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Sue's 'No More Pratting' Diary

Stuff your ex Sue, not yourself!
Karma has a way of biting people like that in the *ss, so you stick at it.

hmm, actually sounds to me like you just lost 13 stone of useless fat in one go. ;)

oops, my mistake! was too busy typing to read properly!

People who act badly always get it back in the end, I've seen it time and time again.

If the only thing she has going in her life is to make other people miserable, she really must have a very boring existence!



I am one of the 63336
Thank you folks xx

I've never had the 'luck' to meet OHs ex but I've decided that when that occasion arises she will be absolutely shocked that my OH has managed to find himself such a slender, attractive woman :-D


I am one of the 63336
Right, WI today. First one for two weeks. Hopeful for a loss.

NEARLY did ok yesterday but blew it with ice cream - all through frustration. I KNOW I haven't got the job I had the interview for last Friday. Knowing how these places work, the successful applicant will have had the phonecall and us others will get a letter that will have been posted on Tuesday or yesterday. BUT until I get he letter I am struggling to draw a line under it. And gave in to icecream last night.

BUT back on plan 100% today.

I WILL have comfortable thighs come the summer!


I am one of the 63336
Well, 2.5lb off at WI. I'm now obese rather than morbidly obese. Plus it will only take another 0.5lb to get my amount of weight to lose in to double figures instead of triple figures.

I'm going to try and get another 2.5lb off next week to get my stone sticker xx


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Well, yesterday 'didn't work' for various reasons. Got up this morning feeling all 'edgy', heaven knows why.

Need to do some shopping so must make sure I have breakfast first otherwise I could blow it big time!


I am one of the 63336
Right - having problems with this as the moment but I CAN'T give in! OHs kids round from 4pm tonight-6pm tomorrow. Nice girls but their mother is absolutely hopeless at being a good mother so they don't know how to behave properly PLUS really fussy with food so usual c**p at meal times!
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Eyes down, here we go!

OH bought home a bag of Minstrels last night which are lurking in the fridge. They WILL still be there tonight!!

Have decided to do the chicken and diet coke thing. Will probably do a little experiment during the day first though :-D
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Right -checking in.

The Minstrels bag HAS been opened BUT I measured out 42g (10.5syns) and put the rest back in the fridge.

I am 100% on plan. 13.5 syns already used but should be able to manage a syn free rest of the day.

Having chicken in diet coke 'thing' with potato and veg tonight plus WW yoghurts in so the other pot of mixed fruit I can keep for tomorrows nibbles during the day.

I AM going to do this!!

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