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getting back to target - one day at a time

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by donna88, 5 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    New year and decided to start a new diary, I have no idea how much I've gained yet as I don't weigh until Tuesday but I will be above my target weight.
    It's a tough Jan as we're struggling money wise and have the stupidest amount of treats in the house at the minute. But I'm determined I'm back on track.

    Saturday 5th Jan - Red day

    Breakfast - apple, banana and yogurt
    Lunch - beef onion and cheese toastie (HEB and HEA) with tomatoes and pickled onions on the side.
    Tea - salmon with roast butternut squash and peppers stuffed with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.
    Snacks - Skimmed milk in drinks (HEA) hifi bar (HEB) gingerbread coffee syrup (2 syns) white choc lion bar (10.5 syns) pear, orange, crab sticks
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  3. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Planning for tomorrow, saw someone had jacket potato with beans and cheese earlier and I just really fancy it... so green for me tomorrow :D
    Also going to do some leafleting with my consultant so will get a bit of walking done... should really do a run as well :/ will have to see if I have time. If not my fitness will def start up again once we're all back at school/work.

    Breakfast - fried egg sandwich with homemade BBQ sauce (HEB)
    Lunch - jacket potato with beans and cheese (HEA) will also have some pickled onions and salad
    Tea - meat free kievs (4 syns) with potato wedges and home made coleslaw (3 syns)
    Snacks - hifi light bar (1/2 HEB) milk in drinks (HEA) fruit and yogurt, 2 ryvita with choc philli and banana (1/2 HEB and 6 syns)
    Last edited: 6 January 2013
  4. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Back to work tomorrow, which means I'm back on it exercise wise as well, loads of walking to and from school and will also get 30 minutes on the crosstrainer and get my crunches done for the first time in 2 weeks... eeeek

    Monday 7th Jan - Green

    Breakfast - pineapple, apple, kiwi and yogurt
    Lunch - fried egg sandwich (HEB)
    Tea - quorn spag bol with cheese (HEA)
    Snacks - orange, banana, hifi (HEB) milk in drinks (HEA) peanut lion bar (10.5 syns small bar) gingerbread coffee syrup (2 syns)
  5. lotty28

    lotty28 Silver Member

  6. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Feeling really good being back on it :) hopefully will have a 100% Jan... well if we start Jan from the 3rd as I was still away until then lol.
  7. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Change of plan with the syns as I have some choc philli that needs eating up, so will have that today with some banana and ryvita (6 syns and half a HEB) will use the rest of my HEB on a hifi light and then maybe have some choc orange tiffin 7.5 syns if I feel like I want something else naughty.

    Think I might have the lion bar after my run tomorrow
  8. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Tuesday 8th Jan - EE

    Breakfast - Pineapple, apple, kiwi and yogurt
    Lunch - mackerel in a jacket with pickled onions and beetroot
    Tea - turkey curry and rice
    Snacks - banana, orange, hifi (HEB) milk in drinks (HEA) peanut lion bar (small bar - 10.5 syns) gingerbread coffee syrup (2 syns)
  9. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    No idea what the plan is for tomorrow yet (I hate that) we go to my mums for tea on a Wednesday but she doesn't know what she's doing!!!! I'm guessing it will be EE, sort of hoping she'll do gammon and veg as we don't have that sort of veg in at the minute and we never do gammon ourselves... but my brother always moans at gammon :/

    anyway needed a bit of a rant about not knowing lol, going to hassle her tonight at running to make a decision.

    Will be fruit and yog for breakfast, lunch will depend on if its a green or ee meal for tea.
  10. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Probably not gammon as she doesn't have any in :( but she said she'll get some so we can have it next week

    Only gained 2lbs this week, so 2lbs out of target range, 5.5lbs on over Christmas period completely.. happy with that :) also had a great training session at running, feels great to be back to exercise and slimming world

    Wednesday - 9th Jan - EE

    Breakfast - fruit and yogurt
    Lunch - butternut squash stuffed with tuna and onions, topped with cheese (HEA)
    Tea - curry and rice (haha good job I love my curry...although would be nice to have it with chips one day... but everyone else seems to cook me curry and always do it with rice)
    Snacks - hifi bar (HEB) picnic bar (not sure on syns, think its about 11... will check before eating though) plums, yogurt
  11. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    slight changes to todays plan

