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General: Week starting Mon 21st August 2006


S: 20st8lb C: 20st8lb BMI: 51 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good Morning:)
I am one hungry lady this morning! But, I am 4lbs down since yesterday!! Yehah! Obviously, that weight was dying to get out!!!

I am still as big as a house but, I may have shifted a couple of bricks:p

I still can't believe I put all that weight back on but, I swear I will never do this again-once I get to a weight I am happy with, I will have a better, healthier eating habit in place.
Food is not my only friend and comfort.

So, I am now 20.2lbs-I will be in the 19's by Tuesday and psychologicaly, that is very important for me.

So, my hunger hurts at the moment but, coffee is calling and then some serious 'tappin'g of my head will go on today!

Have a good day everyone-together we are doing it:)

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Hi Jax - well done & keep going - sounds like you have the attitude you need!

MRS T. - WELCOME BACK - We have really missed you! So glad you've got away from those idiots & you'll be so much happier now! Thanks so much for your kind words, back to normal now although still slightly teary whenever my old car is mentioned.

Ann - Are you back yet? Hope you've had a wonderful time away & enjoyed every minute.

Kam - Sounds like you had a long day yesterday. Hope you feel a bit better soon!

Love to all xxx


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Hiya Wemitts everywhere,
Well just got our 6 weekly visit from the MIL over and done with! As ever she brought trifle, chocolate cake and loads sweets! Then told DH that he'd put on loads weight tapping his tummy :eek: he was not a happy hubby! But she said I looked really well!
Anyway, cooked sausage and mash for them all and I confess I did have a sausage & some peas and a tiny bit of mash! But then I am meant to be eating now with op due. And it was nice to join everyone else. But still I feel really fat! Especially when I couldn't resist the trifle! grrrrrrrrrrrr if she hadn't brought it I'd never have made one and eaten it :mad:. So off for a very long walk with the dog in a minute.
So DH & I have decided no more fatten stuff for either of us he really wants to lose a stone or two before he sees her again and I'd love to as well so going back to WW principles until I'm allowed to do CD again in a few weeks.
Doing a carboot tomorrow car loaded to bursting!
Hope your all having a lovely weekend.
Love to all
Kamilla xx


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I've just had a rather nice surprise. I ran a nice bubble bath and did the usual gently lowering acrobatics to get into it. Was about to lay back and suddenly realised that the water went all the way around :D
OK I admit there wasn't a lot of water either side of my ample hips and waist but there was definately water on both sides. I'm dead chuffed, it's one of those things that have really annoyed me about being overweight. No need to buy a bigger bath now lol



S: 20st8lb C: 20st8lb BMI: 51 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ooooh Pam,
I can't wait till the bath water goes all the way round. You must be chuffed!!!
I have noticed that since I have put all this weight back on-I don't need as much water as before to fill the bath, once I am in it!

Great for the water shortages but, not for me !!;)



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Hi All

I have had a few days off and have pages and pages of news to catch up on.

My shopping trip went really well, I went into nearly every shop in Kingston and didn't feel like I was an intruder of the massively obese kind, tried on and bought a few bits with a big silly grin on my face:D. Then I went to dear ol Evans (habit :eek:) and I felt like I shouldn't be in there as I was the smallest in the shop (didn't stop me spending though).

I managed to lose 6 pounds this week so that more than makes up for the pound I gained as week.

A friend of mine had a dream about me at the weekend, apparantly my family clubbed together and bought me a brand spanking new silver covertable car when I reached my goal weight and had it delivered to me in the car park at work - now how do I drop a few hints to them subtly as thats sounds like a smashing idea :rolleyes:.