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Karens EE Diary


Serial Foodie!


Serial Foodie!
thanks kiki. yeah its lovely grub and Im enjoying discovering all the new free foods!


Serial Foodie!
I've just realised!! it has been exactly 16 months today since i gave up smoking :D :D :D :D i really am just a bluddy marvel lol

my first WI is on Tuesday so i am half way through the week. people tend to think having a GB will do all the work for you but it REALLY doesn't work that way. I have found sticking to the plan really easy though as theres so much choice and its all so yummy! the band is a great tool and perfect to use alongside SW. theres absolutely no reason why i cannot shift all this ruddy excess weight for good!

a quick bit of background for my new diary...i am 33, married to my lovely hubby, kevin and have 3 children. we live in devon although i am originally from london and hubby is from minnesota, usa. i work as a volunteer youth worker 2 days per week and he is a fulltime IT geek. our children are 12, 9 and 6. i have been a minis member for a million years but never stick to any diet ordinarily. my problem has always been that i havent really had the self esteem to do it! that has changed a lot in the last year or so as i have successfully given up smoking and anyone who knows me knows that was a major, mindblowing and completely unexpected feat! I did it using a hypnosis book/CD and only did it half heartedly but it worked! so, i knew if it would work for that, it would work for other areas and started seeing a wonderful hynotherapist for a couple of months to help with my self confidence. that worked a treat too as i have successfully almost completed a year of college studying for my Access to Higher Education Diploma (i finish in about 3 weeks) and have a place at university starting in september. Im doing a Youth & Community Work degree and cannot wait! i have also learned that I really don't give as much of a **** about what other people think of me as i used to and that i am a worthy and good person who doesn't need validation from others to know it. THAT was my biggest problem for a lot of years and it is truely liberating to let that people pleasing crap go. i am really quite a different person now and so all of these things have helped me to realise i can tackle this weight. i was in a hurry because I wanted to lose it all before starting university. i felt it would be hard enough being a mature student without being such a fat one so started exante recently but i realise its just stupid for me to deny myself food when i like it so blooming much! it makes me miserable to not have it so i may as well have it but work on losing the excess weight as i go. i also realised that i was being ridiculous as whether fat or thin, i am still me and starting uni will be a great time in my life regardless. so, in a nutshell... thats me! a better and improved me from when i first joined mini but sadly, still a fat and frustrated me. this is where that ends! got my fighting head on and will get rid of this fat!

this weekend is going to be manic as i have a themepark trip and a day of swimming and cinema with the kids to cram in. i have really enjoyed this half term with them and having hubby home from work with us has been the icing on the cake. he usually only has time off when we are actually going away somewhere so it has been lovely to just be at home pottering and spending proper quality time together. having said that though... i have missed my own company and wont be too heart broken when they go back to school and work lol
Hi Karen! Wow!!! You've achieved so much already!!! Well done you!!!! I often think it's a good job I never started smoking as I know I'd find it really difficult to stop. Anyway - welcome to the board (this bit anyway!) and good luck!! :)



Serial Foodie!
Hi Tracejovi, thanks for the lovely welcome.

i have had a fantastic end to a really lovely half term with hubby and the kids. today me, the kids and my dad went to a local adventure park and had a brilliant time. i messed up by being lazy and letting my mum make the picnic so i was very limited in what i could have. i ended up having 20.5 syns and missing 2 healthy extras but otherwise...i did the best i could with my very limited options. i was really hungry but only had half a chicken sarnie instead of a full one. i was hungry enough to eat my own arm off by the time we got home and hubby had made me a jacket spud (i rang ahead and begged him to put food on for me lol) but he also made a portion of youngs battered fish too. i could have cried as i LOVE battered fish and it would have gone down a treat with my spud and beans. i refrained though... much to my amazement. had i not caved in and had 2 packets of crisps, i woulda syned it but nevermind. I chose a 2nd bag of crisps over the other half of sarnie as i knew the crisps syns but had no clue about the syn value of the sarnie as it was made with anchor butter as well! im glad i had the extra crisps as i saved a syn. i reckon i walked off another syn or two and will assume that i can offset these syns against the previous days i havent had? i am going to be mega organised next time and do the food myself... it was a nightmare! Aside from that panic, it was a great day. got my dad on the zipwire - he is 68 and so ruddy fit! (i take after my mother!) and we all had a really fun time. Im pooped now!

