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vile but could constipation make you gain


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have been doing quite a few working solution days... just having a very small chicken breast with cucumber and lettiuce & sprinkle of bullion to add flavour... i havent been to the toilet in days and days properly and my stomach is sticking out!

Want to know if i should be prepared to see a gain when i weigh myself due to this? i feel bigger than what i did five days ago :(
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i used to take senkot and it made me feel ill and scared of laxative type products! literally thought i was going to die and had the shakes all night/vomiting. didnt agree with me... i need something with a gentle effect but still works... id be scared to take something if i needed to go at work! big no!
You can take psyllium husk just before your shakes to stop this happening again, and it can make you feel a bit fuller too. Not if you already have a problem though, but its just pure fibre so very good and gentle on the bowels H&B sell it in capsules
I have a big 2l bottle which I put a 2/3 teaspoons of soluble fibre into every day (with a funnel!) and then fill with water, and that gives me fibre for the day in the water that I have to drink anyway. I think it's called Benefibre, but it's really good & completely taste-free. It does work to keep you regular!


Doing it exante style :)
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I take movicol twice a day, it's wonderful. I'm not sure if you can but it over the counter tho? I get mines on prescription. xx
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In short, yes constipation can make you gain/retain weight. One reason could be that you are dehydrated, so have you been drinking the minimum 2.25L of water a day? Otherwise I would recommend Fybogel or any other sugar-free alternatives that will relieve the constipation yet keep you in ketosis.

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