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Jayne's maintenance diary (at last)

Well I've finally had the time (and inclination) to start this. Suppose today's as good as any :eek:.

Soooo, my weight today is 10st 13lbs with my BMI at 23 ;).

Anyhoo, today I had:

Breakfast - maintenance bar (i'm on early shift and this makes life far easier cause I can lug it about with me if needed):D

Lunch was chicken salad (chicken breast with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and various onions) dressed with balsamic with a small baked potato. Shape zero for afters.

Apple late afternoon

Dinner was Tuna salad (same salad stuff as before) dressed in balsamic and a small baked potato. Afters was a small pot of berries with some fat free strawberry yoghurt.

Drank 1.5litres water, probably 700 mls of sprite zero and about 4 coffees, with milk but no sugar.

So there you have it, my first ever maintenance diary entry. I will do my level best to be good and keep it up to date on a daily basis :eek:.

Tomorrow I'll be baking my yummy fruit loaf - but cutting it and freezing straight away cos it's far too tempting to eat too much of it lol :D
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maintaining since June'09
Sounds good Jayne :)!! I've been very remiss with my water intake recently, must get it back up!! x
Thanks Jan. I've been buying flavoured water (now I can lol) and it makes it far easier to drink. I didn't mind it on TFR but I find plain water so dull on a normal basis, this flavoured stuff really helps me keep up a good intake. It's only 69p for 1.5l of tesco own brand.
Oh i forgot to mention, i'm ALSO trying to give up smoking (was off them for four years but stupidly allowed police training/life to put me back on them again) so my survival has also been dependant on nicotine lozengers. But I'm 6 days now with no cigs so that's going well too. xx


maintaining since June'09
Excellent!! It can most definitely be done! I carried on losing weight when I packed in in 2000 - If I can do it anyone can!!

Needless to say it was when my mentality clicken into 'I've cracked it' that i gained a load which ultimately led to LT last year! Still not smoking though!! 10.5 years & counting! :):D

You can so do it!!! ;) xx
Mymotivation for that really is that I'm wanting babies very soon so wouldn't want to hurt them. Will just have to deal with the associated weight gain with pregnancy tho ( but not get into eating for two mentality lol) xx


maintaining since June'09
Great incentive!! Best of luck with every step of it! :) xx
Sundays intake! :)

Breakfast - maintenance bar. So glad I took one in cos I was out holding a flaming crime scene for 5 hours in the arse-end of nowhere today!!! :rolleyes: Coffee with milk (machine made due to purchasing en route to said scene).

Lunch was tuna salad (consisting of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onions) dressed with balsamic vinegar. Also with a small baked spud but this was manky so most of it got binned :rolleyes: shape zero.

Apple late afternoon.

Dinner was a main whip - wrecked after shift and really cba to make anything. Made this with soya milk and think its set off my ibs cos I bloated out straight away :eek:!! Mental note not to do that again :eek:. A few berries with 3 teaspoons fat free yoghurt :D.

I made my fruit loaf :D:D, and I think I had three slices/chunks of it. My rationale is that it's only teeeeny slices (malt loaf sized). Feel a bit guilty about it though :eek:.

1.5 litres of water
500ml sprite zero
prob about 4 coffees other than breakfast one.

Got a trial starting tomorrow so we'll see how I fare this week :p

EDIT: still no ciggies


maintaining since June'09
Looks good Jayne - except maybe for 3 slices of the fruit loaf ;). The main well done is for the fags!! (or lack of:D)

Hope the trial goes well xx
I KNEW I should have frozen it immediately to stop that happening, I had to let it cool tho so it presented lots of temptation! Yip still fag free today! Whoop! Well done to u giving up btw, it's not easy x


maintaining since June'09
Thanks :) .... I have to say it's the hardest thing I've ever done and the main reason I would never dream of touching another is because there's no way I could ever contemplate doing it again!!! So don't give in!!!!! ;) xx
Monday...... :eek:

Breakfast - Main bar (stuffed down before court)

Lunch 2 x slices bread (court dictated that I had no time for anything else) :sigh:

snack in afternoon - a few dried apple rings.

Dinner - this is where it starts to go wrong for me today, was so hungry when I got home had 2 slices of the loaf I made, then had a ham salad (with my usual salad stuff) dressed in balsamic. Then a few teaspoons of fat free yoghurt (not too bad so far)
THEN some ben and jerries ice cream :eek::eek: then another bit of loaf :eek: that's it now, I've put it in the freezer is dangerous stuff. Not eating anything more today. I'm suffering for it believe me!

Shoved a nicotine lozenger in now (still no cigs today)

Had 1.5l water, about 500ml sprite zero and 3 coffees with milk.

Tomoro will be a better day, I'm not liking how stuffed I feel today;)


maintaining since June'09
Sounds a bit wobbly today hon .... but nothing you couldn't deal with .. even if it felt like a struggle from time to time ... These are the day to day activities we have to learn to maintain around. And we CAN!! ;o) .... You're doing fine xxx
Cheers Jan, few too many carbs today for my liking :eek: .
I'm back in court for the trial tomorrow so it'll be another main bar for breakfast and I'm hoping they'll let us nip to a cafe for lunch so I can get a salad ;).


maintaining since June'09
Can you use a maintenance bar?? ........

...... xx xx


maintaining since June'09
Pkt quavers ..... hungry!!!! xxxx
I suppose I could take a maintenance bar for lunch, but when I'm scoffing one for breakfast I thought I should try to introduce something different :rolleyes:.
:DPleased to report that today has been far better than yesterday
Breakfast - maintenance bar with a coffee (again stuffed before court)
Lunch - got "let out" for lunch today, went to a cafe and had ceasar salad. I asked for it with dressing on the side, but of course it came with dressing ON the top and parmesan shavings too :mad: plus bread croutons :mad: didn't have time to send it back so had to pick out the croutons and scrape off the parmezan/ceasar dressing. This became too difficult/messy in the end so I gave up after eating half of it. But I wasn't hungry anymore so didn't really go without.

Apple mid afternoon

Dinner was half a large baked potato, salad (with my normal salad stuff) and ham.

Snack just recently of mixed berries and fat free yoghurt. Was only a few spoons of yoghurt left in the pot so finished it too.

1.5l of water and about 3 other coffees after breakkie.

STILL NO CIGGIES :D (she says, sucking the life out of a nicotine lozenger)


maintaining since June'09
Looking good Jayne! And well proud of you on the ciggie front ;) Keep it up!!!! :D x
I think this is day 8 now! So all the "muck" should be well out of my system, just need to break down the psychological barriers! ppffft.


maintaining since June'09
Yeah - that's the hard part hon ... breaking the associations too. I didn't drink ordinary tea or coffee for months - took up fruit & herb teas so I wouldn't crave the usual fag with the drink ... worked - up to a point ;) xx

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