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**It's Saturday, Let's take it hour by hour**


100% all the way!
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Morning all, started work at 5:00 this morning and I'm just staring at my computer screen pretending to do some work! lol

I hope they don't find out I spend half my time on here whilst at work, Naughty.......have a good day everyone.

The weekend is my hardest time of the week, no wine :(
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You started work at 5am?! COR!

Morning :) Feeling a lot better today although VERY bunged up (to the point i've actually gained 3lbs!) and i know my water intake is to blame. Barely been managing 2l but this is going to change.

Must must must work on my dissertation which means i'll be online all day - what a shame eh?

Good luck with any WI's today. Get glugging CDers xxx


MUST get a grip
I've been at work since 5am as well - how disgraceful, still I'm only here til midday and its worth £140 so I couldnt pass the opportunity, specially as me mums got the titchy humans for me!

How rude tho - having to get up and set your alarm for stupid o'clock! I didnt get home last night til well after 8pm either. Poo, poo poo!

Devilish - please do not discuss wine................ I dont want to hear a single post about rose wine, dry white wine or even smooth red wine.... Not to mention cashew nuts and cheese........... PAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well my beauties - its the weekend & I have yet another thrill seekers delight! NOT... Work til lunch as per the above, pick kids up from mums & no idea what I'll do after that???? I've got to get a few bits but my little boy wont wanna go into town, unless I bribe them.... I've got no where to go really & no money - hahahaha no change there then!

I've got an early start tomorrow as my little girl goes riding Sun and have to get her to the stable for 08:30hrs.... Any suggestions my fat buster buddies????????????????

Thanks for the email! You lot know how to make someone feel special dont cha xxx
Just wish i could sleep or poo - not at the same time though xxx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Morning all

Up bright and early today for no good reason... in fact I might go back to bed me thinks! Moved up to 1200 this week and the scales are going up, last week I didn't have an official WI as CDC in hospital but unofficially lost 2.5, but now am back where I was the last time I was officially weighed. I know its my body adjusting and there will be water retention but the child inside wants to stamp feet and shout it's not fair!!!

Glad you are feeling better today Leah, get that water down you, being bunged up ain't funny babe, if necessary take some fibre supplement before it gets any worse.

Working at 5am on a Saturday, there should be laws against it - don't work too hard ladies!

Morning all

Busy day ahead for me today, hoping for a 100% day,
Yesterday was good, well.. I had a 790 meal, but I didn;t binge on carbs or any choccy :D

Hairdressers in a bit, have clients, dd1 still stricken with the Pox:D she had a good night actually.

Snowing on and off here today theres a white layer outside. Kids love watching it!!!:D

See you all later!


MUST get a grip
Just wish i could sleep or poo - not at the same time though xxx

Me toooooooooooooooooooo.... Its still either one way or the other & today I feel like a battery hen - my tummy feels like its full of eggs! Crikey I'm off to check for feathers..............

Get back to your pit Georgie - mind you its a beautiful morning down here, I'm watching the planes going past and there aint a cloud in the sky!

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morning gang. Glad you are feeling a bit better today BG. Do what georgie says and get some fibresure or something down you to help with the poo situation before it gets worse.

T4m and devilish - I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be working on a saturday, but 5am... thats really crazy. Dont work too hard girlies.

Right then, im off to work in a bit but I'll be back to check on you all later so be good lol.

Georgie, dont worry about the scales. Mine show a gain as well this morning, but I know its just my body adjusting to the exercise.

Well done on stayong on track Nicky. Its so hard especially in this awful weather.
What on earth do you all do to be working at 5am on saturday mornings? I want to know so i remember never to get the same jobs as you!!


MUST get a grip
What on earth do you all do to be working at 5am on saturday mornings? I want to know so i remember never to get the same jobs as you!!
I'm General Manager of a delivery depot, we deliver UK parcels across various postcodes in the home counties.... I've got about 35 people reporting to me - the swineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


100% all the way!
S: 26st0lb C: 21st6lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 4st8lb(17.58%)
Hi blue_ grapefruit, I work for my local council and the department I work on is a 24hour service therefore I can be here all sorts of times. But on the plus side weekend pay is good!

Sorry Time4me about the wine:( I just want some :cry: but can't have any, but not it's not 4eva I spose!
ok, two jobs im defo not going to do :D

I dont do working at early hours, late at night is fine though ;)


MUST get a grip
Sorry Time4me about the wine:( I just want some :cry: but can't have any, but not it's not 4eva I spose!

I've got 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio in my desk - I can hear the drawer rattling and little voices calling me..... slurp slurp slurp - come and take us................... HELP ME!

Nah - I wouldnt SS and drink wine - as I wouldnt be SSing - I'd have my big fat heeeeeeeeeeed in the fridge with my face in the Canadian Cheddar!



Silver Member
S: 26st6lb G: 13st1lb
Morning peeps

I was going to have a wander into town this morning, but I just looked out the window and it's put me in hibernation mode. Snow! I hate snow! I'm the person that'd fall down in front of a group of teenage boys and get the pee taken out of me. So I'm staying right where I am, all wrapped up and snuggly in the house.

Had a great night's sleep again, didn't wake up for a pee at all, and I got 7 1/2 hours. Yay me.

Hope everyone has a good day, I intend to watch men with funny shaped balls this afternoon. 6 Nations rugby starts yeehaw


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning folks

The snow has missed us thankfully.

I had a bit of a lie in this morning with my water bottle and laptop. Up now and have 1st GT.

Glad you are feeling better Leah, dont like it when you are Blue (;)).

Morning Sam, Georgie, T4M , Andrea, develishand sweet.....I hope i haven't missed anyone...

Oh Yes....Morning Spooks :D Busy day for you. Be good as I know you can. Glad H had a good night.

Off to Tescos in a while, get some shopping for my old friend Colin. He's not too well again, bless him.

Will check in and out all day, so be good folks and get glugging that water. :tear_drop:



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Morning all :wavey:

Im at work today but not till later and then its only 4 1/2 hours so no major there .Im like leah cant do early mornings but can work late so feel for you having to work at 5am :eek:any morn .

Whos got WI today good luck :)

You all seem possitive today hope we all have a good day

No other plans for me might wander up town but its cold out there so might have more of a duvet day till work .

Going to start my 2nd litre
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Morning everyone

OMG I'm so happy its Saturday and that my week is over
Last day of AAMW yesterday,so back to ss today,but after yesterdays weight loss feeling motivated.
Leah-I'm glad your feeling brighter today.
Spooks-pleased your kid got a good night sleep.Have you got other children to catch it?

We have no snow,but I don't think I'm venturing far.Like Andrea I'll be watching the rugby!Come on England!!!

Hope everyone has great days and good luck with any weigh ins


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