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** Thursday Thread - minute by minute **


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Thought I would share part of my day yesterday - I was wandering the house and decided to go out to do some shopping. It's a 40 minute drive to the shops and I was smiling the whole way there - and round the shops and back again in the car purely due to the pleasure of being slimmer. I felt different and I felt good. That smile and good feeling I had all day can't be beaten by the momentary pleasure of eating something that I shouldn't.

It's my 13th week on CD now so I have to go up to 810 for a week. Off to the shops now to buy some chicken and salad!
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please try again
morning girl, geez its flippin cold!

well today im coming back to the straight and narrow. had a bad week in my personal life. 2 friends lost children last week, and my older sister decided she wants nothing more to do with me since i didnt answer the phone to her on thursday ( didnt hear it ring and she only calls me to complain about how hard her life is since she works and im a stay at home carer ) also have a very poorly little girl so i reverted to type and ate my feelings, bad of me i know but its done, weighed in last night and have lost 1lb

todays a new day and the start of a new cambridge week so im buckling down, 1 pack down and a litre of water so far


please try again
im back girls, currently those 2 are eating and im quite tempted to rip the plate out of his hands and have it for myself.

didnt think that was such a good idea so i came to check up on everyone

where are all the daily threaders?
Hi all, hope everybodies having a good day so far. Tis my 1st WI tonight so fingers crossed. JUst wish my bloating would go!! Sumayyah your stronger than me. Hope it gets better for ya soon.


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re the bloating, is it close to your time of the month? did you manage to fully empty ypur bowels when you went to the toilet? got wind?

( lovely topics we have on cambridge, lol )

hope your weigh in goes well and you have a plesant suprise
I dont get a TOTM because of my contraceptive injection. Re the bowels well i thought id gone properly but obviously not. Went about 5 mins ago (sorry!) and feel a bit better. Also if i had wind youd probably hear me from miles off!

I am so sorry that things are so rough. Don't give yourself a hard time over "eating your feelings" -- we've all been there. Is there any chance we have the same older sister? I am too blame for anything and everything that goes wrong in my older sister's life. Always have been. With my sister, when she isn't talking to me... I just act as if things are normal, and pretty soon they are. I refuse to play the game. She serve all "aces" she wants -- if I refuse to pick up the raquet there is no volley. (How's that a sports analogy from a female!)
Here's to a better tomorrow -- my day was pretty cr*p, too. But, no comparisons to your friends who lost their children. How heartbreaking -- I'm so sorry.



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hey mel, what is it with older sisters?

mine whats to run my life, shes always felt that since shes the oldest she should have a say in mine and baby sisters life. older and younger sis are both stibbon and like to be in charge, they dont speak at all, you cant have 2 people in charge but im easy to manipolate and will do anything for a quiet life so i always give in just to get her to shut up, even called her yesterday to invite her round on boxing day since she was moaning about me going to baby sisters house for xmas day ( i live down the road from baby sis, she does a lot for me with my daughter, only one trained in her care and we alternate xmas ) but she says shes not available as shes spending it with her partner and his son, not a problem for me, only invited her to get her to shut up, lol
Hi Claire,

You covered your *ss, because she cannot now complained that you left her out, excluded her, etc. (Although, she might anyway).
My oldest sister is a very bitter person -- has been most of her life. She has made choices in her life that did not give her what she thinks she wants, wanted, etc. -- and she resents that I have not made the same choices. The grass is always greener.

She is a very hard worker and is very well educated and could possibly (even at her age -- she is 51) have a very rewarding professional and personal life... but her disposition and personality lead her to sabotage herself. She is physcially very attractive (even when overweight -- which she has been for the past several years, and that contributes to her misery), clever, funny, intelligent, etc. but she has a huge chip on her shoulder and makes things very difficult for the people around her.

Of course, my losing weight was a personal affront to her -- I only lost weight to make her feel bad about not having done so. My being in a solid marriage for the last 22 almost 23 years, is just to spite her... etc. It is always all about her: what people are doing to thwart her. I wish she would go into therapy and get over all of it.

Lots of people had less than perfect childhoods, lost opportunities, bad boyfriends, broken hearts, etc. SHE NEEDS TO GET OVER IT -- and move on.

But if there is anything I have learned over the years of dealing with her... is that I am going to keep my own counsel (i.e. my mouth shut) and just act as I would if she behaved in an acceptable fashion. Sort of like pretending you do not hear a burp! LOL It actually works... if I act like she is not being a difficult Bit*h... then eventually she stops.



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i swear my older sister has splot personality disorder. in public shes all nicey nicey and people were always telling my mum what a lovely person my older sis was where as at home she was a cow, xmas days she used to add up in her head how much she thought things cost and if she thought you had had a pound more spent on you than her she would flip out. she got drunk at a party once and started in on me, she lost a lot of friends that day

she hated me for doing better than her in school, she was training to be a teacher, she took a year off to see the world but never left my mums house, apparently we didnt help her with funds to travel. she works at jjb sports now, has done for 13 years and yet shes always getting promoted ( when theres no one else ) and then demoted when theyve trained up new staff. of course she blamed that on my mum having alzhimers ( used to live with her but she had carers to do everything ) and my fault for not doing more with my mum ( she sent her to me for a supposedly one week holiday, wouldnt let me bring her back for 10 but it was just after i got kaya out of hospital on breathing machines, feeding machines, suction and physio stuff etc and she still got demoted in that time, lol ) i put up with her because of my mum, mum used to say she should have been an only child and preferably someone elses. mums in care now but shes still trying to control everything, told the care home not to allow me to take my mum out for dinner unless they ring her first and ask permission
Yep, we have the same sister. The kind of person who blames everyone else for their issues. Can she legally stop you from visiting yur mom and taking her out? Does she have guardianship?



please try again
she has a watered down version of power of attorney since she went to court to get my mums finances put in her name ( and then drained my mums bank account ) but the courts wernt told she had other children and we sure didnt give permission for that. care home says they go with her choices since me and baby sis didnt go to the meetings etc but where was our invite to the meetings cos i sure would have driven the 2 hours to attend

the care home tried saying once before that with only 2 adults and my child being disabled that we couldnt cope with mum but ive told them previously that before she went in the home my older sis would tell me to come get my mum and i would take her out all day alone and kaya was still disabled them too. younger sis has told the care home if they keep trying to prevent us taking mum for trips out she will get a court order to allow us, last sunday when we were there we even took my bro in law so we could tell them mum had a 2 to 1 carer ratio despite the fact they take my mum out on a 1 carer to 2 patients ratio ( only to go to the doctors, never for a nice day out or a cup of tea )

must be some kind of older sister complex going around, lol
Well, at least you can go a visit her.

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