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Quins; back to the plan.

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Feeling slightly better this morning, still very productive , poor Mrs is still coughing badly through the night too. Got an awful smell and taste thing going on, overwhelming tiredness. Still got headache, probably sinuses.

B. Parmentier potatoes, eggs, beans, ham

L. An orange, muller light yoghurt, small bowl left over biryani

D. Pork loin chop, seasoned grilled, half jacket spud, some mixed veg, white cabbage, green beans, sliced peppers.

1 celebrations.
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slighty better, but felt rubbish after stepping out to poo pick 2 wheelbarrows , wiped out.

B. SW blt roll hexb, bacon lean, lettuce, cherry toms, ketchup 2 syns

L. SW chips, peas, egg

Muller light yoghurt

D. Pan griddled seasoned chickens breast with onion, swede carrot mash, sourced cabbage, mange tout.

3 celebrations
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still rough, worse than yesterday, still coughing, productive and my throat is closing again !

B. Actifry Chips fry light , beans, egg

L. 60 gm wm roll, ham, SW coleslaw , 2 syns

D. SW carbonara , delicious. 1 syn

Muller light yoghurt

2 celebrations , 2 teaspoons of peanut butter to get syns up.
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B. 3 nu me Cumberland sausages , 3 syns, scrambled eggs, spring onion and cherry tomatoes

L. Turkey steaks seasoned in smoked paprika, black pepper, season all, pan fried with onions in fry light. On a 60g wm roll with little gem lettuce and tomato, 2 syns for salad cream light 1 tsp?

D. Lean pork chop, seasoned with fresh garlic, salt pepper, fat trimmed off before grilling. Spring greens, carrots, broccoli, 7 oz jacket, 3 syns flora

Muller light choc orange

A couple,of teaspoons Yeo valley yoghurt, 2 syns and a snickers celebration 2

12 syns
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Went back to work this morning and nearly fainted when I got there, was dizzy and totally disoriented, so tired. Got Dr tomorrow, try and sort this sinus nonsense out. Face aches, eyes hurt. Pants.


L. 60g wm roll nu me sausages 3,syns, red onion tomato, salad cream light. Tsp 1 syn

D. Shin beef lean slow cooker with onions carrots swede sweet potato mushrooms, 1 tbs flour between 4-6,
Tomato purée, knorr rich beef stock pot, bay leaves, mixed herbs, 1 syn

Snack original ryvita 1.5 syn, hex a 15g smoked applewood, 4 halves walnuts. 4 syns

Muller light cherry layer 2 syns
Apple banana

Choc options 2 syns

11.5 syns
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GP , antibiotics to clear sinus infection, nothing to do but rest, feel awful. Always thirsty, burning throat and tiredness. She says should be bouncing off the walls in 3 days... Fingers crossed.


B. 2 wm toast from 400g, will add a syn for using crust end, 2 egg spring onion omlette, beans 1 syn

L. Quorn Swedish balls, 7 Oz jacket, mayflower curry sauce, 4 syns, mixed salad.

D. Quorn mince spag Bol , loads of diced veg, carrot, celery, onion, mushrooms, red peppers, passata, Worcestershire sauce, to purée and 40 gm of dolmio sun dried tomato pesto , worked out at 3 syns between 2 so 1.5 syns per portion.
75gm wholemeal spaghetti

Snack : banana clementine. Options hot choc

8.5 syns
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Feeling slightly better today, at last!

B. 2egg omlette, mushrooms onions peppers, beans and 2 wm toast 400g loaf.

L. Chicken and vegetable slow cooker soup. 2 syns

Banana and muller lite vanilla choc sprinkles

D. Left over shin beef casserole with basmati and wild rice 1 syn

Snacked in some left over quorn spag Bol.

Might have a hot choc later for 2 syns
Didn't have the hot choc last night...

Feeling much better, managed to help my daughter poo pick a paddock. Antibiotics must be working.

B . Omlette and Linda McCartney red onion rosemary sausages and some chopped tinned toms.

L seasonec turkey breast steak and onions, pan fried in fry lite in toasted Morrisons wm "toastie "400g loaf with loads of mixed lettuce. 2 syns for bread ( it is thicker than nimble wm), 2 syns for salad cream light.

