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paulas thread

hi guys,im doing this thread because i need to write my thoughts down to help me,i cant believe i didnt get up till 9.30.For people that dont no we should of been moving to oz on july the 9th but our house fell thru.We then sold again and should of left three weeks ago but fell thru on day of exchange.I think were gonna remortgage and leave the house to sell.I think my depression is kicking in hence not wanting to get out of bed.
Anyway im 36 married to ant for the last 13 years,got 2 kids luke 12 and loz 9 ,were both sat here with no jobs no car etc etc.

I have a big history of bingeing so av decided i need to get this off,ive done cambridge before and LL BUT NEVER COMPLETED.I think my problem is because i have never got to goal i give up.My plan is to ss as long as i can till i leave then may have to do 790,when leaving then to go back to ss.
Well so far so good today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)
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Strong women stay slim
Hi Paula
How is the fed back on the buyers , what did you think about just renting your house out and just renting once you are out there ? does that not sound any good ? Do you have any Jobs lined up out there or just going with the flow , my sons mate went oct and never came back , must of made it out there i know the visa ran out July so must of been allowed to stay . Yes i think with depression its hard to shake yourself out of it , try keep your dream in mind girl :)
Hi Paula

I hope you're doing ok today on Day 1 :) It's a good idea having a thread, maybe I'll make one myself sometime. It's often good to type what you are thinking and feeling and it might stop us heading for the fridge instead!

You can do this, we all can. We just need to get into the right frame of mind and have some support and there is certainly plenty of that here on the forums :D

A friend of mine moved to Australia in 1991, well she went for 6 months, not intending to live there permanently. She's only been back 3 or 4 times since! She's now happily married to an Australian and they have 2 kids.

Where in Australia are you planning to move? I hope things start happening for you soon with the house sale etc.

Best of luck

hi mochaj ,missleo,were goin 2 hours south of perth,we have looked into renting the house out but with how much my mortgage is and paying the agent we would no way cover .Im phoning another agent this afternoon so it will be on with 2 xx
Just having 5th pint of water and had a choc tetra for lunchxx
what about selling by auction? I sold recently and the sale went through in 4 weeks. And i'm not surprised you are bingeing as so much is going wrong and out of your control but remember the weight is in your control so you can do it


longing to be slim !!
HIYA PAULA im on day 3 today and its much easier today than the last 2 days i could have eaten the kids lolol but anyway stuck with it and no where near as hungry today , mind you the amout of water ive drunk im weeing like a race horse lol never been so much !! anyway good luck ill let you know how im doing and you do the same debs xx


longing to be slim !!
as much as i can cope with really about 4ltrs at mo but before the diet i hardly drank any water not a big drinker at all ...well unless it was wine hahah!! so struggling a bit with that but getting there been very thirsty today so has been a bit easier and have done keytone test and it shows im going into ketosis today as it turned pink so made me feel better and that im actually doing it right , but they all say the more you drink the more shrink so gona continue to do so . but when your new to this diet and have never done it before your a bit unsure about things so im sure we can pick it all up together also my mum is on day 5 so have her support aswell so we can all encourage eachother we can do it !!
Hi and best of luck, this is day 5 for me also (second time on CD), my weigh in is on a Monday! I'm feeling tired too but from what I can remember stick in there and it gets alot better! Well, put it this way, I'm not a clean freack but last time I can remember doing alot of cleaning AND wanting to clean (what's all that about?), but probably won't be able to do as much this time because of my back problem, walking over fields and hills for roughly one hour nearly everyday with my 3 dogs is about all I can manage - had to force myself this morning, was really tired,..but not giving in!!

susan xx


longing to be slim !!

i think 4ltrs is enough thats what im going to stick to from now on as the more i drink the more i feel thirsty stupid i know but all day today ive felt really thirsty maybe it is the ketosis set in as keytone test said iw as going into it so ill aim for 4 ltrs every day now and see how i go well done on your first day just fnished day 3 and feeling optamistic that its working for me good luck with tmorrow hun xx speak soon debs x


Strong women stay slim
I see

hi mochaj ,missleo,were goin 2 hours south of perth,we have looked into renting the house out but with how much my mortgage is and paying the agent we would no way cover .Im phoning another agent this afternoon so it will be on with 2 xx
Just having 5th pint of water and had a choc tetra for lunchxx
I see now why you can't really do it , Lets hope you get that sale very soon !
So hows CD going ? Just reading your posts there , did'nt get on the pc last night as my middle son had his mate here and they took up both pcs , and they was still awake till 5am this morning , all i heard was them all night , so i had trouble getting up , its like the hang over without the booze . How you doing girl anyway ?
thanks missleo,ooo sleep overs arggggggggggh.I hate sleepovers.
Well im not to bad,got my cousins 21st tonight and she does such scrummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy food.Im going to have a couple of glasses of sparkling water and just stop for a couple of hours.I laid in bed this morning feeling sorry for myself as its the weekend and i lov boozing and eating BUT then i said to myself "this is my choice,i want to do it,and i need to do it for my back" xx

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