hearing a good loss for you this week. You deserve it.
Love and hugs
Hi Barb
It's great to be back amongst my wemitt (and minimins) buddies! Thanks for your kind comments - I agree about the swimming thing and will be making a start soon, once I sort out a cossie.

I've got a plethera of swimsuits at the moment. My favourite is a size 24 and much as I love it, I have to face the fact that it's just too BIG! Then I've got 2 at a size 20 - both too big. I've bought a new one in a sale: size 16 ... I can get it on but it's just a wee bit too tight. And I've just won one from ebay - really nice but a size 14 which I can also get on but is too tight for the style it is.

So I need a size 18. I don't want to spend too much as I'm still shrinking: I've got a bid on one on ebay again (fingers crossed - I've been 'sniped' half a dozen times on previous suits). I'll also take a look around the shops - hopefully there will be some in the sales. Funnily enough though, there seems a distinct lack of size 18s in the sales I've looked at already: must be a popular size!

Anyway, it's great to be back amongst positive, genuine people who are happy for each others' successes and harbour no bitterness. :)

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a good loss this week .... god knows I need it!
Hi All

Keep forgetting we are starting a new thread, I posted this one on last weeks then remembered so here it is again, with a few changes

Anja, how scary & terrible for you about your car accident but the most important thing is that you are in one piece. Your Dad will be fine, he was only scared as they are not at home with you, people react in funny ways when something like that happens and no matter how old you get you are still his baby girl. Glad to hear you went and got your neck checked properly. Please don’t take any more of your Mums medication if you need something see your GP and they will prescribe something for you – its not worth the risk.

Jazzy, well done on your 6 pounds lost.

Kam, 12 years is a long time to just walk away from a friendship, speak to her about it calmly when she comes back from her hols, things are never as black and white as the first appear and then make a decision that’s right for you. Sorry to hear you will have to have more surgery. It must be so nice to see your family tree like that, hope you will get a copy for you, your children may be interested in the future. My uncle researched ours for years, but it all got lost when he passed on, now I am a bit gutted that I didn’t take more of an interest - to be honest, my eyes used to glaze over when he tried to tell us about it. Forget the nibble its was just that a nibble and probably won’t affect you to much, well done on your SSing. Your son will be home in a blink of an eye, and you will probably wish you could send him back in a few days.
Sharon, well done on getting to the 6 stone lost and congratulations on the new job you are certainly on a roll at the moment - have you bought a lotto ticket?.

Lisa, what an unbelievable comment to make to someone, truly gobsmacked (for once). Hope you managed to avoid the craving, I find the weekends quite hard as well so just try and keep myself busy.

Debbie, why can't friends just be genuinely pleased and complimentary without adding a negative comment at the end, try and forget it she was just jealous. Good luck on the swimming cozzie.

I had a c.ap weekend, I was really REALLY angry with myself after putting on a pound. I know its only a pound but it can really only from the AAM week I have just finished. I knew I was out of ketosis on the Monday, which my CDC said I shouldn't have been. I felt deepdown that I hadn't lost anything and but I was hoping a least to have stayed the same. So defo not doing another AAM week unless I get desperate - its not worth the bad feelings I have right now. I can't being myself to change my signature bar so its just going to be wrong all week.

We had some rellies over at my Mums at the weekend so I had a curry Saturday night after my weighin, which I had planned to do if they wanted to eat (but secretly hoping they would go before dinner time) and I didn't feel at all guilty at all infact part of me felt quite justified having gained a pound this week - but I won't be feelling quite like that next weighin day though:rolleyes:.

Hope everyone is having a better week than me.
Well the scales don't lie!! put on 1/4lb! Not amused at all and just feel like stuffing my face but I'm a stronger person now the old Kamilla would have pigged out big time! Suffering big time with tummy cramps TOTM obviously coming even earlier than normal! Must make appointment to see GP again about it. Every 18-20 days is madness!

Debbie....good to have you back, hope you didn't mind me butting in and starting the thread again. Cozzie wise don't go wearing that 24! I did on Sunday and it fell down when I dived in!! Bl**dy friends why can't they just be happy for us! Debbie you look fantastic when I saw you in Birmingham so you must look amazing now!

Anja....hope your taking it easy! I think I'm more worried about Toby getting soaked than he would be! He'd say it saved me having a shower! Last time Oliver went and came back after 8 days having not even brushed his teeth YUK! I've got the short straw as well and am doing the trip home with a car full of smelly scouts!!

Jelly....hope you enjoyed the curry (my fav) and don't find it too hard getting back on track. Your right 12 years is a hell of a long time to walk away but I'm sick of being lied to and used by the same friend. I'm always there 200% for everyone and never ask anyone to do anything for me big mistake on my behalf. But with the help of some very dear mates I am learining to like myself more each day and don't think I'll ever let anyone take me for granted again!

Right tons of work to do this afternoon so better get on with it. Hi to all Wemitts everywhere.

Kamilla xx
Hi Kam

Looks like you and I are in the same boat this week having put on weight, my TOTM is also due this week so I am hoping for a really decent loss next week. I will keep my fingers crossed for you all week - except to brush my teeth:D .
Hi everyone,

Yep taking it easy, had today & will have tomorrow off work as tablets having strange effects on me. (Jelly - I only took one of Mum's tabs on Friday night as i couldn't sleep, but have been taking my own after that! Not to worry.) Bowels appear to be gradually getting back to normal but some strange side effects which I won't go into - lucky it's just me at home!:eek: Dad's now back from Spain but has promised we will go & see car together as I need the closure.

