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Lisa's pregnancy diary!


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Hi Ladies. Thought I might pop in and say hello. I recognise a few names from the CD forums-not that I've been there much lately.

I'm currently 20+2 weeks with my third and finally baby. I already have two beautiful little girls, Imogen who is 5 and Mollie Grace who is 3. We'll find out on Wednesday if I'll be giving h2b his much wanted baby boy!

So far I'm about 3lbs down on my pre-pregnancy weight, which I am really pleased with as I had such a horrid 1st trimester that exercise and healthy eating pretty much went out of the window. I started with SPD about a week ago which makes burning a few calories difficult, so I'm preparing to slowly start gaining a healthy amount from here.

Hope you're all having healthy, happy pregnancies
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Hi and welcome, you are doing really well with your weight, well done. I am pregnant with my 5th (I know LOL:rolleyes:), my first 2 were boys and we both wanted a girl on my 3rd, but equally I think having 3 boys or girls would be really special, there is a lot of 'pressure' from other people too isn't there who will expect you to be 'dissapointed' if its a girl. Whatever you have I am sure you will be over the moon:)
I suffer with SPD too its not much fun is it, especially in the summer Hols with the kids wanting to do lots of energetic things.
Keep us updated with how things are going, take care Jo
Hi Lisa and congratulations :) I'm about a week behind you with my first (so constantly worrying and asking questions all the time!). Well done on the weight loss too!


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Thanks for the replies.

Well tomorrow is the big day! H2b couldn't make my first scan due to work commitments, and he missed DD2's 20 weeks scan as I had an emergency one- so he is incredibly excited to see this little one wriggling around. I'm pretty sure he/she will have it's legs crossed, my children are awkward little monsters! I have to agree Jo, I think there is something special about having 3 of the same gender, I would absolutely love it. Although after the hellish pregnancy I had last time around, it'll be such a relief to know baby is healthy and wriggly, whatever it's gender.

I was exactly the same as you first time around Sarah. Everything felt so foreign and I worried about every little twinge, ache and pain. Enjoy it while you can though, it goes so very quickly.
Look forward to hearing how you get on ;)


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I was right, the baby had its legs well and truly crossed and with the cord sitting between them. The Sonographer said there wasn't a chance in hell of getting a definate gender. Feel a little deflated, we were there for 40 minutes and I got to see the screen for a whole minute and a half before she ushered us out to finish my notes.

H2b finally caved in and agreed to a private 4D scan (because there is a special offer on at the minute) so we're booked in for August 25th. Now I'm a little worried because I've read that not many women get good results when they're carrying lots of weight- hope we're not forking out a small fortune for nothing.
Typical :rolleyes:, A few of the members on here have had the 4d scan with really good results , have a search and I am sure you will get some reassurance. It must be frustrating not being able to tell after waiting eagerly for your 20 week scan, but you will get another even better glimpse of your little one in Aug when I am sure they will be able to tell you;)


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Very frustrating, I cried when I left the hospital :cry: :eek: Damn hormones.

My girls were both surprises, but being due so close to Christmas we really wanted to find out this time so we can get everything planned and bought in advance. If baby goes overdue like the other 2, I'll be induced December 22nd.... On the upside I can drag h2b to the Next sale on boxing day for some bargains :D
Aww so sorry to hear of your frustration. I think if you can get a clear photo on a 2D scan then there's no reason the 4D scan shouldn't be fine. I think my Mum would like for us to have one but we can't justify the cost.

I'm wondering if DH can get away with videoing our scan on his phone just so I can watch what he sees from the foot of the bed. Last time they showed me briefly and then turned the monitor round to do their measurements etc. so I spent most of the time staring at the ceiling. Not sure how they'd feel if he just recorded it for me to see too. Hardly going to post it online, not when I'd be in shot!

Quick question for you Lisa, did you just see the sonographer yesterday or your MW too? If just the sonographer did you still have to take a urine sample in? I've got nothing to tell me this, but I'm not seeing my MW. I had to ask a friend to check if I needed a full bladder again as no one told me..!


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Funnily enough, I was talking to my mum about the videoing thing yesterday as she works in Radiology at the hospital where I had my scan. Some hospitals are really funny about you videoing your scan, they've just introduced a rule here a few weeks ago that means they can even ask people to leave the ultrasound suite if they try to video it. I understand Sonographers need to concentrate to get the right measurements and what not, but this seems a bit over the top to me.

You could always ask the receptionist when you book in and see if it'd be allowed. To be honest though, I went to a friends 20 week scan a few months ago and had a good view of the screen. All the time the measurements were being taken, I couldn't make out what bit was what- it really does just look like blobs on a screen!

If you're just having a scan, you needn't worry about taking a urine sample along. You do need to drink a pint about an hour before you go though.
All Hosp policies seem to be different but when I went for my 20 week scan armed with my wee I only saw the sonographer and then a MW who said I needed a GTT test, no BP or urine checks etc. Thats a bit of a nuisance not being able to see the screen, in our Hosp the sonographer and who ever is with you get to see her screen and we get a screen above our heads so we can see it all from where we are lying, she also told me exactly what was in each image, everything from lips and nose to kidneys LOL.
But you will def need a nice full bladder and it takes about 20 mins on average to complete the scan.
Thanks both. I know they charge for photos from this second scan as they told us. The video was just a thought but a photo should be nice anyway, plus if they don't give me much of a chance I'll be asking for more viewing time!

I'll be ensuring I have enough inside me, just hope they're not running late else I'll be pacing around desperate for the loo!
I know I haven't posted in a while (well weeks to be honest) but I thought I'd update you all. We went for our 4D scan last night and it was THE most amazing experience ever. Worth every single penny. We also found out we're expecting our third DD, so I am over the moon. Can't wait to meet little Poppy in December. To anyone who might be worried about scan image quality if you're carrying a little extra weight, don't!!
Congratulations on your new pink bundle of joy ;) Glad all is well, love the name Poppy, my neice is Poppy otherwise it would be on our list, we still havent decided on a name yet.

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congratulations x

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