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~It's friday! Let's take it hour by hour~

Morning flab fighters, lurkers and maintainers :D

Havent actually been to sleep yet, i've got major lurgy and finding it hard to breathe! Instead i'm doing some research on Deinococcus radiodurans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

fun fun fun!

Hope you have a brilliant day, wrap up warm cos it's freezing and get those litres of H2O down your neck!!

Lurve bloo grapefroot xxx
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Well the snow is been washed away by the rain so another wet cold day here.Half way down my first 2litre bottle of :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: .
Hope you enjoy your read ,not the most riveting thing berries but if that what is tickling your fancy .Sorry to hear you are not well hun :patback: hope you manage to get some r+r today and feel better soon.
Nothing much going on today here so will be in and out of minis all day (if kids dont nick my comp) off to do my 5 mile bike ride now all indoors of course it piddling it down outside .:D
5 miles?? mentallist :D:D:D

They arent berries! Thats just the translation for their latin name. They are bacteria that can detoxify mercury in radioactive waste generated from nuclear weapons. I have this assignment to hand in by thursday and i cannot be bothered at all. Can think of ten million things i'd rather do - including bleaching the bathroom.

Have a good 5 miles, do an extra 5 for me if you want ;) xxx


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ooops that proves i should read more than first line lol. 10 miles :giggle:id need medical assistance :character00264: :eek:


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Good morning you early birds...

Oh Leah huni I hope you soon feel better, try and get plenty of rest and keep your fluids up ;0).

I am up at this silly hour I have had a restless night for some unknown reason....kettle is on for my GT and 1st litre of water here by my side ...

Here's to another good day, day 4 for me ......................The K fairy has arrived yay!


Have a good one folks

Woo, gotta love tht little K fairy. Pitty she doesnt leave a pound for every lb we lose eh? That'd be an incentive.

You're right about miss spooky, anything fall into her mouth today and she'll find herself without an invite to the wedding :D
Have a green Tea for me Maggie, run out of tea bags :( xxx
Good morning ladies.

Im feeling lot more positive today after my little relapse yesterday. Hope Spooky didnt go overboard, Wish her luck.

Im going to work early today, and find it easier to manager more water at work.

A quick question, the bars on CD (which I was told i cant have till 3rd week). Would it be so bad if I got them in my second week. For convenience really at work. And also something to chew on. Ive looked at the receipies for foodpacks, and tried some but not for me really. Not tried too many as waste of food packs if you know what I mean.

Good luck ladies. Will pop in tonight.:)


Strong women stay slim
IN hertfordshire we never got any snow , glad but nice for the kids . I am noticing i'm getting colder on this diet , but at least i'll be ready for summer :) Morning guys , up early as laying there just thinking so thought i'd come on here have some time to myself why my kids sleep ..... Me time , hows everyone doing
Good morning good morning!!!!

I made an :sign0007: yesterday.... 'nuff said about it, I had a good chat with HM last night and sorted myself out....
The good news is that my oops didn't stop the K fairy :eek: so I am a very lucky Spooky!

lesson learned eh?

On to today and I have promised to be good.... NO CRISPS!!! I have to go to town and pay some bills :mad: and do the banking

Back later
Morning everyone!

I failed day 1 I'm afraid. But i am sure i will get through it today as i have joined the biggest loosers team competition, and, knowing my losses will have an impact on the team scores, i am feeling more confident.

I think i failed yesterday as i have developed a really heavy cold. :( Still got it now, just gotta dose myself up.
good morning ladies. Only just got up! sitting here with my first coffee and first glass of water.

Think the K fairy has arrived as my headache has gone and I have the horrid taste in my mouth. Havent got any ketostix to check for sure. Had another sneeky peek at the scales and am 3lb down already and feeling less bloated. God I love this diet, had just forgotten how fab it is.

Have a great day everyone. xx
Morning all

We are all still sounding really positive, isn't is fab!! Soon be at the end of week one and hopefully we will all be rewarded.

One coffee and half a litre of water down - really doing very very badly with the water at the moment but will keep on trying.

She looks like a different person doesnt she. Pitty she's full of stinking lurgy, cuddling on the sofa with her cats watching Grays anatomy :D:D

Sorry G, just making you look totally unsexy now :D
Thanks Sam, it's great to have you back on board and posting - sounds like it is going really well for you.

Leah you've made me sound so gorgeous I think I may have the hots for myself! I hope you are still wrapped up warm and haven't bored yourself stoopid yet?!



Hello lovely ladees, Sorry to hear most of us are still full of the lurge! I still have this painful chest, viral infection apparently, and I'm now sick of feeling sick!!:cry:

:break_diet: OK time to fess up! I MUNCHED :eek: last night. I am on 790 so had some quorn and mushrooms BUT then I had some soreen and a babybel (what a combo!):eek: I don't know what it is but I am not happy unless I have something I shouldn't STUPID STUPID ME!! Trying to stay strong today, so far so good.

I popped on the scales this morning:) I know I shouldn't have but wanted to check the damage and thankfully I have lost an ickle pound since yesterday but I think I was lucky. Obviously the K Fairy, who I had an appointment with last night! - Poof! disappeared under a black cloud:sigh: hopefully she'll come back!!

Good luck with the rest of day girlies
Lots of love Vxx
Well done everyone

Vicky - you are funny!!! made me laugh about the K fairy disappearing!lol
I'm so enthused about this thread.
Mostly - when people have a slip up, they can come on here and admit it and not be banished forever!!!!!lol
You're all doing so great and I'm so so glad I found this group - I think with you guys behind me I may actually complete this diet.
Am only on day 2 so a long way to go but I'm so happy to have you all as companions on this journey.
Thanks (have only done one pint meself today so far and the green tea nearly made me puke so that's a no go for me!lol)


please try again
afternoon all

well im not a happy bunny today, we had a major snow fall last nite ( still snowing now ) the delight ful angels that live round here spent hours throwing snowballs at my windows upsetting my wee one so spent half the nite giving her back to back nebs and oxygen.

today i cant even move the car and the taxi rank is closed so looks like i wont get to my weigh in tomorrow :cry:

we braved it and went to the shop ( no food for the wee one in house, today was shopping day ) so as shes disabled and no way i could get pram through the drifts i had to carry her so my arms aching now

have only had about 100ml of water today so far, really must step that up

sorry for the negativity just feeling arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh:mad:

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