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Shall we get to know each other better??


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I thought it might be nice if we all posted a few details about ourselves so we know a bit more about each others lives!!

I will start then!!

Sarah, 30 years old.

Got married to Sean 10 years ago in the Dominican Republic.

Ive got an 8 year old daughter Katie and 3 dogs Sasha a x breed, Benson a xbreed and Nutty Nessa a 10 month old american bulldog!

Ive been a post office manager for 12 years.

Fed up of shopping in Evans and letting my weight hold me back in life!!

Aim in life to get to a healthy happy 11 stone and win the lottery, actually the first will probably feel like winning the lottery!!
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Hi Sarah,

I am 23

Married Michael July 1st Last year, big white wedding the day was perfect!!!!

We have 2 year old Harry and are TTC!!!

Five year old Chocolate Labrador called Merlin and a dozen gold fish that stink!!!!!

i am a stay at home mum,

ready to loose weight for me !!!!!
Im Janet, 36 married for 10 yrs in June and have a little monster called Alex who is 5, I work full time.

Since getting married I have put on about 3 stone so my first goal is to fit back into my wedding dress by June, Ive got it hanging in my bedroom waiting for me!!

Im only on day 2 but seem fine at the moment, I just want to be able to play with my little boy for longer than 5 mins without needing to sit down!!
Hiya, I'm 37 yrs old, 38 next month!! I WILL be thin by the time I'm 40!! My name is Mandy and I think you can guess what I do for a living. It keeps me busy anyway. I often work 7 days a week. I take plenty time out to come on here though!! I married Mark (Every Loser Wins - user name on minimins)the year before last. I did try to lose weight for the wedding and I managed to lose a stone and a half which I put back on again almost straight away. I'm now lighter than I was when I got married!!! Hurray! I have a daughter Chloe from a previous relationship. She's 10 now and she keeps me on the straight and narrow if I'm tempted to eat. She made me chocolates for mothers day at brownies and ate them herself to save me the temptation - That's her excuse anyway!!

Better now forget our mad dog in the equation. We have a black labrador who is big for a lab and just a little boisterous. I thought he'd have calmed down a bit by now. He's coming up for 3 yrs old.

This was a good idea to introduce ourselves properly. I've been a bit shy until now about it but thats just me. So there you go... My introduction. Nice to meet you all.

I havnt started CD..yet, but heres me
Married for second time 2 years, 3 kids to my ex, 1 to new partener, and 2 stepkids, one of which has always lived with us.
1 choc lab, hopefully with puppies
1 bichon frise
1 cat
1 bearded dragon
1 hamster

To many kids and animals!!!!!

2 stones to lose, but just had a box of belgian chocs that came with ma mothers day flowers:rolleyes:



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Im glad I started this feeling like I know everyone better already!! Thanks for your replys!
Well, my name is Dee, I'm 36 and married to Guy for the past 7 years. Have a gorgeous little girl, Holly, who will be 2 in June who keeps me on my toes! Living in Dublin (but lived in London for 5 yrs where I met Guy) now. Work from home in the mornings when Holly goes to creche.

Am lighter than I've been in 21 years!!! I am so close to goal now .. and can't wait to get there and KEEP there!!

Nice to find out more about people


Serial Foodie!
well most people already know about me (cos i have a big mouth) but will do it all formally :D

I am Karen (obviously dont have much imagination with usernames...) and I am 30. Im from London but moved to Devon 4 yrs ago. I am married to Kevin who is 28 and we have 3 kids, Jay 9, kirsten 6 and Aiden 2. we dont have any pets.

kevin moved over from the States 4 years ago (2 eldest kids are from previous) and we have been married for 3 years. Im a full time mum/student and kevin is an IT software security geek.

Im on CD but considering hopping to herbalife with hubby. he has 20lbs to lose...i have 8 more stones to go :eek:

thats about it!



Serial Foodie!
i agree sarah m :D

well done with ur weigh in as well! i lost the thread now so saying it here lol


a bit different everyday
hello all
well alot of u know all about me from my diary, but hey ho here we go

my name is Natalie i am 30 years old
i am a stay at home mum to 4 kids, Omar 10 in july Rianna 8 in august, Louis 4 in july and Jaden 3 in august [yes we obviously are very 'ahem' active at certain times of the year]

I am married to Christopher who is/was my childhood sweetheart,we have 1 dog a staffordshire bull terrier called Lola who is nuts
we live in between grove park and bromley
Christopher is a interior designer and i am a teacher by trade
I am an only child christopher has 12 brothers and sisters:eek:

thats about all oh yes i want to wear gap jeans not bluddy evans stretch ankle swingers!!!

nat xxxx


somebody shrink me
Hi everyone!

I'm Fiona, 22 years old from Manchester. I'm in my last couple of months of a degree which I'm doing in Lancaster, and all being well I'll be done and dusted with uni by by last exam on 15th May.

In June I'm moving down to Plymouth to live with my fiance Edward, who's in the Navy (submarine service). In Plymouth I will do a one year PCGE course at university and hopefully become a teacher :D

I want to shift a decent amount of weight so I'm not a blob when I get to Plymouth!!

Oh, I don't have any dogs yet, but we have our hearts set on a couple of staffys:D :D
Hi, this is a great idea..... I'm Karen (obviously) and 34 years old (obviously). I'm single and live alone in a small village just outside of Cardiff. I lived in Berkshire for 12 years but decided to move back home 12 months ago (stayed with same company). I'm a Sales Manager for an office interiors company and manage the south wales and southern england territory. I drive a lot! I work hard and play hard.... Work 12-15 hours a day mon-friday then out partying fri and saturday nights. I'd luv to meet a nice fella to pamper and spoil me and despite losing over 6 stone, i still can't find a keeper! My quest continues haha.


