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Summer's diary

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by summer3006, 11 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    hello minis :)

    I joined in january - i think. i was all set then, then i fell off the wagon - again. for about 3 months, i yo-yo'd up and down. i restarted (for what feels like the millionth and one time) dieting again. difference this time is i joined a gym, and since last week, have been 3 times.

    on monday 6th april my weight was
    136.5 kg / 300.9 lb

    i've been keeping the scales in my bedroom all week and obsessively weighing myself :rolleyes:, just weighed myself now and im down to 134.5 kg / 296.5lb, which is not as much as i hoped, but i did have a binge food session a couple of days ago :sigh:

    the gym's also closed from yday till monday for easter so that doesnt help :(.

    must.not.binge. :copon:
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  3. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Hiya summer :) Step. Away.From.Those.Scales ;) I know its hard, but try not weigh yourself every day as you're not really getting a true record of your weight loss as our weight fluctuates all the time. Once a week, same time of the day is enough. Like I said, I know its hard not to ( I personally find its torture but I am nosey :rolleyes:lol)
    What diet plan are you following?
  4. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    haha. they sit right there tempting me to step on though!
    im not following a diet plan, just eating a lot healthier and going gym'ing. we bought a swanky juicer type thing from a health exhibition about 2 years for over £200, and it's finally being put to use.
    for lunch today i juiced carrots, beets and added some lemon for flavour. yesterday i had celery with carrots. I can't abide eating celery, so juice is good. can't wait till tuesday to get back to the gym - i got a sauna suit thingy in the mail today and wanna try it out :D
  5. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    must resist urge to stuff face.

    im hungry. i think ill go have some vegetable soup. :^)
  6. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    crappy crappy day. i didnt drink enough water, and i weighed myself about 700 times. still, the obsession will stop soon.

    breakfast: coffeeeee with 1 toast.
    lunch: nada.
    dinner: ate out. iranian stewy-noodle-bean soup, with chicken and potato salad.

    i was doing so well. and then we went to the haagen daz cafe for dessert, and i had icecream with crepe and bananas :copon:
    still. tommorow's a new day.

    after reading how tony lost weight using the wii fit, finally set it up, and my wii fit age is 46 :eek: :break_diet:. since im only 21, thats +25 years :(:(:(:(.

    :needhug: < that sums up how i feel.
  7. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    aaaah. official weigh in.

    don't feel like it's monday. i hate bank holidays !!
  8. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    Week 1 weigh in = -4lb

    Here's to a better week.Ima get someone to hide the scales so i don't weigh myself till next week :sigh:
  9. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    Carrot juice + lemon
    1.5 litre water

    500ml water
    jacket potato + tuna mayo
    tea w/milk + sugar
    skinny latte w/sugar :copon: (i needed it. was studying.)

    1.5l water
    carrot + green pepper + tomato juice

    *note to self* - disgusting combo. never repeat.

    1 cup mango+papaya juice

    water intake = good :p
    exercise: none so far unless count walking over waterloo bridge and back.
    sis wont get off wii fit. :rolleyes:
  10. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    wooo. a whole hour on the treadmill non-stop. i feel goood :bliss:

    bought loads of fruit and veg today, so hopefully my juice concotions will be more palatable :D

    also connected the wii fit and it's soo much fun :D, though yoga kills. and there was me secretly thinking yoga was for sissies....
  11. summer3006

    summer3006 Active Member

    breakfast: 3 egg whites, water

    mid morning: coffee (with milk, sugar) with low fat biscuits (5)

    lunch: carrot + orange juice

    dinner: carrot+orange+lemon+strawberry juice (too much lemon) :jelous:

    overall a good day, bar the biscuits.:bliss:

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