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Ronnies Diary feeling poorly want a hug

well i have bit the bullet and decided to write a diary,

This is my plan for today
Red Day

Melon with eat smart vff strawberry yogurt

Roast pork, broccoli, carrots, spring greens, 1/4 packet of morrisons stuffing 2syns, yorkshire pudding 3syns, gravy 1syn. 198g new pots hexb

left over pork, 5laughing cow light hexa, 6 ryvita crackerbread hexb, tomatoes, cucumber

250ml semi skimmed milk hexa

snacks - banana

prob a yogurt for desset later with some more melon

Total Syns 6
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Thanks Irene.

Well this morning its cold so am sitting on the couch a nd have decided to have a green day lol

B - hi fi bar hexb
L - ww super noodles low fat ones with small tin of tuna hexb and some cheese hexa
d - pasta, home made vegetalbe sauce, cheese hexa and

snacks french fries 4.5 syns

only had those syns but could go up if i get any colder and want something comforting lol
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well decided not to have the pork as hexb had tuna with lun ch as hexb to save on syns and had a packet of french fries. and left the pork lol was v yummy want more pasta now tho

out with work tomorrow so on a red day so should be good as off to loch fyne so lots of lovely fish mmmmm
well today have decided on red day feeling bit pants as woke up with a headache but lots of d coke and caffin should help lol

B melon and vff yog
L 6 ryvita crackerbread hexb, 5 laughing cow light hexa, turkey slices, marmite (had mad craving for marmite lol)
D - some sort of fish from loch fyne.

Syns - 4.5 French Fries
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well last night was fab and only 20syns for whole night so still 50.5 left for week (today and tomorrow)

Went out for team lunch today and have finally realised the my crohns disease really hates red meat have been poorly after my lunch so when i am out tomorrow night for xmas do gonna stick to fish.......

on the plus side i spoke to specialist re my liver function tests that i moaned about the other day in a separate thread and have to have blood tests every month to ensure no inflamation lol - maybe they should put me down i am falling apart
oops can someone help me get back on the wagon - bit naughty buffet from bagel nash at lunch have had a feta bagel and half a smoked salmon and avocado wrap so am guestimating about 30 syns which is ok as had 35 left for the week but......

out for xmas do tonight having roasted cod and new potatoes maybe ham and melon for starters and no dessert. not really drinking as blood tests tomorrow for liver and not enough syns so hopefully no major damage
Hun, don't worry too much, it's Christmas after all.

Someone said on another thread... it's not what you eat between Xmas and New Year, it's what you what you eat between New Year and Xmas xxx
lol so true, however yayy me have lost half a pound this week (must have been that pee i had lol) and got my stone today. next weigh in on monday as closed on thursday so not sure how that will go as now only 4 days til weighin.

doing mix 2 match today

bacon roll for breakkie roll the hexb
chicken and brown bread sandwich made with 2 laughing cow light (other 3 as a snack if i want them)hexa and 2 peices of wholemeal from 400g loaf hexb
dinner will be vegetable pasta with home made sauce no syns and no hex - may use 3 mini babybel as hexa
well green day today so
b melon and yogurt
l jacket with tuna hexb x2 and half portion of cheese hex a x2
d slimming world chips, eggs and beans

snack - quavers 4.5 hifi bar 6

so very yummy day
well done getting your stone award xxx
thanks was completely shocked this week as did not think i would get it hopefully wont lose it this week lol as weigh in is on monday 3 days early
hi hunni instead of sw chips why not do sw wedges? just stab a taty bang it in microwave and then when its cooked cut into wedges and put in oven :)
well feeling really fat today so bit grumpy
on a green day so

Breakfast - 42g weetabix crunch bran hexb with a banana and milk
Lunch jacket potato, spaghetti rings and 3 mini babybel light hexa
dinner - rice, chicken hexb ginger, garlic, onions and lime with 10g coconut block 4syns

snack morrisons potato snacks salt and vinegar ones 2.5 syns

total for day so far 6.5 probably gonna have a serving of trifle so thats another 4

not sure why feeling down tho!!!!

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