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Messing about!!!

K had a good week then was poorly then a good couple of days and now I'm messing about!!!! Been bored today so eaten rubbish (that's what I'm calling it) and now guilty!
I know I felt better after aweek on diet, lost albs andnot daren't look at scales !!!
HELP required! It's costing me a fortune, flitting on and off and also got my coconut oil and that's not cheap! How can icommit to this????
Sorry to be a bore! And to all u people that are doing so very well I applaud u all!!!! :)
Someone kick my backside please!
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I really feel for you!! It's so hard to get the brain in the right frame of mind to start a diet. I know that I just couldnt do it for years until I had to... so, I thank my knees for getting my brain in order - I wouldn't have been able to start it without them playing up!!

So, all I can say is, remove all temptation from the house, just buy the foods that are allowed, go cold turkey with some interesting things to do, and once you're over the Atkins flu you should start having less appetite and will by then see some changes on the scales...

Good luck with it!!! It's hard... but you can do it!!! :)
I hear what you are saying, my joints do hurt only due to the weight they're enduring! I know I need to do this, love meat, salad Mayo cheese eggs etc and have even brought some allowed Atkins bars for breakfast on the go but as soon as I think it's starting go work I go off the rails!!! Foolish I know and only myself to blame! I hope people like you can keep me motivated please ! :)
We wouldn't be on this forum if we all didn't have an element of self-destruct about us! Leanne has given good advice as will others when they come onto the site!

Good luck!! and HOLD TIGHT! :)
Thanks everyone! My tea tonight is an Atkins chicken and cheese salad with Mayo, in the hope I will feel less guilty of the other food I've consumed today. I know you are all right and it's good to know that I have your support! Thank you so much!!!!! :)


Clean green leafy machine
remove all temptation from the house, just buy the foods that are allowed
Excellent advice from Di, hun - and make lots of induction-friendly stuff so you are ready to get stuck in as and when you're hungry.

You can do it :D
Stick with it. One day at a time, one meal at a time. Sometimes, if need be, one minute at a time! Once you are in proper ketosis your cravings will go and you won't feel hungry but you need to stick to low carb eating long enough for that to happen.

We've all fallen off the wagon at times and the best thing to do definitely is to just climb back on again! All the best hun x

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