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  1. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    So I'm currently on Day 1 of Sole Source....I've done the CWP in the past but the longest I've lasted is four weeks so that's my first goal!

    I'm married with three children , ages 10, a near 3 year old and a four month old...Mia , Jacob and Freddie . Before I had Mia I was a lovely curvy size 12 with a flat tummy ! Now I'm a 15st 3lb whale (but with three beautiful children to show for it!) I put on 5 stone when pregnant with Mia and at the most I lost 2 stone of that inbetween her and Jacob and pretty much nothing between Jacob and Freddie! So I've spent the last decade overweight and I'm just so sick of not being comfortable in my own skin that I'm quite determined to see this through this time!

    Day 1 is going ok so far....decided to stay in with the children so I could just keep busy and concentrate on drinking's almost 2pm and I've had 2 litres so far which is great for me! Quite headachy and cold but know that's normal for me, just to got to ride through it!
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  3. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    I'll be off to bed soon to distract myself from the fact that now Jacob and Freddie are asleep I would normally be curling up with a cuppa and two (yes two!!) mahoosive dairy milk bars!! I would tell myself that I deserved it....I actually did deserve it! But what a sure fire way to pile on the pounds....I knew it but denial is a wonderful thing!

    I managed to successfully cook a lovely chilli for the troops without feeling hard done by so gold star for me! You forget how hard cooking for others can be when you can't eat it yourself!
  4. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Sophie! Huge well done on getting through day one unscathed and for making the decision to change!

    With three kids under ten you did deserve a reward at the end of the day you'll just need to try and find something else rewarding. I'm thinking of rewarding myself with "every stone I lose I get a spa treatment". It only seems fair, right? Haha

    Keep updating your diary. I read them everyday to keep myself motivated and on track. I didn't for a few days due to circumstances out with my control and those were the days I went off the rails!

    So be proud and keep going. The kids will be so proud of you too.
  5. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Good luck sophiesophs!! I'm on week 4 but been a bit off track after the weekend, hoping to kick my butt back on track ASAP!! xx
  6. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Hi Poko and Amanda:wavey: Thank you! Yes Poko as chocolate is no longer an option I think it's going to have to be a lovely bubble bath every night instead....! Amanda, week four has always been my sticking then I'm literally spending every waking moment dreaming and thinking if food and what it tastes like but maybe I'll have to discuss this with my lovely consultant and just move up a step and have a small meal for a week to get it out my system instead of totally caving and binging and then feeling so bad that I give up on it completely!

    Hubby has said he'll give me £500 for a new wardrobe once I meet my target which is about four and a half stones away..... :drool: I'm a total shopaholic so I'm salivating at the thought of lovely new clothes....that fit!

    Both boys is woke at 5am today which means I get a head start of the water situation I guess but it's a longer period of time to spread my shakes out!!
  7. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    So day 2 went ok, I managed 4 litres of water! Go me :clap: but from 6pm onwards I was ravenous even after all that water and having my final shake, so I toddled on off to bed at 8pm again but it took me an hour and a half to go to sleep, I was so restless, I kept thinking of food and when I wasn't thinking of food I had bloody Frozen songs on loop in my head, plus I had to get up 3x in an hour to piddle! Still day two is done and dusted!
  8. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hey Soph - found your diary! Well done for getting through your second day, thats awesome! Just think.. these are the worst few days. It gets so much better from here out! And I bow down to you for having so much restraint with your kids food haha, I know I find it so difficult not to pick at my sisters left over when I'm at home. Anyway here to subscribe, keep updating! :)
  9. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Day 3 today and it's been hard...not so much physically....don't seem to have been headachy or ravenous but more mentally difficult! Trying to potty train Jacob is quite stressful plus Freddie is teething! Now normally my coping mechanism would be coffee and chocolate and lots of it plus hubby would come and we'd both agree that I was far too tried and stressed to then be cooking dinner so we'd 'reluctantly' give in to a Dominos pizza with garlic bread, wedges and chicken strippers *sigh*

