Hi everybody :)

Well its my weigh in tomorrow on Minis Christmas Challenge:) it'll be the first time since July that i have stuck to SSing for a week!! I'm kinda excited and i've also refused to weigh myself until tomorrow.thats another first!!​

I'm a bit worried about my CDC as i've been using packs i still had left from July which will run out soon. I left a message on her answering machine on Tuesday about making an appointment to see her ...she hasnt got back to me :confused: :( i did leave my mobile and home number for her to contact me.
So i'll maybe give her another call today.
I'm really getting seriously worried as i've only got about 4 days worth of packs left:eek:

I already drive around 30 miles each way to see her and i dont think there is one any closer :(
Sóds law isnt it when your all fired up with enthusiasim it looks like i won't be able to get more packs!!​

Maisie x x
I would call head office now on 0800 161412 and just check as I would be surprised if there aren't other counsellors now more local and at least then you have a fall back plan.

Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your advice i just called the 0800 number and they have given me a CDC about 15min drive away!!:D who has been doing it for the last 20yrs!!

I really cant understand it as it was the 0800 number that gave me the other CDC as being the closest to me? and i have been travelling back and forth 60miles since May! anyway no harm done.

I called this CDC and she is seeing me this afternoon ...happy days!!!:D

Thanks again:)

Maisie x x

Could be last time you phoned she was on annual leave and asked to be taken off referrals.

Alls well that ends well - good luck with your new counsellor.

Hey Maisie - very well done on your first week of SSing!! Really pleased that your problem is sorted now - odd you didn't get that closer CDC's number first, but at least you got it now, hun!!!