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who else finds this annoying

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have been sorting my wardrobes ( i have rather alot of clothes) over the last few days anyway i have lots of black trousers in various sizes for work i found pair i havnt worn for ages fitted size 20's i thought id see how far i have to go to get into them. I'm sat here wearing them ready for work woohoo they fit perfectly. Anyway they are from matalan but what is really annoying is i still cant get into a pair of size 22 from EVANS i cant even do them up so annoying that there is no standard size and all shops are so different grrrrrrrrrrrr rant over ;) i'm still so happy im in a size 20 though lol
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with you on this hun! there was a similar post a while back about sizing etc, an i have found depending on where i go they can be 4 sizes smaller than Evans! as I've said, maybe they trying to make us think we are bigger than we are so we keep shopping there!!:rotflmao:


is not so little
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Totally agree!
Not just that, but I think Evans is a total swizz. Their clothes used to be good (years and years ago) but now the quality is bad and they are badly finished, and the cut of pretty much all their stuff is awful. The fact that you an be one size in one style of their trousers, but you can try on another style in the same shop on the same day and need another 2 sizes up or down is ridiculous. I try not to get anything from there if I can possibly help it!
I hate this about shops, but if you work your way down the high street the right way then you can drop 2 dress sizes in a matter of minutes!!
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trousers I seem to be 18 everywhere
but tops are a different matter, I can go from 14 to 20 seriously


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I too hate that there is no standard measurements for clothes sizes. In my new target body i now have a skirt and a dress in a size 6. a piar of trousers and tops in a 8, mostly jeans and trousers and tops and jumpers are size 10s and one pair that i needed the 12s and there snug.
Think i am starting to work out which shops and sizes of things suit me now ( love love love clothes shopping)
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i agree i think i have a pair of trousers in a size 26 and they just fit lol i was never bigger than a 24 in every other shop

Mrs E-H

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Thank god I thought it was just me with Evans stuff being rubbish and small!!! My size varies anywhere between an 18 to 24 depending on cut or shop but I had to have a 28 in evans in a dress I tried on!!! I couldn't bring myself to buy it xxx
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Alcoholiday said:
It's the same with blokes clothes too, luckily we don't buy clothes as often as you women lol :p
Lol :)
Im with you on the bad quality of evans, i bought some leggings from there few weeks ago to walk my dogs in.

walking them the other day i bent over and noticed a fella looking, my other half is laughing his head off, the flaming things were so wafer thin and cheap material, they were see through.

such bad quality and they cost me £18
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I hate that about clothes shops sometimes. Others tend to be way out of line with us ladies figures lol! xxx

Miss Mango

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I find this annoying too! Its so flipping dis heartening when you go into one shop and are one size then you go into another shop and you need two sizes bigger - its ridiculous!
I can get into a size 12 from Next and sometimes even a size 10 but need a size 16 from Jane Norman. Then need a 14 from River Island. Then in Lipsy I can be a 12, 14 or 16 depending on what material is used :rolleyes:
I'm glad I'm not the only one with the problem but its annoying that any of us have to put up with it - sizes should be standard! Shoe sizes are the same, I'm a size 5 normally but had to get a 6 the other week, its getting beyond the joke.

Hint though girls: if you need a bigger size just cut the label out once you've bought the item and got it home, know it fits etc - then no one will ever see the size in there :D
But doesn't this just show us all how much emphasis we put on being a certain size?

To me these examples just go to show that we should just enjoy being the size we are at that time and ignore if that top is an 18 and then in another it's a 12!

Just enjoy being the new smaller you - regardless of label!


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H & M and Primarni are the only shops I really struggle in, I'm a 14 top (unless its a blouse style) and a 16 bottoms or dresses! doesn't matter where I go it always fits, although whenever I have gone to evans their stuff has always been too big...
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I hate this too!
Especially if I'm trying to do a quick shop!
I need to try them on, and they are NEVER the same in different designers in a shop :( x

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