Im recording 24 at the mo and will be watching that shortly with a big icey diet pepsi.

kids are back to school tomorrow and i will have a nice day home with hubby (probably clearing out the garage!) life in the fast lane :D


Serial Foodie!
thank you stacey xxx

note to self: from tuesday, remember to try to 105 syns per week method instead of 15 a day. it'll motivate me to save up for a takeaway :D


Serial Foodie!
hi sweet, thank you for the support. i really like this section of minis as its so busy and full of great info and people. x


On a mission
Good luck for tomorrow, my first weigh in is Thursday x


Serial Foodie!
good luck boo! how are you finding it? is it your first time on the plan as well as your first week?

weather today has been pants so was stuck in for most of the day but was glad to get out for a while to see Sonya (Sonkie from here) this evening :) Spent the morning coffee-ing with a friend and then brunched with hubby...its nice having him home from work for a few days. so its been a pretty lazy day and my house is looking incredibly neglected lol.

i've been an angel today...had my HEXA and both HEXBs along with 7 syns. totally satisfied food-wise and ready for my bed now. WI tomorrow night! yeehaw! cannot tell you how stupid i will feel if i sts or gain :rolleyes:

im going to keep my food diary here as its a bit of a pain hopping between them.


Red Day


2 x Morrisons Cumberland Sausages (0.5 syns)
2 x Hovis Wholemeal Toast (HEX B)
fry-lighted tomato, onion and mushroom
Fry-lighted Egg
1 x WW Smoked bacon medallion
40g Ketchup (2 syns)


Roasted Chicken Breast (skin removed)
Red Onion, Cucumber and sliced tomato
2 slices hovis wholemeal bread (HEX B)
30g HP Honey Smoke BBQ sauce (2 syns)


Onken yogurt
250ml The One (HEX A) for tea and coffee
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Hi Karen, good luck for weigh in tomorrow night, it's my weigh in tomorrow, too.
Best of luck on your journey x


Serial Foodie!
fantastic, good luck to you too hun x
Oh my god I am doing a degree in youth and community work also!!!! How mad is that :)) How are you finding it??? How far into it are you??



Serial Foodie!
Hi Gen...how cool are we? lol. i dont start until september so you have to now tell me all about it and how you are finding it? how far into it are you? this year i have been doing an Access course in social science so that I could get onto the Y&C uni course and i cannot wait to get started! xxx
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Hi Gen...how cool are we? lol. i dont start until september so you have to now tell me all about it and how you are finding it? how far into it are you? this year i have been doing an Access course in social science so that I could get onto the Y&C uni course and i cannot wait to get started! xxx
Oh we are the coolest :D:D I am just finished my first year of 3 and absolutely loved it!!!! Where are you doing urs?? I am of course in Ireland but would love to see the difference in the subjects if there are any. Be great to see how you find it when you start. xxx


Serial Foodie!
hey Karen that course looks great.... I think there are some differences in our courses... look forward to see how you get on.

Are you nervous about starting???

You are doing the right thing starting to lose the weight now..... it is one of the main reasons that got me motivated to lose my weight cos my god it is very very hard to work with young people and be overweight... ya need a lot of energy!!!!!

I'm 33 in june... not sure what age you are??



Serial Foodie!
it'll be good to compare the courses! I am really excited to start and really want to ditch as many lbs as i can beforehand. i don't want to be the oldest AND the biggest in the lecture hall so as long as i can drop about 8 stones in 4 months i'll be fine...(dont burst my bubble with anything as silly as 'reality' please) lol.

I just turned 33 in January.

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