    Instead I'm sucking it up and cracking on and have already mentally prepared myself for the fact that I'm cooking a spag Bol for them all tonight! Of course it helps that I peed on a stick today and got told that I'm in ketosis! *jump up and down! happy dance* plus i had a sneaky peek on the scales *slapped wrists* and they've budged a bit :) I had a feeling I was when I woke up today as the taste in my mouth was a shocker....leading to me nipping out in torrential rain to buy some mouth spray!, I cannot go around with minging breath!
  10. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Beginning of day 4 today, woke up feeling ok :stickdance: got a bit stressed out last night. The mother in law was supposed to come round for a 'catch up' yest afternoon...her idea, not mine! She's an ok mil , but very passive aggressive, says what she thinks, very protective of her boys, a very religious lady and we're only a two minute walk from each other!

    Anyways I decided yesterday morning I just didn't feel up to it, a catch up with Lois is basically what I would imagine a grilling with the MI5 to's not a two way conversation AT ALL. No, it's a barrage of questions that I just sit and answer! So asking hubby if he minded me cancelling (he didn't) I sent the following text :

    Hi Lois, I'm so sorry but I'm going to have to cancel our catch up this afternoon, I've got an awful headache and both boys are out of sorts but we'll def rearrange and I'm sure we'll pop in to see you over the weekend x

    so she replied that's fine hope you feel better soon. *sigh of relief from me*!

    anyways at 4:45pm who should open the front door (I made the mistake of not locking it!) but the mother in law. 'Just popping some post in' (it was one sodding letter) ...'I won't stay' but then proceeds to sit down and stay for TWENTY minutes whilst bombarding me with questions . How BLOODY rude and disrespectful! if someone cancels on you you don't flaming turn up anyway!!

    apparently she does....lesson learnt!
  11. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Your doing so well! Good on you for getting past them obstacles - I have found that when you haven't got eating as a coping strategy, you really have to think about them obstacles and make real choices about how to deal with them. Keep up the good work! When's your first WI? :)
  12. summerbear2013

    summerbear2013 Gold Member

    Hey Sophie
    Hang in there sounds like you're doing great so far.
    I have managed 6 weeks before now but I work away a lot and go on holiday every 6 weeks and have decided not to let that stop me this time so we can do this together.
    I did really well with cd and got pregnant then lost it then lost even more weight with cd got pregnant lost that one and lost another at end of 2013 and regained most of the weight in about 3 months flat so I'm on a mission and won't be conceiving again until I'm nearer goal. Got a wedding a few holidays and few nights away with work to cope with but planning on doing ss+ or 810 those days.
    Just been away and did step 3 and exercise whilst there to start me off and lost 3 which is amazing for me as I reward myself with food a lot and usually gain 7-14lb each holiday.
    Keep writing the inspiration is great to read xxx
  13. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Thanks MissWilma, Wednesday is weigh in day! Looking forward to it as the scales are moving down every morning, only thing that's keeping me going through this first week!

    Hi SummerBear! Good luck with all the social events. I must admit I've scaled back on mine, and not made any dates for a while as I'm not sure I'd be strong enough but you've got such a huge goal to aim for that it's totally worth sticking to plan!! I reward myself with food well as letting it comfort me when I'm tired, sad, stressed and bored!! This plan is the only plan you can really address why you have the eating habits you have!!

