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Quins; back to the plan.

Spoke to soon, had a mini binge on quality street...6.....

Feeling quite drained, sore throat, heavy limbed. Woke up early but now struggling to come round.
Oh no @Quins i hope you feel better soon- chill out and relax for a bit :) you've got to get yourself better first so bugger the food until you feel better, you know you can get it off!!

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Xmas eve well off plan, mum and dads anniversary, loads of roast leg pork, smoked salmon, a couple of sausage rolls
Salad, beers. Fantastic family do, we all played Logo. Then went back across the drive to prep the turkey and stuffing.

Xmas day, smoked salmon scrambled eggs, toast, Buck's Fizz ( champagne),
Xmas dinner, turkey, sausage meat sage onion stuffing, carrots Brussels peas red cabbage, roast potatoes, parsnips and gravy. Chipolatas and bacon rolls.

Tea. 3 mini home made says age rolls.

Managed to get through Xmas day on ibuprofen and paracetamol , sire chest and throat, had to have bed Kay down after Xmas dinner felt so rough.


Boxing Day: up and 2x Body Coach beginner HIIT sessions: sweaty! Feeling quite pleased. Sweat is my best medicine.

Now to try and steer towards a plan of healthy eating.

B. Banana and some turkey breast post training.

L. Turkey salad, beetroot, Spring Onion, lettuce , cherry toms, red cabbage, cucumber, 2 sysn for sausage stuffing, 3 syns for half a roll, 2 syns for salad cream.

Snack: lean pork and ham

D. Jacket potato, turkey, salad, red cabbage, 2 syns salad cream.

4 Almonds and a slice of home made turkey encroute , 6 syns?

Total 15. Much better than recently...
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Last years quote "So, it's been since May? Wow, no wonder I wandered off track, lost focus and have gone up to 13'7! What with a heavy run into Xmas , beers, liaison, curries....it's no wonder"

It's sounding very familiar this year, busy social run in to Xmas, no focus on what I was putting into my mouth other than everything... I've enjoyed it, but looking forward to getting back on track.
Still feeling rough, sore throat, glands swollen , worse at 6pm onwards. 2 out of 3 kids full of it too.

Turkey soup is doing its thing. Lovely.

I get on plan for half a day then tempted by the left over sweets and nuts in the evening... Curbed the booze.

Looking forward to feeling tip top.

Mucking out and shift hay bales today, sweaty. Lovely day but feel turned now.

More turkey soup in the slow cooker, it's a real winner with everyone at home. Packed with veg.

Double HIIT session, that was hard.

B. Porridge with frozen berries, water sweetener and a t spoon honey 2 syns

L. Banan toasted sandwich , 2 syns

When I hit home circa 1600 I was ravenous : 3 quality street, some nuts, piece of Xmas pudding, beans and slice of bread....

Did the HIIT session

D. Late, turkey soup and noodles.

2 home made sausage rolls............

Can't wait for the temptations to or build my resilience.
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Getting back to the routine, writing a diary etc.

Feeling aches this morning, all over. Still woke up middle of the night coughing and spluttering.

B. Actifry fry light parmentier potatoes in piri piri seasoning , Linda McCartney red onion Rosemary sausages , beans , mushroom, onion , chili omlette. Tidy!

Late lunch... Banana sandwich with chutney 4 syns

D. 2 big bowls of turkey soup with noodles , encona pepper sauce gorgeous, 2 syns for oil and butter used in soup between 6.

Snacks 2 X miller light and a banana , couple of actifry chips, a slither of the last piec of turkey encroute 10 syns.

Options hot choc 2 syns to stave off the temptation of necking handfuls of celebrations/Roses/Quality Street.m

About 20 syns today, getting there
Still sore throat, not feeling too great....

B. Porridge frozen berries water sweetener

L. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs , chilies, on 2 toasted wm hovis normal loaf, syns?

