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How many of you lose weight without exercise help ?

Hi I am a zumba addict , But I have right leg problems, shinsplints namely.

Yesterday I was walking down the high street and I got a pain in my right knee, I hadn't been to zumba for 6 days so it wasn't that. Now I can barely walk on my right leg as the knee is really painful :'(
I dud my knee in 14 years ago home exercise Video and have the odd smalll pain in the knee but this is on the left side of the knee? I looked up diagonis like we do and it's where my cartlidge is but it also says it can stem from
other reputeputive strain?? I've doc tonite at 5 as it's like a burning intense pain.
I'd be gutted if I have to stop zumba, I've 3.5 stones to lose and then maintain?

Maybe aquafit would be ok?

Anyone lost weight on a plan without exercise?

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Me. There is no real reason why I can't exercise but I find it harder to discipline myself to do that than I do to stop myself eating. I am losing on average 1.6lb weekly, which I am happy with.
I also do no exercise, not because I cant but because I just dont want to. I would say my only activity is just general walking around and normal lifestyle :)

So weight loss is deffo not impossible without exercise, I have lost ALL my weight without it.
Thanks hunn, I hate rowers and cross trainers lol that's why I love zumba not repetative but u think my knees stuffed :(
I'm going to do aquafit again if my knee doesn't get 95% better
Its different for everyone i guess. When i was about 15 i lost two stone without exercising at all. Sadly this time round i have much more too loose and i found if i didnt exercise at all my weight would stay the same no matter how dedicated i was with the points. Im a RIGHT lazy buggar but now i have learnt that it is in integral to my weight loss and sadly weight loss is impossible without it.

I do dvd excersise workouts as its cheap and you dont even have to leave your house to do it- and i can honestly say its enjoyable. At the moment I am doing Davinas workout and its surprising how quickly your fitness improves. There is some great stuff on you tube too, inparticular http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP-ADSVstD0- this guy gets you REALLY motivated. I couldn't do it at all at first but now i can finish the whole five sets.

Basically put it this way, for me no exercise equals no weight loss. 2-3 a week of 20-30 minutes of exercise equals 3-5Ibs weight loss a week guaranteed. If you have lower body injury- how about some low impact aerobics or the top half of kick boxing?
I would definitely!!
I have been unable to exercise due to a foot problem and have lost 2 stone however, I am now in a back rehab programme and am exercising a bit so we will see the difference I hopee!
Exercise makes no difference to my weightloss whatsoever! NArda! There was also a survery not that long ago, and it showed that heavy duty exercise meant a loss in men of 11lbs over months. But nothing for women. HAving said that, others say it does. I put on over 2 stone running around 40k a week! Without eating very much extra. It did take nearly 3 years though. I also lost 3 stone after my 1st baby without exercising at all. I do think exercise makes youn bfell so much better about yourself, which helps you stay on track!!
Thanx guys

I went to doctor he said I've damaged my knee ligaments and not to exercise until new year at all if I do I'll have permante damage :'(

I know and I've looked at my weightloss I lost more when I didn't exercise But I love it

Am upset :'(
exercise makes difference in the sense that you tone up, but it doesn't influence your weight loss. In fact, because when you exercise you increase muscle density, by not exercising you might lose more because you will lose muscle mass. This is no good but it will give you a boost on the scales up to the new year!

besides, you can still do some exercise with your arms, crunches for your abs, and maybe some leg extensions?
Size102b - whats zumba?

i have a herniated disc in my back, my doc recommended swimming and aquarobics because the water supports your joints so its not weightbearing, and shouldnt cause any pain. defo do what the doc says tho and keep off it till the new year- its only really 5 weeks away, so not to long to wait.
think of the lovely bigger losses you'll have then when you start exercising again, that will certainly cheer you up in a gloomy January.

I hope the pain stops soon x
Oh poor you. I know I get quite grumpy if I go too long without a good work out. And I can get quite depresed. Kept me sane through a marriage break up. I used to go and run 10k nearly every morning witht he kids in the creche. I had no choice but to get up with babies crying. But just didn't feel well enough to look after them. I'd drive to gym, put them in the creche, get on treadmill, and cry, and rnat in my head through 10k, and quite a few weights, then feel better able to take on the day. I fif lose weight at this time, cos I was doing that on very little food in deed. I also put it all back on, while eating normally, and doing the same exercise. Once happier. You will be fine. I would do crunches, buy some dumb bells and do some top half trianing. And enjoy the rest. It's amazing how much extra time you'll have

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