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how do you get your water intake, info / tips would be greatly appreciated


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Ok so on a VLCD like S&S we have to drink a fair amount of water as we all know, anyway I will readily admit that I personally do not like drinking water on its own. I have never been a water drinker and basically I just can't seem to cope with taking in plain water, it makes me feel so sick!:jelous:

I must state that whilst I'm not a plain water drinker I am still managing to drink the amount of water recommended on this S&S diet but I am having to do it by having at least 500 ml of water with each shake mix which actually isn't too bad as whilst it makes them weaker in taste I am getting used to that and it gives me two glasses full almost for each shake by doing it this way plus the remainder I have with orange fresher thingy mixed in which is sold by S&S.

Anyway the main reason I started this thread was whilst I am making sure I get my daily recommended water intake by doing the above I was just wondering how other people went about making sure they get the recommended amount of water as I am sure that I can't be the only person on here who is not a keen plain water drinker and therefore has to say add more water to their sachets, anyway tips or info on what you do would be really helpful and interesting.

Thanks for reading, Em
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You may well find that you are more able to tolerate water as you go on. I couldn't stand it before I started, the "taste" and it always gave me heartburn. What I know now is that it was a reaction with the food I was taking in - I'm fairly sure I have a carb intolerance, and it was the water reacting with something that made it so unpleasant. Now I find I have a real need sometimes for fresh cold water. I got a water filter jug and always keep it full in my fridge, I regularly do about 3 litres a day now and sometimes more too - remember that the recommended water includes everything you use to make your packs up too.

I have a litre bottle at work that I fill each morning then I can track my intake, I carry it everywhere and sip it often, it's surprising how quickly it empties. I have to make more effort on a weekend as I don't have that bottle at home, so I track my intake on mfp food diary :)


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I'm with noodles on this one. Before doing this the only way I drank water was with squash or flavored water from asda because I just couldn't drink it. Now I actually crave regular plain old tap water and as long as I have a glass next to me I'll keep sipping on it all day. I'm only on day 6 so it hasn't taken long at all.


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From S&S's own forum

You need to check in the supermarket, but basically you need to ensure the water has no more than 1 kcal per 100ml and it has no Citric Acid in it.

At last check the following drinks where ok:

The drinks listed below are currently suitable to have on Slim & Save diet. However, when purchasing branded products please ensure the ingredients do not contain citric acid:-

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Coke Zero
  • Asda Diet Coke
  • Dr Pepper Zero
  • Bouillon
  • Green Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Asda Cola Zero Sainsbury's Flavoured Still Water (Raspberry & Cranberry, Peach, Apple & Blackberry)
  • Sainsbury's Diet Cola
  • Sainsbury's Classic Diet Cola
  • Sainsbury's Classic Zero

We recommend no more than 500 to 600ml per day of fizzy diet drinks.


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thanks noodles and cherryblossum for your replies, oh its really good to know that taking in the water should get easier with time!, I'm going to try and put the water in a container the night before and pop it in the fridge and see if it is easier for me to drink when nice and cold as I'm not so keen on it straight out of the tap, thanks for the tips guys, I am determined to stick with it, its day 3 today and its been pretty tough going as was yesterday but I'm happy to say I have remained on track - hurrah! Em


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Hi Emmy
I didn't like water much either when I started but now cant go without it.
As its vital for the liver and kidneys to do their job with ketones and fat burning, I used to drink a small glass before each shake and treat it as medicine in my mind. I now have a glass before and after each meal.
I also found sparkling water helped at first 17p from the supermarkets then later I didn't need it just using tap water.
the water bottle is a great idea, where you wouldn't go out of you way to go get a drink of water if its right beside you in a bottle you tend to chug away on it.
Good luck love you're doing well xx
I splashed out on a posh water bottle with a filter in it, so tap water tastes like bottled water. It also has a straw which is great as sat at computer all day tipping you head back to drink gets in the way.. (Sad I know, but I can stare at spread sheets and drink, its almost an automatic response now)
There called camelbac groove and mine is a lush purple!


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I got a camelbak better bottle, expensive but they reckon with the bite valve you drink a third more than you would from a normal bottle! Don't know how true it is but I can get 750ml from that down much easier than if I was drinking from a big glass! I also find it easier to track my water consumption using a bottle!


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great tips guys, will def check out the bottle you mentioned, I am finding it easier today with the water being cold out of the fridge so that is a start, I am getting used to my watery shakes now! I think over time it will get easier, just wish I didn't have to live on the loo so much, I feel like I'm peeing for England!! ha ha


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The thing I've found that makes drinking water easier. When I normally have something to drink I'll drink a load in one go. With water I keep a glass beside me all the time and just have a mouth full every few minutes. Makes it much easier to drink.