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I've ordered the book!!

S: 15st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.29%)
I've been lurking round here for a couple of days and your losses and support for each other has encouraged me to but the book.
I'm currently doing SW and although i think that would be my long term choice i want something to help me lose weight quicker. I tried cambridge a few weeks ago and failed miserably without food, so you may find me lurking and asking daft questions lol :)
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S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
welcome on board , good luck amd im sure you will get a great start
S: 15st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.29%)
My losses on SW are slow i have lost half a stone since the end of july.
Unfortunately though that is partly my fault as i don't always stick to it.
I do find though my losses on red are quicker as its more protein than carbs.
I should change my name to carb junkie lol as they are my real downfall.


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S: 18st7lb G: 10st7lb
I can relate to that.

So about a pound a week on SW, you will go faster on dukan if you stick to it.

Falling off the wagon can be more damaging on this type of diet - depending on the type of slip. Due to going in and out of ketosis and having to fight cravings and hunger all over again.
But when its going well it quite easy not to slip due to the lack of hunger......
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
Thanks for that post Jaqys I needed to hear that too :) I do feel like I'm just starting out and I'm one of the long term residents of [email protected] lol :)

I also can relate to you foodjunkie... I've lost my path of late with diets (currently dukan) and carbs are my ultimate downfall....

This diet is great for losses..not tried SW before so can't comment on that...but everyone on here is lovely and it's great to have friends to support eachother and talk things through with diet and life related :)

good luck xx
S: 10st9.5lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.67%)
Hi, welcome and good luck.

I dabbled with SW (not officially, there are no clubs here) and found it easy. Weight loss was slow for me though (1 kilo per month) and I'd have probably done as well eating as usual and just not having cheese (my downfall).

With Dukan, I don't have cheese but loads more protein than I used to. As the protein maintains and builds muscle and takes longer to digest, it's more effective and weightloss is better (and less muscle lost than the other diets). I've lost about a stone in 2 months and had 2 weeks holidays (where I did conso - with added extras;)) and a weekend where I was out for dinner two nights in a row in that time. If you look at my sig, you'll be able to tell which weeks were strictly-Dukan or not:p.

All that waffle to say, it has worked for me and others and once you're in ketosis and focused, it's easy enough not to stray. It won't suit everyone (a friend of mine had a look but knows she will crack for chocolate/biscuits before the end of day 2, so it's not for her) but if it does suit you, you'll see results quickly.

Oh dear, more waffle...
S: 15st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.29%)
I'm not too fussed on sweet things i'm more of a savoury girl unless its totm lol.
I feel like i've spent the last ten years on a diet and am still pretty much the same weight as when i started.
I like the idea of being in ketosis as my stuffing my face always comes from hunger lol, i'm quite sure i'dbe bigger than what i am now if i didn't have the small amount of self control that i do lol.
I have looked on the Dukan website and theres no way i'd pay for a coach but it has told me that my ideal weight is 11st 8lbs, i would need to spend to days on attack, approx 140 days in cruise phase, approx 199 days in consolidation before i could go onto stabilisation.
If i stuck to it i'd be at goal on 14th feb next year.
and now they've told me all that i'll wait for my book to arrive lol.
S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
I am terrible at diets i get bored and fed up then eat ...this diet i have not got hungry and too be honest if im hungry i took Vickys advice of diet ginger ale in the evening and a jelly ive lost 2 stone 9lb since the end of June i didnt start dukan till end of July but as you can see ive lost 17lb since then and i have had 3 weekends off ....so it is doable
Im also a great believer that unless you are really ready and wanting to lose weight i mean getting your head in the right place , you are more likely to fail ....come on here if your cracking at all and someone will be about to help xxx
S: 15st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.29%)
I'm rubbish at diets too, i lost 40lbs with ww in 2000 but put it all back on when i went to uni in 2002.
Well done on your loss so far :)
S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
thanks hun

this is the 4th time had to lose 4 to 5 stones its a baby thing lol
but then if i was more controlled it wouldnt be like this ...but my head is in the right place and this is going to be the last time i do this !!!!!!!!!


Dukan Ancestor!!
S: 76kg C: 66.3kg G: 64kg BMI: 22.9 Loss: 9.7kg(12.77%)
Hi Kay and welcome!

Hope the book arrives soon! I would really recommend reading a lot of it before starting attack, at least everything up to and including the Cruise chapter. You need a bit of planning and shopping to get you off to a good start. For example I started on a Tuesday after a busy weekend with a concert (I sing in a choir & am on the committee) and a Monday spent with DD2s swimming classes etc.

On Tuesday I was back at work , no distractions and only what I had packed in my lunch bag. As you're allowed to drink coffee/tea with skimmed milk it was easily done for me. I also bought myself a 'grown-up' water bottle (no sports top!) to make sure I kept track of how much water I was drinking as you need to keep drinking a minimum of 1.5 (or was it 2) L a day.
After 4 days attack came the weekend and I was allowed some Veg to make joining in Family meals a bit simpler.

Spend some time planning your weeks and meals otherwise it can get boring and samey. But there is a lot you can do in the marinating and sauce department using just herbs/spices and yoghurt/quark etc. Adn remember that Fish offers a lot of variety too. And also vary the Veg to keep the interest up. It helps if you like cooking, as most prepared foods are completely off the list now.

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