Giant Jaffa Cake :D

Wee Doll

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I made this a while ago and i was just checking up all the syn value of it and its not to bad for the whole cake its only 51 syns and it can be divided into as many parts as you want :D

35grams of plain chocolate i used bournville
2 sachets of sugar free orange jelly crystals
1 flan base from asda

make the jelly up and let it set in the fridge for a few hours

when its ready place it on top of the flan base

melt the chocolate and spread over the top and leave it to set for 30 mins

then divide and tuck in :D yummmmm

I got 12 portions out of mine so thats 4.25
syns per slice :D


OMG that looks absolutely gorgeous and defo worth 4.5syns!!! might try making that this weekend. My wee bro loves jaffa cakes and he is coming home on Sunday after finishing university, be a wee treat for him. Thanks Wee Doll. :)
As soon as I read the title, I clicked on it striahgt away! Thatlooks absolutely scrummy!!! Ommm Nom x
my daughter loves it :D i think because there is more jelly in the middle of it i gave her it with a scoop of ice cream and there wasnt a peep out of her for hours lol

just a little tip try not to make the chocolate to think or it makes it hard to cut and just shatters the chocolate

i used orange jelly the first time i made it and the second time i was able to get tangerine jelly so if you can get that in sugar free then it tastes a lot better :D
I used to make this lots but put pure orange juice into the jelly mix and also make it a stronger solution so it sets very firm I set it in a pie dish lined with cling film and then turn it out onto the base

I have also made the topping with choc mousse instead of real choc. I suppose you could do that with quark and options to bring the syn value down :/

making me hungry now:D
Wow that looks gorgeous!

What size flan case is that - small, medium or large?
its was a 200g flan case :D
I need this!!!!! great tip hun x
Great dessert! And as much as I like SW/low syn desserts, sometimes you just have to have something naughty. Great to have a low syn option that's also incredibly naughty. I'll definitely be making this in the future.
Weedoll, that is amazing, i am making it this weekend. Thanks for posting, Mmmm, cant wait! xx