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Wednesday Hour X Hour

Morning ladies and gentlemen!!

Happy Hump Day to all!

I am at work, ready for the games to begin.

Starting on my water now - and all packs await me at home tonight.

Hope everyone has a good day, and the Weds night weighers have a good weigh in!


I am wearing higher heeled boots today - higher then I have worn in awhile, or for more then an hour..lol..so hopefully I will get through the day. WIthout breaking my neck! :character00264: :D
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Morning all,

It sure is windy in London today too. I feel hungover must have been that peppermint tea I had last night:D. Seriously though hope I am not coming down with something.

Have a whacky Wednesday.



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Morning All! Just plodding along today. Suddenly feel v cold again (went through a phase of this a few months ago and thought that I was over it now!)

Off to join the gym at work later, the instructors werent that keen on me joining on my 500 cals a day but I thought that I would try and just do 30 mins a day of very light stuff, getting a bit worried about my skin going too saggy. I've been smearing the clarins potions all over myself but i'm not sure its looking it's best!

Have a good day everyone.
Morning All,

Glad to say I almost feel like the old self again (not always sure that is a good thing:D), Dont know where that great big black cloud came from but its gone today so not pondering any longer, stuff em again I say.

Really windy here too, we work in a sort of converted portacabin and the old metal sides are nuff rattling.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Hi, I have done almost from the start 30 minutes a day walking/running on a treadmill, I also do situps (100 a time) and use dumbells for my arms. If I feel energetic I sometimes walk for up to an hour. I think if you keep it fairly low impact you will be just fine. Listen to your body.
I am building up my running slowly.
Good luck and enjoy it exercise is fun (so I keep telling myself)

Lady so glad you are back to your old self :D:D we can be naughty now!!!
Struggling here at the mo - all my colleagus have wonderfull smelling things at their desks. To cope, I have changed some lyrics of one of my favourite songs - "Love is all Around Me", by Wet! Wet! Wet! (Also featured in Love Actually as 'Christmas is all Around Me' by Bill Nye). Here: :D


I smell it in the hallways
I smell it at their desks

Food is all around me
My nose can’t get any rest.

They’re eating lunch already
Although its not even noon

If it keeps on smelling
I know that I’m going to swoon

You know I want it
I always will
But I must be strong
For fear I will kill

They’re eating all around me
Come on and make them stop

If they keep chewing loudly
I’m gonna throw a strop.

Food is all around me.



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BL that did make me smile. I am also having one of those days. I am in the mood for food. I know I won't but I have this overwhelming urge to stick my head into a bowl of pasta. I do not have enough work to do that is why I have time to think about things I really shouldn't.

Roll on 12 o' clock so I can have my soup.
I don't know how you do the whole day without a thing I would go beserk.
Thanks Tange, nice to know that someone is exercising and is OK.

I'll keep you updated on my progress. Must say I'm not really listening to the gym instructor, he might be very sexy but I don't really care if he doesn't approve of LL, it's working for me and I'm on a high!



My manager has just plonked a HUGE tray of REALLY GORGEOUS cakes, cheese straws, etc., all from our general manager to thank us for all the extra efforts during the storms....they are from a very posh upscale bakery and its just so cruel. :( They are gorgeous, and they smell sooooooo lovely. Why she put them right next to me is beyond me. There is only one left now and I have moved them. But grrrrr. :( :)

Not liking today. I am going to go outside and smoke a hundred fags.
That's just mental cruelty BL! But feel superior! Just imagine all those sweet and fatty treats sticking to evryone else's hips and thighs! Oh and be sure to hold on tight if you are having your fags outside - the wind might knock you off your high heels!
That's just mental cruelty BL! But feel superior! Just imagine all those sweet and fatty treats sticking to evryone else's hips and thighs! Oh and be sure to hold on tight if you are having your fags outside - the wind might knock you off your high heels!

heheh - it is rather blowy out there!!

It has been a particularly tough morning, but I remain righteous! Nothing shall pass my lips but my delectable water. cough cough. :D

How you doing Miss M? Feeling any better? :)
I've had a couple of good days again followed by a couple of lousy ones. My employer has agreed to pay for a private consultation for me though, so hopefully I will get seen in the next week or two.

As for water, I think I'm addicted! I think the helath benefits are so huge that I get quite cross with any 'normal' person that refuses to drink their recommended 2 litres!


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My mushroom soup may as well have been fresh air for all the good it has done these cravings today.
I can't wait to get home tonight to just chill out and have my lovely crisps.

I am feeling your pain BL, for some reason today there seems to be food everywhere.
There is a word for these people BL but I don't think i can print it on this forum. I get the same at home OH is like mmmmmm this is lovely when he stuffs his face. He has been eating more since Ive been on this which really bugged me at first but guess what he's starting to put on weight and he doesn't like it one bit.
Glad all the grubs gone BL. I can't wait to get home now and have a love-er-ly choc muffin and a cuppa tea!
I look forward to it everyday!!! (I really do need to start getting a life- that and the cranberry bar, love them, could eat them all day long!)

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