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What 'tricks of the trade' do you have to help you maintain?


Trainee Maintainer
I've been pondering this question for a while now. After four weeks of maintaining I am finding that a quick 'daily weigh', same time, same clothes, is helping me to keep tabs on my weight.

I am still getting weekly weigh-ins and after doing the daily weight check I add a couple of lbs (for clothes) to see whether I am over the last weigh-in result. If I am over, I am a bit more careful foodwise that day. If under, I can eat a bit extra.

I also factor in up and coming social events and adjust accordingly. Seems to work so far.

I am interested in other maintainers' experiences though. It seems a bit over the top to weigh on a daily basis, but how else can I keep tabs of how I'm doing?
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On A Mission!
Daily weigh ins are essential for me. im way too good at burying my head in the sand when it comes to my weight and if I let a whole week go by knowing that I may not have done very well, then its just too easy not to get on the scales to face the truth. I can do far less damage in a day than I could in a week, so that daily weigh in is so important to help me keep tabs on whats going on.

The downside to this is that weight fluctuates naturally, so some days are going to show an increase despite what you may or may not have eaten. But im used to seeing the ups and downs now and it ony bothers me if I know i havnt been good. If I know that Ive had a good day and the weight goes up, then thats just a fluctuation that will sort itself out.

Maintaining is much harder than dieting, and is even more important that you nip any problems in the bud as they happen. So its really important to keep on top of it, and a daily weigh will allow you to do that. I dont think I will be able to relax about maintaining for some months to come yet. Ive made the big big mistake of losing all the weight before, only to put it all back on again. Thats never going to happen to me again, and this is my key factor in controlling it.


Trainee Maintainer
Thanks so much for your reply, Lynn.

It means a lot to me that you have succeeded with maintenance doing a daily weigh too, and I really appreciate you posting your words of wisdom:).

I remember when I passed my driving test (what a great day that was) and got my first car (Rusty, as in the colour lol). When I was learning I found it difficult to remember all the things I had to do with hands and feet on pedals and controls, plus using eyes and ears at the same time. Seemed impossible at first, and for a long while I despaired at ever getting it right.

My daughter recently got her provisional dirving licence and has been taking a great interest in my driving skills, asking loads of questions. It made me realise that now, after years of driving, I automatically use hands and feet, eyes, ears, without conscious thought. I sing and talk too, but all the time driving, watching the road ahead, assessing conditions, making adjustments when necessary.

What I'm trying to say, Lynn, is that I am now learning to eat properly (maybe I should wear an 'L' plate lol) and the same rules apply.

At first, everything I'm doing is on a conscious level and I need to think all the time about what I'm doing; questioning, assessing, working out, calculating. Over time I can see a day when these skills begin to be absorbed into my unconscious and that one day I won't need to weigh on a daily basis.

Is this the secret of slim people? That they learned these skills and use them without thought every day, that they automatically adjust their food intake up and down when necessary.

It does give me hope for a slimmer future, Lynn. If I can learn to drive, I can learn to eat properly :D. One day at a time.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of Christmas, and a happy and prosperous 2011!

Hi, I usually go for a weekly weigh in as my weight can fluctuate by as much as 5-6lbs in a day so I would find that too inconsistent. My main train of thought when maintaining is now to realise that I can eat what I want and have as much of it as I want BUT there will be a price to pay i.e. I won't be able to fit into my size 12 trousers any more. Now that I've experienced being slim I know that I want to stay here so that's my main driver for maintaining
So far I've maintained for 2 months:) I weigh myself every couple of days at the same time. I tend to fluctuate up and down by a couple of lbs, but so far I've been eating fairly sensibly, exercising loads and have stayed the same. If I go up more than 2 lbs, I plan to be strict for a few days until I lose it again. I've also been here before and put the weight back on again and more:(, so I never want to go down that road again.


Trainee Maintainer
I see that you have lose a hundred pounds, meltdown, how did you do that?

Do you accept that you will have to monitor your weight in the long term? I think that is what is difficult for me to accept, it is like dieting for ever:rolleyes:. However, it is also true that keeping a close eye on the scales and adjusting food intake when necessary is the key to long term success.