    Breakfast - pineapple, apple, kiwi and yogurt
    Lunch - butternut squash stuffed with tuna and onions, topped with cheese (HEA) (1 syn for extra light mayo)
    Tea - gammon with potatoes and veg (not sure what veg yet as I eat at my mums on a Wednesday night)
    Snacks - hifi bar (HEB) picnic bar (not sure on syns, think its about 11... will check before eating though) plums, yogurt, banana
  12. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Thursday 10th Jan - Green

    Breakfast - porridge with mixed berries (HEB and HEA)
    Lunch - savoury rice with added peppers, onions, toms and mushrooms
    Tea - baked bean pasta bake (HEA for cheese)
    Snacks - 2 bites of school jam roley poley (5 syns?) kellogs chewy delight bar (HEB) chocolate orange tiffin (7.5 syns), fruit
    Last edited: 10 January 2013
  13. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Hi donna - good to hear your WI wasnt as bad as expected.

    Can I ask how you cooked your butternut squash before you stuffed it with tuna? Did you roast it. Im looking for something totally different for meal ideas
  14. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Yeah I used the bottom part, chopped in half with the seeds taken out, I was really lazy and stuffed it with tuna and topped with cheese first (I put a blue cheese traingle in the bottom before I put the tuna in as well) I then roasted the whole lot, I think it was just over 20 minutes until it was nice and soft... but would depend on the size of the squash, thinking about it, it would make sense to roast it first, stuff it and then pop it back in just to melt the cheese. It's lovely, I've had it before when I was stuck for a lunch idea on red.

    Thanks, its nice to be back on track and think I'll be loosing next time I get weighed (haha I better loose anyway... although my exercise has greatly increased again compared to Christmas so water retention better not rear its ugly head... I'm drinking at least 5 pints of water a day so fingers crossed it won't)
  15. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Friday 11th Jan - EE

    Breakfast - apple, banana, kiwi and pineapple with yogurt
    Lunch - mackerel pasta salad
    Tea - turkey and bacon BBQ melt on wedges (HEA for cheese)
    Snacks - Ryvita mini's (HEB) picnic (11.5 syns) orange, pear, crabsticks

    won't be doing as much exercise tomorrow as I don't have time, but I do loads of walking with work so its not a complete rest day
  16. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Saturday 12th January - Green

    Going to attempt my first 10K tomorrow, need to slowly build up my running as I've signed up for a marathon in October, excited but scared as well. Hope I can get a good time but also just want to enjoy it as its my first one so not stressing too much about a time.

    Breakfast - porridge with apple and banana (HEA and HEB)
    Lunch - onion and mushroom fratata topped with cheese (HEA)
    Tea - meat free sausages (1 syn) with chips, carrots, green beans, brocolli and syn free onion gravy
    Snacks - kellogs chewie delight bar (HEB) chocolate orange tiffin (7.5 syns) 5 mikado sticks (2.5 syns) fruit
  17. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Thanks for the tip with the BNS hun. Good Luck tomorrow for your 10k hope it goes well x
  18. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    That's okay, hope you enjoy. thanks, I'll update on how it goes, porridge for breakfast normally does me good before a run or workout so hoping having that will help :)
  19. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Sunday 13th Jan - EE

    Breakfast - apple and yogurt (got up late so didn't have much time)
    Lunch - ryvita and ham pizza's (HEA and HEB)
    Tea - skinny lizzie sausage (1 syn) beans, chips, mushrooms, fried egg and tomatoes
    Snacks - fruit, syn free pancakes with black forest fruits banana and choc philli (6 syn) hot choc with marshmallows (4.5 syns)
  20. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Monday 14th Jan - Green

    Breakfast - 2 wheatabix made with boiling water and topped with yogurt and fruit (HEB)
    Lunch - chips and syn free onion gravy
    Tea - spicy quorn chicken lasagne with brocolli and carrots (HEA for cheese)
    Snacks - milk in drinks (HEA) 2 ryvita with chocolate philli and banana (1/2 HEB and 6 syns) chocolate orange tiffin (7.5 syns)
  21. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    Hi Hun good luck getting back to target x

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