WAHOO another compliment, wow they are flowing now.....!


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Enjoy the feeling babe and expect more compliments :)


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Wonderful Sonkie & it will just get better & better, enjoy it, you deserve it. :)


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Get use to it Sonkie, you are going to get more and more comments with the weight you are going to lose! - it's a great feeling!!


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i have to say, i saw sonkie in the playground yesterday and it really really does show that shes lost a chunk of weight. they'd all have to be blind, mute and jealous not to notice or mention it mate!


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What a feeling!!!! As Irene Cara put it:D

Congrats Sonkie, what more motivation do you need?

Well chuffed for you

Toots xxx


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So pleased for you Sonkie you have done so well as it's been a difficult few weeks. Compliments can be a wonderful motivator but be cautious as sometimes strangely they can put you off course too.

Just think of the compliments you have yet to come.

Dizzy x


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Yep! Soak it all up. It really is a boast to receive confirmation of your physical change. It gives us the confidence to continue the sacrifice of food.

Keep it up.


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Hi Sonkie that is wonderful and all your hard work is paying off!!!

So happy for you.

Love Mini xxx


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As my nephew would say. DEADLY BUZZ !! Well done girl. Its great when the compliments start rolling in. xBettyboo


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A girl who I know through her parents came up to me today and said "you look younger " well I was so pleased it made my day


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This is where the fun really begins Sonkie!! You enjoy it girl ... you've worked hard and deserve it!


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I think the icing on the cake was a few weeks ago, my youngest son came to me and asked for a hug......he stepped back and said "oh my god " I asked him what was wrong.......he said " I can put my arms around you and my hands can touch at the back........I just melted.
Even oh has complimented me...and it has been a long long time since he did that.



well done to you :) it makes it feel all worth while when people start to notice the weight loss,but dont it just annoy you when people that dont normally speak to you suddenly want to be all friendly that wouldnt normally want to know,that used to be my biggest back bite,this time i will say so lol :eek:


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As hubby and me have both lost weight. Hugging does feel funny without two bellies coming between us. We feel all bones and limbs. Not has cuddly but we can certainly get closer together.

I love the involuntary compliments best. But that I mean those when people are just shocked, hardly recognise you etc. They are so natural and not contrived. I can't bear people who ask me how much weight I've lost though, and so many do. How dare they! It's like saying so how fat were you?

Bet your kids and hubbie are proud.

Dizzy x


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My weigh in day is sunday.......no more compliments today, Im sure some people are not sure how to approach you especially as they used to blank you before......!