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Shirataki Noodles?

I just wondered if anyone had tried these Shirataki noodles before? I have ordered some online. Apparently super ultra low calories. It says they dont taste of anything but you just add them to what your cooking, like a stir fry or something.

Might as well give them a bash I guess, just wondered if anyone else had tried them?

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You read my mind!

Where did you get them from? I have been looking for some.
I have never tried them but if the calorie content is as low as quoted on My Big Fat Diet Show I'll be happy to give it a go.

We eat SO much pasta in my house, I think my b/f would have a heart attack if i banned it with no substitute!
I got them from Japanese food shop UK | Japanese Shirataki Noodles, Yam Noodles, Konjac, Buy Shirataki

Prices are pretty reasonable, I ordered 4 packets to try out, dont know how long the sell by date would be on them. I'm looking forward to them coming, Ive been reading up about them and a lot of sites say you can just substitute them in any pasta dish. That would be amazing, you could have yummy spag bol for only the calories of the bol!

Can't you sleep either? I have been having terrible sleep patterns lately. I thought it was because I was off work so not tiring myself out enough but I worked today and still the same. I made a point of having no coffee today and still I'm wide awake!

Oh, plus the noodles come ready cooked! you just rinse them off and heat them up or add them to your cooking! I really think they must be too good to be true!
Coffee has no effect on me what so ever. I drink it all the time, and just before I go to bed most days!

hmm..can you imagine how quick dinner could be ready!!
Although that my reduce my snacking urge when I'm hungry and cooking is when the biscuits look like heaven!

Yeah I can't sleep but its because 'yesterday 15th' was my dads birthday, and a colleague leaving do.

I made sure I had a good dinner, went to the pub and even with lots of bullying stuck to diet lemonade, then went to my parents house....

and it all went downhill the birthday cake, and picking at crisps all evening means now I feel stuffed, bloated and and cant sleep!

Not good, as I'm workin all day 2moro.


A little of everything!
Definately let us know what they're like? I read about them on another site and they advised to rinse them really well before using as they (apparently) have a 'fishy' taste/smell otherwise, though I'd imagine thats off whatever fluid they're packed in?

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