Question from my CDC!!!


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Hi All,

This may be more for the CDC then the people that are on the CD.

my CDC want to know whether she should be doing bulk discounts?? (the more you buy the cheaper you get them for)
Now i think its a great idea but that because i like saving money lol

but could you tell me the avarge price of what you each pay!!
If you do not feel comfortable replying to the thread please can you email me as it would be good to now if im paying the right price

Many thanks

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Well I pay £35 a week all in whatever I have including bars and tetras.

Loving the sound of bulk buying though as every penny counts and all that.


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well i pay

for my menu

Chicken and mushroom soup 1.55 per packet
Chocolate velvet 1.75 per carton
banana slipt 1.75 per carton

So i pay 35.35 for 7 days

and then when i move onto bars thats 1.80 each

Would anybody advise were i could go that was cheaper as i seem to be paying quite a bit,
i live in Slough but my brother lives in swindon so if anybody is in that area that is cheaper i would be greatful if you let me know

garcia24 x


Hi Garcia24, what you are paying is actually the RRP, so anyone paying less is getting a bargain :)

The RRP for the bars and tetras went up at the beginning of January.
YOu could have a look on the Cambridge Diet website, and search the "Find a counsellor" page. It will give you a list of what CD's are working in your area. You could then email them or ring and ask how much they charge.

Good luck x


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i pay 32.55 a week for 21 packs regardless of wether theyre tetra, shake or bar.


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do you think it is because i am in slough (south) that it is that little bit more expensive??

No honey - plain and simply your CDC can charge what s/he likes. Sometimes it depends on if there are other counsellors in the area, sometimes it depends on what other services they offer, the number of clients they have, etc.

If you aren't happy then obviously it's worth 'shopping around' by calling 0800 161412, but if you are happy with service you are receiving then I wouldn't worry about it.

The most any CDC can sell you at any one time is 4 weeks supply, and any discount would obviously be at their discretion.
Could be. I'm in Cheshire, not sure where everyone else is.

I read somewhere that the price someone pays for their packs every week is at the discretion of the Consultant. They buy the products at a discounted rate and then decide how much to sell them for. I think there are guidelines though.

CDC's out there - forgive me if i'm wrong!


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thats for all the advise i have looked on the website and have emailed other CDC in my area see if they are a little bit cheaper.


I read somewhere that the price someone pays for their packs every week is at the discretion of the Consultant. They buy the products at a discounted rate and then decide how much to sell them for. I think there are guidelines though.

That's right - currently the RRP is £1.55 per shake, £1.75 per tetra pak and £1.80 per bar, but it's completely at the discretion of the counsellor how much he/she charges. I'm in the North West and I charge the RRP. I know some people charge more, and some charge less.

I have to admit I'm considering a flat rate for everything because it's a real pain working it out when people have a different number of bars and tetras each week.


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If i buy the shakes, soup or tretra I pay the same price is nearly £32.55 a week, dont know about the bars as I just dont fancy them as they are covered in chocolate ( im not a massive chocie fan!!)
I must say Im impressed with my CDC as I know she could charge more and she also does home visits which to me are worth their weight in GOLD. Its ok now but I know from experience that if I wasnt feeling great one week and a bit lazy I might just make it a excuse but this way she's on my doorstep each week....grreat motivation:D


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I pay £32.55 regardless of what i order.


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this is the thing all CDC charge different rates and no one seems to do bulk buying!!!

Everyone talks about the RRP - but the CDC buy the product for less than that then make more on people buying the product!!!!!!

maybe im being nieve but why should a CDC shouldnt really be making more off my weightlose
i live in hampshire- Portsmouth and i pay
£1.55 per shake, £1.75 per tetra and £1.80 per bar
last week i brought 4 weeks supply with no discuount

it does seem a little unfair as i only like tetra and bara i have to pay more, the service is good but i do think that it is a little expensive.

in my opinion they are making profit on people who want to loose weight and not cost the NHS money for gastric banding! the NHS should consider helping fund for very overweight people.