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Help! Huge fluid retention in ketosis

Has anyone else experienced huge fluid retention?

I gained 14kg in fluid over the first few days & I am still carrying it over a month later.

I did Atkins about 9 years ago & lost 25kg. I maintained that weight for 7 years but when I was hospitalised Nov '08 the medics made me come out of ketosis & the weight gradualy crept back on.

I have a very supportive GP who is monitoring me but he isn't at all happy about this fluid & I'm afraid he is going to make me come off Atkins soon if I don't get this sorted soon.

Has anyone gone through something simillar or have any ideas?

I'll really be gutted if I have to stop as Atkins really does work for me long term.

Any advice wellcome.
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This is unusual I think. My understanding is that ketosis has a mild diuretic effect. Most of us run to the loo fairly frequently! Partly of course because we drink so much extra water and permitted fluids.

I cannot comment on this from a medical point of view but if you go to the official Atkins site - The Atkins Community - and start a new thread, asking COLETTE to answer your question, she will get back to you asap. She is their senior nutritionist.

Hope this helps x
Thanks a million for that help. I'll go do that & see if I can suss anything out.

I'm cracking up lol. I started with 11 kg to lose over 2 months & now I'm facing into nearly 25kg over one, all the while I have been in ketosis & blood sugar has been quite stable.
This is strange, have you had a response Elizaa
Yes, I posted an fao Colette & a poster there was kind enough to email Colette for me.

Colette suggested it might be sodium fluid retention, could well be part of it.

Also, I have been really struggling to get the food into me, most days I'm around the 6 or 7g carbs. I know I have to up my intake but just had a rough run recently.

I've got some serious medical problems but I'm well used to living with them so I just can't figure out why I am having issues now that didn't occur over the last decade.

Typical tho, its only when I have a deadline that I hit a problem lol

OK, so what you need are diuretics then, or sodium free food Eli.
I was already on Cental & GP put me on Lasix on last week, I dropped over 6kg over night but by next night the fluid was back up to previous mornings level.

Having UA checked this week to see what kidney function level is, but I really don't think its that. I know my function is down a bit, I recognaise the ache, but this is kinda normal with Lupus, even when its acute. I feel its somehing I am doing wrong given how easy i found Atkins in the past.
Hmm sorry, well I can't help there love.

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