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Online shopping.

Where do you do online shopping?

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Where do you go?

I always used asda, but last delivery i had stuff so so so close to the use date (not that i listen to the use date.. :eek: ) so grapes and stuff were too soft, and it was soooo annoying so im thinking about giving somewhere else a try.. I dont want it to be much more expensive than asda so ocado is deffo out haha..
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sweet pink

is losing for shoes
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Tescos is the only one that delivers to my address so I dont have any experience of the others :)


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There isn't an "I don't" choice!

Never done online shopping....will try it one day but I LOVE going to Tesco's!
haha, well it was for people who do it.. :p
I love online shopping, Especially atm i dont have a car.. I spend less than if i go, and yeah i pay for delivery but by the time i paid for the bus and taxi back or something... or tried to get ona bus with loads of shopping.. only downside is you dont pick the stuff yourself i guess.. :( xx
I've used Sainsbury a couple of times and can't fault them, though they are probably a bit more expensive. They give you a one hour choice of delivery slot, and yes, if you choose right then charges are less than the taxi home. I like the fact that I'm not tempted to buy extras, that someone else has to trundle round picking stuff off the shelf and do the checkout bit, and the delivery person unloads everything onto my kitchen worktop for me! Mind you, I do have a disabled hip, so appreciate these things :) A bit off your topic, but if you have an Iceland locally, they deliver for free, but you have to go and spend £25 or more in store for this - again, worth it for me, as I like to buy a lot of frozen fish and some frozen veg from them.
Well she already said Ocado was out of the question... :D

I have used Asda and Tesco, and of the two, Tesco was better in terms of their actual ability to deliver stuff with decent date length and the majority of the stuff was actually there and didnt need substituting. Asda however, didnt fare so well and I was not reassured by the delivery driver pulling out our loaf of Tiger Bread with a victory cry because it wasnt bashed up and "that never happens, we normally just deliver a bag of crumbs"...
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We normally use Tesco but Asda if were in all day then we can have the £2 all day delivery.
Sainsbury's ive used a couple of times time.
All 3 always on time and never no probs, Find asda worst for bringing substitutes and sometimes they are crap with the substitutes like full fat yogurts instead of low fat
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Iv ordered from asda twice and I will never do it again. Once was for a party and I had it all delivered Thursday evening ready for the party 2 days later and I had to go out on the Friday to replace half of it cause it was disgusting. Tesco were 2 hours late delivering and the driver didn't even apologise. Iv never had a single problem with sainsburys except for bringing us female deodorant instead of male!!
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I normally use asda, but yesterday ordered for tesco.

The offers just seemed a bit better, and there was little or no price difference. And I figured if I can earn clubcard points I may as well!

Delivery due today!

ETA I also liked the fact that they Guarantee the shelf life of a lot of things. Really helpful!

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