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WEDNESDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Morning All,

I am obviously on cloud 9 this morning. Downed 1.25 litres already.:bliss::bliss::bliss:

Just thought I mention that my LLC rationed the Peanut Crunch, Raspberry and Toffee bars this week - (my three favourites).

Dreary day in Berkshire but I have worn something bright turquoise today, dazzled them all in the office this morning. :character00238:

Hope everyone is well.:)
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walked the dog............downed the banana shake ............. off to sort out mortgage !!! .....with a cold ...xx
Hi Everyone

Bad day yesterday.... Today is gonna be a great one....... although only done 1/2 litre will get drinking and i am gonna make a shake aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still not talkign to hubby but I aint gonna let that deter me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck sorting the mortgage out mustdoit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey LAdy can you send some of your cloud nine over here to me in hampshire and keep dazzling

Hi Mandy - some of it flying to you now.:character00255::character00255:

Now repeat after me -

I CAN DO THIS, I AM GONNA DO THIS, in spite of everything going on in my life. I AM GONNA DO THIS FOR ME. If you say this to yourself every 15 mins I guarantee it will work. Put some post its on your computer to remind you.:)

Hope you are feeling a bit more positive today.

I just went to the loo and I didnt need to undo my zip or buttons on my trousers. Just a little bit of useless info that I thought I would share with you.;)
Good Girl, I will be checking up on you:eek:


Happily pro pointing!
Done 2L so far, can't believe I had glugged so much already!

I have been thinking about the 'smoking' thread from yesterday, and something I always said about giving up the fags, is that they don't actually help you get through the crap (always a reason not to quit) since giving up 6 years ago, I have managed to get through plenty of it without the need for a fag, they wouldn't have made it any easier.
Now I have realised that I need to apply the same to food, eating all that junk has not helped me through the crap, it is me that does that, and turning to the biscuit/cake/pie/whatever, won't help me through it. I know this is what the LL counselling is all about but, sometimes you just need that little light to go on in your head.

Now I just need to work on the 'treat' thing, which is going to be harder. It isn't necessarily the 'I have been good all day, I am going to eat that cake' thing, it is going out for meals as a treat, I can't get passed.
Today is day 5. The days seem to be flying but then seem so long at the time (if that makes sense)
I think iv suffered quite badly in the first week to be honest.
Yesterday was awful, I felt so so weak I couldnt even brush my own teeth as I couldnt hold the toothbrush up! I dropped a kettle of water on my foot and then spilt my final shake everywhere and didnt get any down me!
Its not that Im hungry- im almost used to not eating now and thats not really a problem I just feel so so weak and have no energy whatsoever.
Im still in bed with my laptop resting on my knees so iv yet to know if I have any energy today!
I will get in the shower soon tho...
I really hope I feel better soon- My arms are so so weak!
Hope everyone has a good day!
sorry to bring the mood down! :(


Happily pro pointing!
This will soon pass Kellie and you will feel full of energy. I remember the first week being a bit rough.
I was not doing much and going to bed early as I was so knackered.
Hi Kellie!!!!

It will get easier and soon you will be full of energy........ and jumping out of bed!!!!!! just takes a bit of getting used to.. as you may of read I know agree it is about putting your head in the right place too......

Keep going girl YOU CAN DO IT
thanks mandy ........hows it going ?....................... decided to hold off remortgage til after next bank rate cut ............... have to find an extra £350 !!!!! now on variable rate ....
Afternoon everyone, how is it going Mandy.

I seem to have a permanent headache. I must say that a lot more of me ached before I lost the 35lbs, so think I will have grin and bear it for now.

Have upped my water.

On 3 litres now, had one bar.

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