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  1. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member

    Hi, i've just started Herbalife. I did it about 6 months ago but lost my way, i don't think my Coach was very knowledgeable to be honest and i didn't have much faith in her. I still have a lot of product left over so i'm giving it another shot. I tried to do slimming world but forgot how bloated and obsessive i became with food!!
    I've just made my shakes
    I need them to make me feel full so added summer fruits, blueberries, rasperries, strawberries and another little red red berry, not sure of their name as they are in a frozen pack. I also added 125g of quark to make it thick and creamy. 100g gives you 12g of protein for just 69 calories so win win.

    Not sure what i will be having for dinner tonight, probably sausages with lots of veg or salad.

    Is anyone else following Herbalife? it's very quiet here
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  3. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member

    Oh my, my shakes was delicious! So filling. Yum!
    Tonight, although not the healthiest we are doing hamburgers and salad. Yum.
  4. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member


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  5. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member

    Whoops posted too early.

    Oh well, it looks like I'm the only one here following herbalife. Nevermind, I will keep going and keep posting :)

    Today I've mixed toffee, apple, cinnamon shake with a can on drained and washed peaches and tub of Muller light yoghurt.
    My husband is following the plan with me so I make 4 shakes out of the above.
    Dinner tonight is beef stew with mange tout.

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  6. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member

    Still going and still on my own here :(
    Had a slip up yesterday and I overate on chocolate, feel like I'm coming down with a cold so maybe I was trying to comfort myself. I don't know but I'm not going to over analyze it, it's happened move on.
    Tomorrow night I am going on a date with my husband :) ( it feels like that when you have kids). We are going for a meal and some drinks in town so I'm not expecting much of a loss this week.
    My weigh in is 2.5 lbs off!!

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  7. pudpud

    pudpud Full Member

    Afternoon everyone.
    Today i am not following the plan, i've come down with a cold and am out tonight with the DH so i am giving myself a break for the day. Will resume tomorrow back on the shakes and healthy eating :)
    Also, as it so quiet here i am going to post in the calorie counting section as essentially it is still a calorie controlled diet.

    I would love to hear from any other herbalifers....you know where to find me :)
  8. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member


    I have just ordered my herbalife products, wahoo I will be with you in a few days ;-)

    how are you getting on? I'm really worried I hope the stuff is nice! I tried The cambridge Diet once and it was disgusting smelt like vitamin tablets so couldn't do it lol I hope this isn't the same!

    what flavours have you got? My consultant has recommend cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip and raspberry tea... She's a good friend and has lost 2 stone in 3 months, I'm hoping I can do aswell!! Lol

    good luck to you xx
  9. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Today is Day 2 on Herbalife for me, I did Slimming world last year and lost 3 1/2 stone, but I lapsed and gained it all back, plus more. So far I'm loving Herbalife, lost 3lbs since yesterday, but I'm putting it down to water loss so far. But it still gives me confidence to keep going :)
  10. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Just gad another weigh in today and another 3lbs down!! I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but I find it good motivation during the first week :)

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  11. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Wow so what is that 6lbs in 3 days, amazing! How are you finding the shakes, is it keeping you full and do they taste nice? Mine have just been delivered so starting tomorrow, can't wait - I've got cookies and cream and chocolate flavours.
    I have always been a SW girl too but get a few wks in and can't stick to it anymore... Lol
    my friend is looking amazing on herbalife so fingers crossed it will work for me too lol xxx
  12. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Yep that's 6lbs in 3 days!! I'm loving the shakes so far. I've got cappuccino and vanilla at the momebt5 but haven't tried vanilla yet. I'm having the cappuccino shake made with hazelnut milk which is gorgeous. I also have the chocolate peanut protein bars which are lovely. So far I'm feeling feel and actually enjoying it :)

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  13. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Good luck :) xxx

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  14. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Umm hazelnut milk sounds yummy, never heard of that before? I haven't bought any protein bars but if I get on and struggle a bit I will get some of those to fill me up more :)
    What kind of stuff have you been eating for an evening meal?
    ive just sent the hubby out for a naughty kebab before I start tomorrow haha I'm terrible. Really excited about getting on it tomorrow, just really hope it suits me feel nervous lol xx
  15. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    I'm sure you'll be just fine. Hazelnut and almond milk are brilliant to put in the shakes, give them a creamier flavour. I know they suggest protein rich foods but I just try to stick with a 500 calorie meal, tonight I had spagetti bolognese and last night it was chicken with noodles. I think as long as you stick to a low calorie meal you should be fine :) xxx

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  16. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Ok fab, thanks for your help :)
    ill let you know how tomorrow goes, thinking drinking 2litres of water a day will be a struggle! Can you drink normal tea/diet coke etc too? Xx
  17. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    I don't know about tea or fizzy but I've been doing 1 1/2 litres of water a day...which has been a struggle so I don't think I could drink anymore lol xx

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  18. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Hope today goes well for you mrsb :) xx

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  19. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member


    thank you! I actually found it fine, wasn't hungry at all which was a shock! although I did miss not eating through the day lol.
    My first shake I made in my blender but it was still really bitty... So my afternoon shake I used an old milk carton and shook it lol, but that actually came out much better!!
    i don't know if my dinner was naughty, I had rice and chilli, but had cheese and sour cream and a whole avocado with it lol. I didn't eat all the chilli and rice as I wasn't even hungry when I had it which isn't like me, I eat even when I'm not hungry normally lol. I didn't have any snacks throughout the day, and drank about 4 and a half pints of water and nothing else all day!?

    ive been naughty and weighed myself this morning and I've lost 1 1/5lbs so quite pleased with that :) but does it sound like I've done everything right, or was my dinner too much!?

    thanks for your help xx
  20. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    Well done on your loss! :) I think your dinner sounds fine as long as it's between 500-600 calories. I find that drinking all the water they suggest keeps you full all day. Again, well done on your loss and keep up the good work!! :) xx

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  21. xoxkellikinsxox

    xoxkellikinsxox Full Member

    I just weighed myself again and I've lost another 4lbs so that 10lbs in 5 days, can't be bad!! :) xx

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