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Total Solution The Chronicles of Gina

Hi there, well I thought week 3's weight loss would be a good time to start my diary, seeing as though I've I seem to have committed myself to this self- inflicted torture :)

Anyway, to start off, I lost 4 pounds in week 3, which brings my losses to:

Week 1 - 2lbs
Week 2 - 10lbs
Week 3 - 4lbs
Loss so far - 1st 2lbs!

Only 5 stones to go! rofl

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Let me be the first to congratulate you on an amazing loss of 1st 2lb so far :happy096:

We're both in it for the long haul lovely and not only CAAAAN we do it we AAAAARE doing it! Yea!

I have found my diary helpful to go back over when I'm having a crappy day.

Good luck for the rest of this week

Chrissy xx
^^^ thanks honey!

Feeling it tonight, if I'm honest. Things are really busy at work for all of us at the mo, eg I've just done a 12 hour day and the week aint over yet! I've come to the conclusion that my cravings (yes I have them!) are when I'm tired - I crave carbs to zonk me out. Weird isn't it?

I've also discovered that codeine bungs me up. I sometimes take it for my ankle - I have metalwork in it.

So on the positive side, I've learnt two things about myself.




By the way - I know I like to dispense tough love sometimes and if (no, WHEN) I slip up, I expect double doses back!

Benefit of being on TS - When I'm tired, I don't turn to carbs or wine to prolong the feeling, I go to bed early!

"Now wait just a cottonpickin' minute, Gina", I hear you cry, "what are you doing with all this crazy talk? You don't mean that when you're tired, you go to bed? You shall be burned as a witch at sundown for wanton madness!"

I know, I know, sigh. 12 hours lovely sleep last night, I'm glowing!

Gina I know the feeling. We fight sleep for whatever crazy reasons! It's like I resent work eationg into my social time in the evening so I invent ways to stay awake into the early morning and then grumble because I am tried in the morning, which made me eat crap, which is why I am here. VICIOUS cycle!:cry:

Now, I happily take myself off to bed and even if I can't sleep I read and find myself awake with my book on the floor, when I passed out into lala land!

How's Exante going so far?
I so understand the vicious cycle thing too. The endless round of carbs, wine and caffeine lol. Exante is going pretty well, I am feeling bloated this week due to TOTM and possibly have a cold coming :(

Trying to knock back more water. I am heading for starting on add a meal week on Tuesday, doing a shopping list and feeling nervous!

How are you getting on? xx
Not doing so well today, in myself. I have heavy periods and am in the middle of one. Feel extra low and tired, grumpy too. Just had a huge row with my son :(

I am cooking the kids a small roast dinner, shall I have a couple of slices of beef? Am I low in iron?
well I did end up having some pieces of beef and felt temporarily better. Now I feel nauseous and crap again, so I'm off to bed. Wonder what this is, all of a sudden?


Silver Member
Oh dear, Gina. You did the right thing. Having the meat that is. It wont have done you any harm and it was best to try it.
It's probably the extra hormones in your system released from the dissolving fat - making your Totm worse than usual.

Well week 4's WI was disappointing in that I have STS:

Week 1 - 2lbs
Week 2 - 10lbs
Week 3 - 4lbs
Week 4 - STS

(Loss so far - 1st 2lbs)

Factors? TOTM and a lot of bloating. The k-sticks have gone very much darker this week, so I guess I'm dehydrated and retaining water. I still feel crampy, nauseus and generally pretty bad :( I guess the slices of beef on Sunday (plus a couple of cups of coffee with a drop of cream yesterday) have done me no good at all.

Now into AAMW, all the shopping done so we shall see how it goes.

Difficult to feel positive today!


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You've lost over a stone in 4 weeks - that's something to be positive and proud of. We all have our STS weeks just need to get your body ready for your next 4 weeks after you've done AAM...you can do this! x
thanks v much for the encouragement, still felt pretty rough all day but downed a lot of water.

So..... AAMW Day 1:

A low carb salade nicoise, my son had most of the new potatoes, I had one. :)
A STS does make you wonder why, especially as you seem to have been TS most of the time.
But if you keep the way you are going, it will be better next week :).
Your average loss, is 4lb a week, which is brilliant. You only need to lose 3.5lbs a week for a stone a month weightloss, so you are already ahead of yourself :D
I know marge <sigh> my only slips were the beef and a couple of creamy coffees (I'd say if it were anything more, no point in fibbing!).

Really believe that it was dehydration and bloating :(
How much water do you try to drink each day Gina ?
Between 3 and 4 litres, including straight water and coke zero

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