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Tracing these posts :(


I know I can do it..
Hi All
I've recently changed my sig from my full name to just T because Igoogled my name (messing about! ... sad!) and everything i've written on minimins came up :( I'm mortyfied! I'm so embarassed, I thought these posts were private and didn't realise they were traceable.

I'd never talk about my weight issues to anyone that wasn't on a site like this. Anyone know if it's possible to get all my posts deleted?

In future i'll never put my correct name, but I didn't realise at the time. God it's so embarassing I could cry!

Any help would be great x
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Optifast Girl!
You should never use your real name on anything on the internet that you don't want linked to you especially message boards, blogs and forums. Everything we in-put is in cyber space forever. There will always be people who know how to get to it even when we delete it.


Call me Nicky xx
I suspect that Pierce or a moderator can delete these for you. Try posting in the technical help forum as pierce can pick up your request and hopefully delete your posts easing your fears. xx
ive just realised mine comes up too, only my result comes up as rebecca harker page 3! thats because my post has 3 pages of comments, wouldnt be too bad but i am a teacher! lol


I know I can do it..
Thanks all..

Becky, you're right hun, Pierce is going to help me. much appreciated. :( I feel like such a clown and shouldn't be embarassed but i am... nevermind! Live and learn.

Thanks everyone


now got pictures in album
Dont worry Tracey, it could be worse, you could be on some naughty site :p I know what you mean though, I dont have my real name on anything, not even facebook (well my first name is real) as the job I do, I see a lot of people that I wouldnt want to meet outside of work!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Guess who? LOL! Thanks Pierce!

Well, taking a leaf out of your books now girlies :) Never ever will I use my name again :D

Glad you got sorted ;):):):)


Queen of the Damned
Nice one Pierce :clap: Glad it's sorted for you mate.

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