I guess that people who don't have a weight problem just do this without even thinking about it. I hope that one day I will have learned this skill too.
I see that you have lose a hundred pounds, meltdown, how did you do that?
I lost it by calorie counting and healthy eating. I've been on loads of diets before - slimming world, weightwatchers, cambridge, cabbage soup, etc., etc., But this time I knew I had to change my eating habits in the longterm, otherwise the weight would just go back on again. I have a couple of friends who have lost weight and kept it off and they monitor their weight and as soon as it creeps up by a couple of lbs, they watch what they eat for a few days. I want to control my weight, rather than it control me, if that makes sense!

I feel so much happier about myself now that I am slim - it really is worth it.

Tricks of the trade? Keep it simple. Buy a pair of trousers that fit your new slimline self. If you ever find you're struggling to get into them, ease up on the pies for a while. Don't think of it as maintaining - think of it as real life.


On A Mission!
Make home made soups and blend them fairly well. It is scientifically proven that if you take exactly the same ingrediants and make a plated meal with one and a blended soup with the other portion then the soup will keep you fuller for longer. If you want to see this in action go to the news section of this forum where I have posted a link to the BBC program exploring this.

Protein keeps you fuller for longer (again sourced from the BBC program)

As much as you possibly can, avoid carbs. Especially white refined processed carbs. If you want to be craving sugary stuff, carbs will do it. And breakfast of refined cereal and toast has to be the worst thing in the world to eat, you will be starving before lunch.

Dont miss breakfast, it is the single most important thing you can eat in the day, and a high protein low carb breakfast is the key. My favourite is 2 scrambled eggs on a slice of ham. I cook the eggs with a little tiny piece of butter and onecal spray. If i really cant face eating first thing i have a high protein meal replacement shake.

Incorporate low fat high calcium dairy into your foods. This is a new one on me, but the science behind it is quite amazing, again sourced from the BBC program. They say they can scientifically prove that calcium binds with fat and will pass through your body, a kind of 'do it yourself' xenical. So low fat dairy calcium will bind with fats in other foods and will not be digested. How amazing is that? From now on im going to add low fat yoghurt or cheese , or skimmed milk to my home made soups and meals.
I saw this too!! Incredible.. There was a bit about exercise and how you continue to burn calories over night after your work out. Def worth a watch- I think it was 10 things you need to know about weight loss or something similar??
Tricks of the trade? Keep it simple. Buy a pair of trousers that fit your new slimline self. If you ever find you're struggling to get into them, ease up on the pies for a while. Don't think of it as maintaining - think of it as real life.

Also, in my opinion, daily weighing in is understandable when you're starting maintenance. But long term (e.g. six months on)? I think that's unrealistic and will make you miserable having to do that. I think once you get used to your body's rhythm you won't feel the need to do so as much. Personally anything between one week and one month per weigh-in works for me, but I've been maintaining for a while and I know my limits quite well.
I weigh myself most days but don't stress out unless my weight keeps going up. I also take measurements about once a month and this is my best maintenance tool. I total refuse to buy clothes in a size bigger and when my trousers start getting shorter I hit the streets, walking is my best friend. I can always tell when my work trousers hang normally and I can sit at my desk without being cut in half, I am back to 'my size'. My size is not what the doctors or my friends decide, it is the size I am happy at.
My maintenance is pretty much the same as how I jump start my metabolism to lose weight. I do a calorie pyramid. To jump start for weight loss I have higher calories at the beginning and end of the week and during the middle of the week I lower my calories. To maintain I somewhat fast and eat mainly small portions of protein and veggies. Water, teas and juices are nice to help flush your system as well. Usually only takes a day or two and whatever bloat or extra pound I've put on has gone away.
When you've already eaten your planned meal, but are still hungry, fill up on fiber filled food. Many drink liquids to fill up the stomach more, but long-term isn't as good. It lowers your stomach acid, resulting in less nutrition absorbed. Less nutrition means your hunger goes up. Maintenance is all about having enough nutrition so you aren't hungry.

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