D. 3 nu me sausages, actifry chips in fry lite, salad and peas. The disturbing thing was that the nu me Cumberland packet contained those horrible plain sausages! I've written to Morrisons, the plain ones are awful....3 syns for sausages
and 1 syn for salad cream light.

Muller lite choc sprinkles and an Belgian choc options 2 syns

9 syns

Will post food photos later
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B. As yesterday 3 egg omlette, diced onions peppers mushroom, cup of hot tinned toms on side. 1 syn tiny bit of olive oil.

L. Chicken breast Cajun spiced with onions, small amount of olive oil between 2 , 2 syns max , with jalapenos , gherkin and mixed salad on wm toastie 400g , 2 syns for bread, .... 4 syns total

D. Tesco meat free balls, 6 balls about 1 syn ( 400g bag is 3.5 syns?)wholemeal pasta , frozen okra in mayflower curry sauce 4 syns. (5 syns in all)

9 syns so far, room for a syn free yoghurt and a 2 syn options later.
I've got a challenge this weekend, back on the road to get son to Wales squad training. As me and Mrs Quins are just getting over flu we are both going to share the driving. Kent , Cheltemham this afternoon, Then N Wales, Cheltenham and back to Kent tomorrow. Staying Saturday in his student digs so will have to eat out.... I'm thinking Harvester... Then we've got all day in Deeside on Sunday while he trains. I usually take my bike and have a ride but I'm not up to that at the moment.Might pop into Chester. Any tips on eating out, I can only think of getting a picnic from a supermarket that's SW friendly, chicken thighs etc, the sports centre does a decent omlette but it is deffo cooked in oil. I suppose jacket potatoes are the other option. It's going to be a long Sunday.

Any tips @Trefoil @Happy Holidays @Texty_F @Poppet12
Just back home, horrible driving conditions, me and Mrs shared. Freezing fog in south east.

B. Wholemeal spaghetti with chopped tomatoes that I put in a pot and ate in the car

L. Cheese ham onion mushroom Omelette at sports centre 1/2 jacket and salad, sysn for omlette 2-3 for oil.

D. Asda tandoori chicken thighs , ate in the car in way home.

Clementines banana
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Shattered from the weekend driving. Back to work, feeling weak as a kitten and being told by everyone that I still don't look well.

B. 2 egg omlette with mushroom, pepper onion.

Trains were pants, freezing fog playing havoc, had to eat a banana on train, hungry.

L. wm hovis hex b, toasted with 2 Tesco meat free burgers 2 syns, salad and 3 syns of sauce. Cup of hot chopped tomatoes.

D. Brown Basmati rice with baby broad beans, pork loin with pak choy, peppers, onions, fresh ginger and garlic, Teaspoon Lucy bee extra coconut oil 2 syns mayflower curry sauce, 4 syns

Muller lite 2 clementines, options hot choc 2 syns

2 celebtartions 4 syns.

Total syns 17
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Felt worse today, sinuses playing up. I'm so fed up of this.

Train derailment caused chaos on the trains. Left home 0730 got to work 10.40! Not as bad coming home , left early and got a train, got a seat! What a crush , jammed. Hardly any trains getting into London, no information board, just announcements.

B. 3 egg omelette , peppers, onions, mushroom. 2 syns coconut oil

L. Toasted wm hex b chicken sandwich, 2 syns bbq sauce. Hot chopped tinned tomatoes with pepper sauce.

Banana on train.

D. SW carbonara , 1 syn for coconut oil between 2, . Loaded with pork loin,Mclean bacon, baby broad beans, brocoli, onions, red pepper, mushrooms, and wholemeal spaghetti.

Muller lite.

So far 5 syns., choc options 2,
total 7

Walked about 4 miles, this week I am well under my fitness pal app calorie count....
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B. 3 egg spinach and spring onion omelette, 2 sysn for coconut oil

L. Hex b wm hovis toasted with roast chicken salad, 2 supyns for bbq sauce.

Apple and clementine on the [email protected] 3 hr commute home! Southeastern carnage again due to the derailment...

D. Chili con carne packed with carrots, celery, flageolet beans, 2 syns for packet mix between 4 and coco powder. Probably less syns....

6 syns.
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