    Day four went fine...I went into a bit of a depression last night as Saturday is usually takeaway night and I could literally smell Dominos but BGT distracted me and tbh I wasn't ravenous yesterday.....I'm still feeling hungry tho despite 4 litres of water a day....not sure I can physically manage anymore!!
  14. summerbear2013

    summerbear2013 Gold Member

    I've woke up in ketosis today and also totm still feel starving but going to have my shake soon and keep myself busy cleaning the car and such like. It's the evenings and weekends mindless munching I miss and crave the most like you with your dominoes last night. They always text me on a Friday night when I'm weak those dominoes people lol.
    Another day closer to your goal keep going x
  15. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    Love reading everyone's threads , I can see how they help keep people motivated
    I'm starting on Wednesday , reading this I want to start tomorrow lol
    Keep up the good work girls x
  16. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Start of Day 6 today. Had my biggest challenge so far yesterday...had to sit and watch hubs and children munch on a Burger King meal at lunchtime whilst I just sipped water. It was ok actually.....I didn't have to sit on my hands to stop me taking a chip or biggest motivation was that the scales had shifted again yesterday so I was really happy and upbeat!

    however this morning the scales have jumped up by 3lbs! What?! This, ladies (and gentlemen) is why you should NOT weigh yourselves at home!! Coz now I'm confused and a bit down in the dumps. Usually I'd be really stressed about it but I've got bigger things to worry about....I have the dentist at 9am for a filling :cry:I absolutely have the biggest irrational fear about the dentist, I could literally cry whilst I'm fact it takes every ounce of strength I have NOT to cry! I've already cancelled it 3x and now hubby's coming with me to make sure I go! Altho for now the knowledge that I have minging breath is over riding my fear of the awful will it be if they remark on my bad breath.....urgh......cringe! Curl up in a ball and die! And then have a good cry!
  17. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Oh Soph, don't be too worried. For a few reasons!

    1) SITTING THROUGH A BURGER KING?! You, woman, have the most motivation! A lot of people (including me) would have caved. So be so proud of yourself for that, and remember the first week is the hardest.. it only gets better :)
    2) About the sudden weight increase. You know that it is more than likely silly water retention, it happens to everyone and can seriously make your weight fluctuate. Some people see fluctuations of 7lbs+ weekly! Also, think about it this way.. if you suddenly dropped 3lbs you wouldn't be worried! So try not.. Although I know its easier said than done. You still have a few days before WI so drink lots and lots of water to try and get rid of it :)
    3) There is nothing I can say about the dentist as I love the place haha. Just close your eyes, squeeze your hubbys hand.. and be proud of the ketosis breath! It shows you are winning at this diet! Hehe. But maybe chew on some toothpaste before going in ;)

    Good luck!! :)
  18. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Oh Sophs, hope your appointment wasn't too bad!! I too am a serial weigherer!! We really shouldn't as it's true that it sets up our mood/thinking for the day!! I keep saying that I'm putting my scales in the attic...... Tomorrow!! Good luck for 'official' weigh in day xx
  19. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Ha ha Amanda, we can't help ourselves can we! MissWilma, I realised I had my really thick heavy socks on when I weighed myself like a zombie first thing yesterday so when I re weighed it was ok, I was just the same weight as movement on scales today but I'm not too bothered...I think I've roughly lost 7lbs for this first week which I'm happy with...anything extra by lunchtime tomorrow will be a bonus!

    So the dentist was ok...luckily the waiting room was empty so I kept spraying my mouth manically with breath spray! If it were possible to overdose on the stuff I'm sure I would've done it yesterday! The filling was awful..I'm such a wimp....I almost drew blood on my hand from digging my fingernails in!

    Day 7 today, feel like that's quite an achievement! Altho to be fair everyday on this diet is an achievement! Slipped on the water Sunday and Monday and didn't manage anymore than three litres so going to try my best to have four again today!
  20. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Oh Sophs, I know your pain about the dentist!! I've had the same one since I was a baby and he laughs at me everytime I go, even for a check up, because I'm white as a sheet and can't talk for shivering!! We'll be wimps together!! Ha!!

    7 days is a massive achievement!! Well done!! Good luck for weigh in, can't wait to hear!! xx
  21. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Oh, and as for the water, the most I ever manage is 3ltrs ontop of the product water and my other half only ever manages 2-2.5ltrs and I've never noticed a difference with our losses xx
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