Snack , SW syn free onion bhajees while cooking chicken madras with okra, boiled rice 4 syns for paste and dollop if cream shared between 3 , microwaved fry light popodum, loads of raita. Piece of very thin crispy naan, 6 syns

A 330cl beer , 2 quality street.... Crazy New Year's Eve.... Not.
House full of sick people all got horrible dry , straining, coughs, sore throats, bunged up. Happy new year

Late breakfast 3 egg ham omlette, peppers mushrooms, tomatoes a baby bell light

Lunch. 2 WW wm toasted banana sandwich

D. Small by recent standards roast lamb dinner, half an 8oz jacket spud, 2 slices lamb, peas, carrots, kale, 2 tablespoons gravy, 4 syns?

Honey in lemon tea X 2 4 syns, 2 X medicinal brandy , 6 syns? 14 syns...
Hi Texty, so God to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours. I understand about not having time to chat. I really need the focus of a diary so I'm back on it. Flu last couple of days, horrible, now razor blade throat and still achey, cold...did the sweats this morning.

B. Porridge honey water... 2 syns

L. Ham sliced , banana toasted sandwich

Snack, 2 poached eggs, baked beans.

D. 2 slices lean lamb, 8 Oz jacket, kale, carrots, peas gravy 4 syns, anything warm and soft to ease my throat...
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Hiya @Quins

Sorry to hear that you're still unwell, food looks lovely though! Hope you're feeling better soon. I too am finding it difficult to get on here- must make time!!!

Hi Texty, so God to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours. I understand about not having time to chat. I really need the focus of a diary so I'm back on it. Flu last couple of days, horrible, now razor blade throat and still achey, cold...did the sweats this morning.

B. Porridge honey water... 2 syns

L. Ham sliced , banana toasted sandwich

Snack, 2 poached eggs, baked beans.
Were all ok thanks Quins, I'm still back and forth to the hospital with headaches, my latest MRI shows an abnormality on my lower jaw! No idea what as I'm still waiting for a further appointment. whatever it is causes me no bother so watch this space.

I hate razor throats Garr
What a quest @Texty_F hope you find a way forward. @Trefoil im feeling properly man flued up, still got aches pains, shivers that come on with a vengeance at night, Mrs Quins is the same....

I've been using my fitness pal app to see what my calorific intake should be, I'm not eating enough....that's probably because I'm ill. The plates of food I have had look like kids dinners... Won't harm for a few days. I'm sure my appetite will get back to normal.....in the next week or so. Just want rid of this cough , sore throat and rotten thumping head as well.
Still awful full of flu, aches, sweats......

B. Soothing porridge honey water ,2 syns

L. Banana sandwich hovis wm 3 syns? Pickle 3 syns

D. Chicken soup slow cooker. Hot soft jacket potato, slices of lean lamb, couldn't taste it, veg.

Still under 1500 calories according to myfitness pal app. It won't complete the diary if I don't consume the calories allowance... Snuck a home made sausage roll in, a mistake, I could barely swallow it, 10 syns?

18 syns
You know I had a bad cough September time & it took weeks to go, DD also had it & we're both not sickly people, so I reckon its a pretty bad virus out there which is still doing the rounds.

Ohhh dear, you'll soon get rid of that, the better weather will be here soon so you can get out cycling more.
Managed to get to see the health centre nurse, more for Mrs Quins she has been really struggling with the cough poor thing. Also confirmed that my sinuses are stuffed full, no sh!t Sherlock ? Decongestant for me , throat spray and codeine based cough med for Mrs Q.

Food has been off plan...but considering the huge weight loss I'm trying get any decent calories back in....

Eggs in tortilla wrap , chicken soup, jam toast.
Another rotten night, Mrs coughing, I'm awake from 0200-0400, watched a farming programme on iPlayer in bed....

B- 2 poached eggs 1 hovis toasted

L. Ham , sliced beetroot on hovis nimble toasted.

D. Left over roast lamb biryani, home made paste, 1 syn for olive oil used in cooking.

3 celebrations , clementines. Muller lite passion fruit yoghurt

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