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Sorry to any fella's reading this... :p

I feel like I'm getting into almost 'normal' territory for buying undies at last.

I was in Asda and bought myself a pack of 5 pairs of knickers.. in a size 20. Ok, so they're still big knickers but the ones I was wearing when I bought the new ones (well I say wearing, more like dropping down) were a size 26-28). I thought well if the new ones don't fit yet, it won't be long before they do. I tried them on when I got home and THEY FIT!! wooooohooooooo :D

Might seem daft to be so pleased about size 20 knickers LOL, but it cost me £4 for 5 pairs instead of buying 3 pairs for £12 from the fat shop that shall remain nameless.
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I ate my willpower!
Well done you! The only thing I can buy from Primark are those stretchy knickers. But they are so comfortable, it doesnt even feel like your wearing them. Because of the material I can buy them in a size 16-18 and they fit! If only all of the other clothes in Primark were like that.


I ate my willpower!
Lol! I think that would be interesting. Especially for our male members!
Lol...get you with your smaller pants!!!

Well done!!!
LOL. Well now I'm not dreaming of a white christmaaaaaasssss, I'm dreaming of a smaller aaaasssssss [oops] and dreaming of a size 10 thong with no lumps hanging out the edges :D :D

What I want to know is why they make knickers of any size with lumpy bits hanging out. I can't remember seeing lumpy bits in there when I bought the knickers. They must have crawled in the bag on the way home.
Droopy Drawers inatiz!

We are so easily pleased!my pants have gone from 24/26 to 18/20 but I wont part with my big ones!Even though they fall down, got my m&s thermals out from last year, OMG looked like Nora Batty gone wrong!!Gathered down my legs like old net curtains,oh no that is my legs! ffs! :8855:still not complaining!Looks like my body has melted off the bone! lol:8855:Will have to get a big pair of wellies to carry it all round in.
lol - well done xxx

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