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Hannata's Exante Diary - 45 days remaining (29/07)


I can haz cake?
Hi everybody :)

Am starting back on exante today!

Got loads of shakes and bars from when I did it before, and I really need a kick up the bum. Have been doing weightwatchers, but despite being 100% and exercising, i'm not losing weight. I'm on a lot of meds which impair my weightloss capability so I think that might be affecting me. So I'll give Exante a shot for a while and go back on ww to maintain. Here's hoping anyway.

Today I start at 18 st 2.75.

I've got my water, coke zero, and my pills for the inevitable migraine (I got a really bad one last time, so i'm going prepared)
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I will do this!
Best of luck to a speedy ketosis phase


I can haz cake?
yeah thats what i needed with ww, so i've come back to exante.

Gonna take it easier on my exercise (as that was my problem before) and kick it back up a notch when i've lost a lot more of my weight.

I feel like its an all or nothing approach for me at the moment. was at 17st12.5 but now up to 18'2.75 in like...2 weeks... so i'm stopping it before it gets out of hand.

Hope so too gemma79 :D
So are you going to do TS or WS? Think WS is difficult for us all or nothing girls! But it fit in better with the amount you exercise


I can haz cake?
I'm gonna do TS for most of the week, but just have a WS keto meal before my personal training, which is only once a week. :)

I agree though, if I do ws i'll end up just eating for the sake of it so i'm only allowing myself the keto meal on my training day and I'm going to be strict about it too.


I can haz cake?
ok so far today!

- Tea when I got into work (with a very small amount of milk)

- Vanilla shake for breakfast at 11am

- Banana shake for lunch 1.45pm

- Tea & splash of milk - 4pm

Going to have the orange choc bar for dinner, and some bouillon, maybe a glass of coke zero if I can't cope.

Had about a 500ml of water seperate to the shakes and tea. I make my shakes with about 700ml each so I've had a good bit so far! And the two cups of tea lol

I checked, and 50ml of milk is 2.5g of carbs so I should be okay with it. Just keep the tea to days i'm not eating any meals and i'll be fine.


I can haz cake?
Happy days! Yeah I figured as long as i'm not eating too much asides that, i'll be okay.. It's all the little things that add up! I'm trying to keep to a glass of coke zero a day too. Had two bouillons this evening as well so thats 6.5 carbs for both. Should be safe enough.

I'm feeling the keto migraine coming on already... hopefully that means it'll be over quicker than last time...lol

my dad just sat down beside me with buttery baked potatoes and a big pie...... the smell is lovely but I'm happy enough to pass on them. I are focused! ^_^

Need to keep at the water but this peeing business is really a nusiance!!! Am going shopping with me ma tomorrow so some good old retail therapy should keep my mind off food.

I've got my personal trainer tomorrow too, gonna stick a couple of eggs and a bit of ham together for my pre exercise meal. I'm doing that as opposed to a 4th pack (as suggested by exante) because there's far too many carbs in a pack!


I can haz cake?
I feel better today... not hungry at all... is keto here already?! hmm.

Today I went shopping with my mammy and got a kipling bag.... £75 :D Not even the slightest bit hungry today either. Came home and had a half shake (banana) so I'm alright for now food wise.

Will probably be having a couple of eggs scrambled before I hit the gym :3

Day 2
40ml milk
Half a 'nana shake


I can haz cake?
It's the Adomma bag - this wee guy here - Kipling - Adomma - Ash Grey | Official UK Kipling Shop, mines in Bright Purple :D

I love kipling bags... can justify £75 cause they just last forever and are so lovely and practical. No expense spared in the quality of the zips and stitching. There are cheaper bags in their range and you can get a good deal in the duty free if you are flying anywhere soon :p I think I paid £35 for one slightly smaller and with no front pockets when I went to Liverpool airport some years ago! (which incidentally I STILL have and its as good as the day I got it)


I had my egg... and OH BOY was it good. Only on day 2 and food feels like such a distant memory. There was no ham in the fridge so I had a very tiny amount of low fat butter (checked the carbs, very few.. 1g in 100g and I had about 5g, if that) so now I'm offski to the gym. Hope everyone has a great day!!! xxx


I can haz cake?
my start weight, yesterday, was 18'2.75... I stepped on the scales this morning at 17'13.5.... This is gonna be a good week. I'm sure its all probably food/bowel weight, but its still motivating to see that I'm back in the 17s again. Was in them for a while on ww but the past few weeks threw me back up again.

I'm not sure how but i'm 99% sure i'm in K (from the last time I did exante). Got all of the "symptoms" I had the last time I did it. Coldness, lack of performance at the gym, stinkycatbreath, no hunger whatsoever... wow. Is that possible mid day 2? I mean I had like 3 bagels on Thursday night... so its not like I was fasting or low carbing in prep on Thursday night..

got the remainder of me 'nana shake today too.

Feeling stupidly brilliant/happy/great today so long may it bloody last. Its refreshing to get away from my urges to binge I think.

Is there any keto safe way to give me not boggin breath? Answers on a postcard plz. xx


I can haz cake?
lets see....

day 2
1/2 Banana shake.
Tea - 40ml milk.
1/2 banana shake.
2 x eggs, half a teaspoon LF butter.
Cup of earl grey - 20ml milk

I'm not sure if earl grey is keto or not, but theres such a tiny tiny tiny amount of lemon I don't think its too much of a worry. I'll soon find out if its not anyway :p

Got a bar an a shake left and really not hungry... but I will make myself eat them. I struggle more at work because of the social aspect of eating. End up getting home from work with nothing but a bar left. May try and stretch my shakes a bit more