Debbie - your friend sounds like a moo! Exercise will definitely help - I hope you swung hers about a bit too! At least all your other friends were pleased & complimentary!

Jazzy - excellent 6lbs - well done!

Love to all, Dad's just come in so have to go.
Hi everyone
Kam - try not to get disheartened: easy to say and I know how you're feeling having been so pee'd off myself after Thursday but we really can't risk losing the plot now.
I'm convinced we both lost FAT this week Kam. Think of it this way ... we both lose a few pounds of fat and then get on the scales holding a litre bottle of water in each hand. What will the scales say? Nothing we want to see you can bet ... but the fat is still gone: the scales don't specify WHAT they're weighing. I reckon you, me and jellybabe are walking around like little camels this week, holding onto hormonal water!
Next week we'll have shed it and the numbers on the scales will reflect that. Hang on in there!! :)

Anja - Glad things are slowly returning to something approaching normal. You're right to take it easy though - these things take time.

Hope everyone is having a chilled out evening :cool:
Hi All,

I've been lurking for a while now, and thought it was about time I introduced myself! I'm definately a WEMITT - I've about 17st to lose, and for the first time in my life, I'm more determined to do this than I ever have been and I'm determined to put myself first to make sure I suceed (very unusual for me)! I'm in week 8 of LL - so far have lost 39lbs and feel 300% better than I did before I started.

Hope you don't mind me joining your thread, but you all seem such a supportive bunch , and I'm at the point where boredom is starting to become as strong as determination and I need a little extra support! I go on holiday in a couple of weeks and my chatterbox is currently on overdrive coming up with all of the reasons I should be allowed food whilst I'm away! I'm hoping once my TOTM is past I'll be able to get it back under control!

Looking forward to getting to know you all
Hi Chobe,

Well done for LL - 39 lbs is excellent!

Everyone is very supportive of everything, not just the diet but anything that may be happening in your life right now so feel free to come on when you're having a good day or a bad day! We'll cheer you on or cheer you up!

Love xxx
Hi Chobe!
Welcome to the wemitts - it's great to meet you!

Joining this group has been the most positive move I could have made after starting CD: the support and encouragement I've received has made all the difference.
Wemitts know what it's like to have a lot of weight to lose. Long after other people have reached goal, we're still plodding along, having to dig extra deep to keep that motivation going.

So please pop in here and post, post, post ... triumphs no matter how small, the highs and lows of life, every milestone, every pound - we're here to share your journey every step of the way.

If there's anything you want to ask then please just ask away - you'll never find a friendlier bunch more eager to offer a helping hand than the wemitts. I know I couldn't have come this far without my wemitt buddies.

Looking forward to getting to know you better. :)
Morning Wemitt's...Oh and at last some sunshine! Will it last?

Can't believe I'm up so early! But got hospital appointment at 9.15am so thought I better get up and ready before waking the kids that will have to come with me as DH is finally working today after nearly 5 weeks with no work! Not looking forward to my appointment as I know I'll be going back in and the thought of yet another GA (my 30th) doesn't appeal at all. :(

Debbie...thanks for your so true words. Next week hey? I'd just love to make my lovely CDC proud she has worked so hard with my confidence I feel a good loss would repay her! And I could really do with the boost too!

Better go and start the hair drying marathon! I can't believe my hair is so short but it takes so long to dry as so thick! even though it falls out in handfuls since I've been doing CD!

Have a good Wemitt day all. Welcome to Chobe. And well done Jazzy 6lbs WOW!

Kamilla x
Hi wemitts

Kam - I logged on a little while ago and was reading your message about your hospital appointment. Looked at my computer clock and it was EXACTLY 9.15 ... spooky!! Anyway, thinking of you and sending you a big (((hug))) xx

Keep us posted on how it goes.
Hi Kam, thinking of you and wishing you well. Welcome to Chobe, you have found the right place to share with real people who understand. I have found this site the single biggest help to keep me on the straight and narrow. If you feel hungry, post on here, it helps!
Thanks for your messages Irene, Debbie (very spooky)! & Barb,

Anyway, just back from my appointment! In there for over 2 hpurs while the consultant tried to drain the blood clot that has formed after my last operation without sucess OMG you should have seen the size of the needles! :eek: Good job I'm not squimish! And very good job my boob is still numb from the last op, I asked about that and he said the feeling will never return. So home feeling rather hacked off, weepy and bruised :(. Have to go in on the 4th September to have the clot removed surgically instead so thats an even 30 GA's! Which is the date I was due to have my interview! So am about to phone and explain that I will not be able to attend :(. So all in all not the best day so far!!

Off to take some photos of our house and email them to a producer that DH is working with today in the hope we may get our house used for filming.

Kamilla x

P. S Anja, hope your ok. xx
Hi Kam,

Big hugs for you today (((()))))

I hope the op sorts out your problems.
I understand what it's like having numb boobies, mine never regained any sensation after my surgery, but annoyingly they still get itchy, what's that about?

Hope you can reschedule your interview!

What's this about your house becoming famous? I'm intrigued, tell me more!

Rohan got some feedback from his failed registration officer interview today. The guy who got the job had been doing it for years, but Rohan was told he appeared bored by the end of the interview.

I can believe that and it is something I think he needs to address, he can very intolerant and impatient.

Well, client who was due this morning rang and asked to come at 12:30, so should be here any minute. She's better turn up as I've had to reschedule my shopping trip!

Bye for now,