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I really dont know what to do


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Well to be honest not that new to ww but new to the forum

I have been reading posts in the weight watchers section of this forum for some time now

I have found it very inspirational and supportive so thought it time I stopped lurking and joined and introduced myself

I started weight watchers in January and was doing quite well until just before easter when our leader was ill - due to two weeks of difficulties at meetings I decided to not go for a few weeks (I am on monthly pass) then go back and start with a renewed mindset - I went back on Monday and tomorrow there is no meeting due to bank holiday

I am really hoping that I can find my niche in this very supportive forum

H xx
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Needs a kick
Minimins is fab I'm sure your'll find everything you need on here.
Good Luck xx
I only started back on the diet last week when I found this forum. It seems to have had a positive effect by posting to a blog every day. I suggest you try that also. I would like to know howyou get on and what you are doing to cope with all the stuff we allfind tough. The shared exerience is good got the soul and the waistline.

Good luck.


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Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome

I have spent most of the afternoon reading peoples diaries - they are very addictive

a little more about me

I am a vegetarian and am on 19 points a day
I was 52 yesterday - so I am still 52 :D

As for what I do when I find things a bit tough - well my biggest problem is mindless eating - so I make sure I have my notebook with me (or a small one) and dont eat anything without writing it down

I also dont like apples much and they are only half a point - so if I think I am hungry (and it isnt a meal time) I think am I hungry enough to eat an apple - if I am I do eat it

so it would be great to hear what the rest of you do when it gets tough


Wants it Gone!
Welcome Aaleigha (what a lovely name) to the forum, I find it really addictive too, but its an addiction in a good way ;)

Im actually having a craving right now for chocolate.. Ive such a sweet tooth.. I have my pint of water beside me so every time I want chocolate I will take a sip of my water. I know my leader has said that if you have a craving and it goes on and on you might as well satisfy it and deal with the consequences, but Im the type of person that once I give in that's me done and dusted (hence Ive had weight gain for the passed two weeks:cry:)

Keep us posted on how you are getting on!


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:eek: Irene I meant every word - I do find you truely inspirational and also your thread really did show how supportive members of this community are :)


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Well I have had my weigh in this morning (unofficial as no class today) home scales tell me I have lost a lb since last monday (on home scales too)
I have to admit that after not following the plan for 4 weeks I was hoping for a greater loss - BUT a loss is a loss

just wondering is there anyway to change the title of this thread and just make it into my diary - or do I need to start a new thread

Today I was going to be out for the day - but daughter is too ill - so we have postponed till next saturday - so am at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself today - I could tackle the ironing - but I am sure there is something else much more fun than that I could do :)
your home scales will be completely different to your class scales so you might find your loss is better on those when you go back next week :)

to change the title of your thread, when you are in the main forum, double click to the right of your thread name and you should be able to change it :)

well done on your pound btw :) x


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Thanks on the well done
and a special thanks on how to change the name of the thread - I thought it might be a privilege I needed more posts for :)
good morning and welcome, seems like i dont need to tell you how friendly and helpful everyone is!!

well done on the pound, remember a loss is a loss. i find sometimes my body takes a few days to catch up so if the scales dont say what you want today they might show a better loss next week so dont be disheartend

happy birthday too!!:birthday:a couple of days late i know

looked at my ironing this morning too, but decided looking enough for now!!!


Wants it Gone!
Morning (nearly afternoon) Aaleigha I agree with what has already been said about the scales, use it as an indication (but not EVERY day) but wait until you go to your meetings to get a more accurate measurement.

Now go pick up a pound of sugar (Im serious)... see how heavy it is? That my dear is how much weight you have lost!! So well done you!!! :happy096: Have a good day today!


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Thank you so much girls - at my age you would think I can keep this in perspective :sigh:

BUT I know me better

well I didnt do the ironing - given a choice who would

went out to the local outlet village and got a couple of per una tops one from gap and a couple of things from next too - one had a button missing so I asked at the till if they could possibly knock some more off as I would have to replace the buttons - original price 25 sale price 10 my price 2.50 could hardly believe my luck

well I am on a night out tonight with the girls - its our fortnightly night at the pub with our knitting :)

really really need to finish some small tops for a friends kids so will take that with me

I have had two days of being really good with my food - much of this I put down to the inspirational posts I have been reading on here

some great ideas and some really supportive posts when others are struggling - I already feel quite 'at home' here - thanks so much


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Thank you so much for visiting
it really does help to know someone is reading my thoughts

I have a great time it was so relaxed

My thought for today
during the day I am going to attempt to analyse WHY I have the need to step on the scales daily - I know all the reasons NOT to but that doesnt stop me

I am very good at being able to justify to myself why I do it - BUT are they valid reasons or am I obsessive -

more on this when I have given it some SERIOUS consideration :)

I know I am not the only one to do this - so please if you are a scale hopper can you please admit it to me and give me your reasoning behind it :) - not that I need any extra justification - I really am trying to understand myself

well I dont know if I can access this website from work - if I can I am allowed to sit on it ALL DAY but if my system wont access it then I will most likely get serious withdrawal symptoms - in the past such things would = food but not today

have a great day everyone :)
H xx
hope you had a lovely night at your club - well done on the sale bargains, thats fantastic! :D

as for the scale hopping, i am not one.. but i think you should put your scales away - in the long run jumping on each day is only going to dishearten you because your body's natural balance means that your weight fluctuates daily x

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