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Mummyem's Refeed Diary :)


Slowly but surely!
Well here I am...Hopefully still going to loose on refeed so any thoughts on my food greatly recieved lol :)

Day 1
B - Strawberry LT Shake
L - Choc LT Shake
D - Chicken breast with salad (1/4 yellow pepper, 3 lettace leave, small handful of spinache, 4 baby cheery toms, 1/4 stick of celery) with balsamic vingegar.

The salad looks a lot so hope ive done it ok, chicken is cooking :)

Ive also had 4 coffees (with milk ive missed it)
2 pints of water
1 pint of SF squash
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Hi Mummyem

Hi . hope you enjoyed your first meal . I couldnt finish the 4oz chicken i had the first day. I am the same with the milk. A friend of mine did LT and could never put milk back in tea or coffee, I couldnt wait. Got the skimmed milk today and love my "milky tea" now.Never thought I could use SF squash now. That will help me get in more water.


Slowly but surely!
Thanks guys... Well here I go on Day 2
B - Choc LT Shake
L - Small Tin of Tuna in Spring Water, drained with salad (4 cherry toms, 5 slices of cucumber, 1/4 stick of celery, handful of spinach leaves, with balsamic vinegar.
D - Chicken Breast (with BBQ spices) Spoonful of Peas, Spoonful of Brocoli

Lots of coffee & Squash, may even have a diet coke with dinner tonight, how naughty will I feel lol
I know its amazing what you appreciate when you come off TFR. I love being able to sit down with my family for meals now . I may not be having the same as them but at least I am eating. (Icouldnt sit with them and watch them eat before.usually went on this site while they had their dinner ). I havnt had any diet drinks yet trying to keep the water habit going.


One last chance
You're allowed squash? I didn't know that! lol

Oh btw, so far so good :). Funny how everyone who's refeeding haven't been able to finish there food, I've been able to finish mine, which I am quite worried about :(


Slowly but surely!
I managed all my dinner last night really enjoyed it but im sat here half way through my lunch really struggling, are you supposed to use a whole tin of tuna?


It really does work! :)
I managed all my dinner last night really enjoyed it but im sat here half way through my lunch really struggling, are you supposed to use a whole tin of tuna?
I always did from the beginning. I think the drained weight is about 135g, which is around the 4oz mark.

It's natural to feed "stuffed" so early in the refeed.


Slowly but surely!
Day 3

I feel really fat and bloated this morning and dont feel like eating anything but this is what I have prepared lol

B - LT Shake (managed half)
L - Tuna drained with small salad
D - Chicken breast with Jacket Potato (fromage frais and chives) and broccoli & peas (DREADING POTATO!!)

Going for an hour swim tonight :)

Lots of coffee and squash!

I must admit I am getting more and more freaked out everyday by eating especially as I feel like ive put on a stone in 3 days lol
I will probably take some senekot tonight as im feeling very bloated and bunged up lol I am also having TOTM again after only a week, but it happens everytime I change my diet so was expecting it :(


Slowly but surely!
My jacket potato was HEAVEN, forgot how nice potato was lol I realised when I added my fromage frais it was actually creme freche, it was WW and very low calorie but worried as not sure I was allowed it Whoooopppss!


Slowly but surely!
Day 4
B - Choc LT Shake
L - Seeded Bagel, toasted with laughing cow EX light cheese triangles, cucumber and spinache leaves.
Cherry ML yougart
D - Jacket pototoe, tuna, creme freche, salad
45min Aquatone, 30 Mins Swim
S - Apple slices

Looking forward to some exercise tonight, didnt have the energy on TFR :)


One last chance
Looking good Emma :)

I couldn't wait for day 4, I love bread lol.
My energy levels are slowly coming back too :D very happy about that!


Slowly but surely!
Day 5
B - LT Shake
L - Seeded Bagel, Cheese triangle, slice low fat ham, cucumber
Muller Light Yoghurt
D - Spag bol - SO SO NICE!!

3 JD and Diet cokes - was so tiddly on this couldnt have had any more lol
Lots and lots of water

Day 6
B - Nothing had lie in
L - Chicken salad brown bread sandwich
D - Still deciding, WW chicken tikka with brown rice with peas maybe
LOTS OF WATER as very hungover :(


Silver Member
Hi Em - good to see your doing so well! Isn't it lovely to be able to eat again? x

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