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Just posting to stop me going in the kitchen!

Well, here I am - back on ss after a 3 day eating fest that resulted in a crappy, confidence-sapping weight gain! I'm starvingly, ravenously, painfully hungry and desperate to eat but I'm not going to cos it just makes me unhappy and fat!
I know that, while my fingers are tapping away on this keyboard and I'm posting like a crazy woman, its impossible for me to cheat so I'll stay on here for as long as possible then go to bed and hope that ketosis kicks in and takes the edge off my voracious appetite as soon as possible!!! There - that's another 2 minutes closer to getting to my goal weight!! Keep me talking everyone - I really need it!!!!! xxx :blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:
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Keep typing and you will make it!!! :D
Its wearing my nails down Hobbithead but thanks for the encouragement - much appreciated!!!! Desperate measures eh???


Cambridge Consultant
Hang in there hon....... your doing great...... keep yourself busy....
Have a relaxing bubble bath......check out some shopping on line .. Find something you want to get when you hit goal.. anything to keep you away from the kitchen as you will feel so much better tomorrow not heading in there ..
You can do it.. You can you know you can xxx
Indeed just toying with doing the ironing just to keep me busy lol :rolleyes:
Thanks Curlywurly!! Won't I get electrocuted if I have my laptop in the bath though???? lol
I'm deffo having one of those 'I want to open the cupboards and just chuck everything in my gob' evenings!! I won't do it though cos that gain yesterday really hacked me off - its the first time I've been truly out of control in 9 weeks and I'm annoyed with myself for being weak when I have so much to do this for! I suppose I'm only human at the end of the day but I really wish I'd just walked away and not done it. Siggghhhhhh!!!!!! A lesson learned eh? xxx
Ooooo - doing the ironing is a bit extreme isnt it Hobbithead??? I'm not that desperate!!!! lol
i also play online games like bejewelled time runs away everytime x
well done and keep going
Now that IS a good idea Towergilly - I've not played any games for ages!!! I was actually thinking about doing some ironing there for a minute but thats a MUCH better prospect!!!!! The things we do to get a weight loss eh???


Needs to stop eating!!
Hope all this typing stopped you from going on a munch. x


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Wannabelovely you can do it. Just think how amazing you will feel in a few days time when you have WI and see the lbs have miraculously dropped off!
We can do anything we set our minds to, just focus on that! Keep distracting yourself with the things others have suggested and you will be back in ketosis in no time. It should be a doddle then! Before you know it the time will have passed and you will be showing a brilliant loss on the scales!

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