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What can I drink at the pub??


Loving losing
Fizzy water ,ice and a STRAW!!!! LOL
I have a similar predicament at a 'do' on saturday as well as the offer of curries too(my downfall). We have to be strong! Just think how good we will feel the next day if we don't falter....

Good luck Penny



Speaks as she finds
slightly more helpful....i think (could be wrong) someone told me that you could have a glass of red wine. obviously check this out, i dont like the stuff so i would just stick to the water!!
Or there's always water??????



Loving losing
You could ask for an empty vodka bottle and fill it with water...your friends will be so impressed when you are still standing after a litre of it!



Slimming down the aisle
I was told by my CDC that I could have one diet coke. But, it does have citric acid, so could kick you out of ketosis. But I seem to be ok and I don't think it does with me!


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But my cdc told me (I have a huge du on end may!) that I need to eat the day before and only have 1-2 drinks if I really must eat!!

Yep sorry, my life is on hold enough with cd, so if something is this important to you, enjoy it!

waiting for a smack haha
what did you drink ?? did you stick with the water of have a diet coke ?

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