Have a serene day!!
What a fantastic idea Sarah heres me:

My name is Carolyn, I am 49 years old (only child) two children Cy 15 and Hannah 13 (going on 21).

We have 4 dogs - Ben Corgi, Molly & Nip Black & White border collies and Meggie Red Border Collie.
2 Cats - Blackie and Smudge
5 Horses/Ponies - GP (stands for Goofy Pratt), Hootie, Fillis, Skewby and Tiny (an ancient Miniature Shetland.

I am an Accountant and work for a great company who organise Waste collections, and my husband is Arch a Farmer oldest of 6 and we have been married 27 years this year.

That was easy after all!
Hi. I am Geraldine and I will turn 34 next month. I have been married for 6 years and we live in London.
I am French and came to live in England 10 years ago.
We have a daughter Olivia who is 2.
I am now a full time mum but I used to be a nanny.
I have put on A LOT of weight during my pregnancy and so deciding to go on this diet. I have so far lost more than 2 stones and my pre-pregnancy size 12 clothes now fit me again.
Very nice to meet you all.
Hope you dont mind a Lipotrimmer jumping in....lol

Im Sonya, 37 years young, married to grumpy (forgot his real name) for 15 years. We have 2 boys, 1 who is nearly 13 yrs and the other is 9yrs. I am a registered childminder from Nottingham originally but moved to Plymouth 7yrs ago.

We have 2 cats 1 is a moggy the other is a siamese, 2 hamsters 1 a syrian and the other a dwarf and 8 fish.

I am currently studying with the Open University started my first level 1 course in feb and just sent in my first TMA.....fingers crossed.

Want to lose weight to join in with my family in different activities. Start weight was 25 st 5lbs, need to lose weight for a huge hernia repair op.
This is such a good idea!

Well, I'm Nikki, coming up for 22 years old and I have recently moved home with my parents after living in Southampton for most of my 3 year degree. Am just finishing it off now and by June I shall be hopefully working. I am training in PR but want to go to college p/t and study beauty therapy soon.

Have been with my boyfriend, soon to be live-in partner (and fiance I hope) for 2 and a half years now, and we are off travelling in September before settling down into jobs and getting a place together.

Joined CD as I want to be young and slim not young and unhappy! So far so good xxx


Back On CD.......
Hiya Everyone, :D

Most of you may know who I am but regardless,

I'm Kelly & I'm 29, big 30 in October..
I am in a serious relationship with Keith, it's 2 years for us in August. We were really good mates for over 6 years before we got together, he finally got the guts to tell me how he felt about me while we were out drinking after years of hiding his feelings from me. Thank god for Jack Daniels.. lol.

I am still living at home with my parents & my brother David who is 25, I would love to have my own place but at the moment we couldnt afford it. Hopefully sometime very soon though as I am getting on, lol.

Keith has told me he is gonna propose to me this year, which is fab, we also want kids which I cant wait to have.
All my mates have kids so I am Aunty Kel to them all, which I love but Mammy Kel has more of a ring to it. lol

I am a Hairdresser, a Body Shop @ Home Consultant & an Avon Representative..

I used to do my Hairdressing all the time, although due to a car accident 3 yrs ago, which I am still receiving treatment for my neck & back, I only do a small amount now as I physically cant do alot anymore, which is annoying as I could never go back into it full-time even if I wanted to. :mad:

I have tried CD a couple of times now, I first done it last year & lost 2st which I was thrilled about but I slowly put most of it back on hence trying it again, I would ideally like to lose 3 stone..



Living in Plymouth

Hi everyone!

I'm Fiona, 22 years old from Manchester. I'm in my last couple of months of a degree which I'm doing in Lancaster, and all being well I'll be done and dusted with uni by by last exam on 15th May.

In June I'm moving down to Plymouth to live with my fiance Edward, who's in the Navy (submarine service). In Plymouth I will do a one year PCGE course at university and hopefully become a teacher :D

I want to shift a decent amount of weight so I'm not a blob when I get to Plymouth!!

Oh, I don't have any dogs yet, but we have our hearts set on a couple of staffys:D :D
Thought i'd quote this post - you'll see why in a mo. I'm sally, 40 yrs old, married no kids of my own but 1 step daughter and two step grandsons.
Originally from Bath but live in Plymouth now with hubby, married in 2001 in Bude but have been together 11 years. We have a 20 yr old cat (spooky - her name) and a 4 yr old german shepherd called Wiz (because his kennel club name is Kenmilto Speed Skater - who thinks these things up :confused:).
I'm a computer network manager for the MoD in the dockyard and my husband is Royal Navy FTRS (full time reservist) having left last year after 25 yrs and having a panic attack at the thought of being civilian - so rejoined!! He was a submariner for many years on diesel and t class submarines.
Fiona, you'll love it here - it's a fantastic place to live - entertainment for all types and ages.
I decided it was time to get a grip on my weight, i've just let it spiral out of control over the last few years. Have at least 10 stone to lose - but nearly 2 1/2 down so far :D
PS Good thread


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Well im feeling I know so many of the familiar faces a lot better and there also seems a few new faces as well. Thanks for replying everyone, wasnt sure on starting it as thought it might bomb!! Sarahxx.

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