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mrss2010 diary to see whats going on??!! comments and help appreciated!!!


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Hi all

well ive been following sw for 21 weeks and after an unexpected gain last night i have lost 16.5lbs, this is with following the plan to the letter and doing body pump, body combat and gym work at least 4 days a week!! sucks!!! so someone suggested i do a food diary on here so that people can see if they can see any mistakes i may be making!

hope yas can help me!! ill update this everyday with the food i eat!

mrs s xxx:)
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I also try to keep a food diary on here. In fact I have found that recently, wehn ive been forgetting Ive become very naugthy with what I eat! Im going o start doing it properly again as from today but i do think its really helped! Good luck with yours and Il help if I can :) x
I also recommened going on Weight Loss - Diet Ticker and creating your own ticker which shows you how mcuh you lose and how close to target you are. To laod on your signature you just:

Got User CP> Edit Signature> and copy and paste the first code box into your signature.

When you lose weight you just update on the ticker website and you signature automatically changes.

I found that really helps as Im desperate tp make that snail get to the end of the grsss on mine lol :)
ok ladies, i havent had dinner yet but i no what we are having so i have included it in todays food diary.....im on an extra easy day!

breakfast: 2 wm bread (HEB plus 1 syn) with 2 boiled eggs
Teabreak: banana and apple chopped and covered in mullerlight
Lunch: baked potato, chicken, lettuce, onion, peppers, cucumber and 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (1.5 syns) 2 satsumas
Dinner: beef stirfry with noodles and amoy blackbean stirfry sauce (2 syns for my portion 4.5 syns in pouch and hubbie eats more than me!!)
Syns: 1 on bread, 1.5 on sc sauce, 1/2 syn on butterbud, 2 rich tea fingers 2 syns, tayto onion rings 4 syns, blackbean sauce is 2 syns
hea on milk in coffee 300mls 1% milk
heb asda medium slice wm bread (1 slice is 3.5 syns so i have 2 and use 1 syn for the extra)

im also doing a body combat class later which is 60 mins long
does this look ok??? tia xxx


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Are you having 1/3 superfree with that stir fry?

Otherwise looks good to me (though make sure those are dried noodles and not the straight to wok ones as they have syns).

Damn I miss Tayto Onion Rings... I think I'll have to make a trip home to pick some up. LOL. :D
Hi shrimpy

The stir fry veg is peppers, beansprouts, carrots, water chestnuts, onion and cabbage so hoping this would be enough? I might have sum strawberries after tho just to make sure!!!!

Yup Tayto onion rings r the best and only 4 syns! Altho I've had stinky onion breath since eating them!!!!

MrsS2010 xxx


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Hi Mrs S - I'm a Mrs S too!

You've started a diary - woo hoo!

And you've made a lovely ticker - well done!

You'll get loads of support here I'm sure :)

What a lovely day's food you are having.

Do you think it has helped writing it down in this way?
same dinner as me pretty much only I have to syn them as they are straight to wok!!!! they were on offer and have to watch the pennies! Otherwise all looks good!
P.s- love the new ticker >;-)
ha ha ha ladies ill be a minimins wiz in no time!!!

strangely enough i think writing everything down online is gonna keep me on track better, i no ive thought ive stuck to plan 100% but now i no writing it all on here someone can catch me out if im cheating or tweaking without realising!!! thanks again!!! x


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Hehe! That's why i'm doing mine! :)

Looks like plenty of Superfree in that stir fry. :)
stirfry was lush.....i had a little plate b4 the gym and some more when i got home! lol

so all together used 11 syns today....gonna try to use between 10-15 per day!
Hi again everyone!!!

ok so food diary day 2!!!

breakfast: 1 slice bacon, fat removed, 2 fried eggs (1 syn), beans and 2 wm bread (heb plus 1 syn)
lunch: boiled potato and carrots (lots of carrots!!!) lol

so far so good! i know i havent had my 1/3 sf with brekkie but i was too full after it to eat fruit and i hate mushrooms or toms! so im thinking if i snack on fruit all day will that make up for it?!

dinner tonite will be el mince beef with carrot, onion and peas and mashed potato with cauliflour and brocolli

syns today will be

1 for bread
1 for 2 fried eggs
5.5 for kitkat
4 for onion rings

sooooo how many syns is in bisto gravy is it 1 syn per teaspoon of dried granuals???

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hmmmm just thinking i should maybe only update my diary once a day when im done eating for the day.......ive had a strange kinda day havent really been hungry so ate just because i should and not cause i actually wanted anything.....any how todays diary is below!!

b~bacon, beans, 2 fried eggs (1 syn) and 2 wm bread (HEB + 1syn)
l~boiled potato and baby carrots, an apple and a banana
d~mashed potato (1/2 syn butterbud) mince, carrot, onion and (1.5 syns for gravy) and roasted carrots (in frylight)

~ 1 in eggs
~1 in bread
~5.5 kitkat
~4 onion rings
~1.5 gravy granuals
~0.5 butterbud
TOTAL 13.5 syns
HEA 300mls 1% milk
HEB 2 asda medium slice wm bread (3.5 syns per slice so i have 2 and count HEB plus 1 syn, can i do this, thought you can since you can do it with choc weetabix???)

wow i must really like carrots?!!!!! lol

really appreciate any comments......

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