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Marinated meat??!


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Do this properly for a week to see a good loss and then you'll be thinking again about those pesky carby sandwiches. I don't think I'll ever have a proper bread sandwich again. You could use flax meal to make some bread for a sandwich. It's pretty good and you'll keep losing weight. Check out the Mim sticky above for easy recipes that take as little as one minute x
Thanks cokes.

I'm gonna stick to it no matter what this week, just wanna get to Saturday and hopefully see a loss and I know that will give me more motivation. I don't know if I'm expecting too much at my next weigh in, I'm hoping maybe 5-6 pounds!! I can see my skinny body running on the beach in the distance, lol . Good luck for your next weigh in :))


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I don't think pre made marinades are that good as they tend to be full of sugar and other nasties.

Much better to make your own so you know whats going in.

Try getting some different herbs and spices and experimenting to see what you like.

You could use five spice powder for a chinese flavour, or mint or tandoori powder or anything that takes your fancy really. You can either rub them directly into the meat or mix with a little water or cream to make a paste to coat the meat with.

I'm sure some of the others will be along with more suggestions soon.
Thanks I'm a really crap cook so not sure if I'm capable lol but gonna give it a go. Day 2 now feeling different, is strange with no carbs in your belly... Feel like I'm used to it already though!


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I'm not that fab in the kitchen either but this is one of my fav's - get two chicken breasts, rub Ras El Hanout on them (it's a Morrocan rub - lots of lovely spices in it and not too hot, I get mine from Tesco), then fry and eat with baked goats cheese and crunchy iceberg lettuce YUM :)


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Lisalisa, trust me, my fiance makes marinated meat for me and if he can do it - anyone can cos he could burn water!
Yes, sadly most marinades are stuffed full of sugar and salt, you can't trust any of them unless you make your own as I do


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A lovely pork marinade is olive oil....chock full of chopped chili's and fresh garlic...left overnight...then griddled....

A lovely pork marinade is olive oil....chock full of chopped chili's and fresh garlic...left overnight...then griddled....

I think I love you FJ :D


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Got another one for pork belly:

I get 1.3kg (31/2 lb) which gives leftovers for the next day.
I score the fat, put a kettle of boiling water over is and then dry. Rub in a mixture of salt, equal quantities smoked paprika and Chinese 5 spice and pop in the oven at 220C for 30 minutes. Turn down to 140C for another hour or so. Serve with pak choy- delicious or as I learnt today- nom nom!
I love pork belly with sauerkraut myself Ransch


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You'll laugh Jim, I didn't think of sauerkraut on this diet!
Do they still sell it loose over there Ransch? we used to buy it from a barrel :)


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Oh yeah Jim it's everywhere and every butcher has their own secret recipe. Actually I have a friend who makes her own. It's very, very good but takes a bit of time. If anyone's interested in the recipe, I can ask her.


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PS The fresh stuff tastes totally different to the tinned stuff!

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