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Wow! Lots of nice new avatars on here it seems!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Been a bit busy over the weekend... so haven't been able to visit much! But, I come on here today, and all sorts of lovely avatars have appeared!

TBSX!! Looking fiiiine there girl! And Dale, that goes for you too!! And dizzy34, and welshkaz39! ...and Halebob, yours changed recently too didn't it?! And there may be others I've not noticed yet! So, hello to you all!

And because of this... here goes nothing... I'm adding mine into the mix as well!... after all, if you chicks can brave it, guess I can! So, goodbye 'cute guy covered in melted choccy'... and... 'hello' from moi! :D

<------------------ (Moi! Well, kinda left and up a bit! Lol!) ;)

Ok, so, those still incognito, let's be seeing ya'! :)

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aaaw pinkie how pretty are you??? and i agree with all the other pictures, its so nice to put a face to each other. xx
Wow - i never realised how gorgeous we all are!!!

It's great to see what we all look like.

I'll miss your chocolate man but i'm off chocolate at the minute so it's good that there's not too much temptation on here.


lol just changed mine earlier aswell


starting over
:p Thanks Pinkie you gorgeous thing - great that you've joined us in baring all... now wouldn't that be a challenge for when we hit our goal weights - nudie avatars??

Will be hard to adjust to though, I kind of got used to you as this androgynous Bowie-esque chocolate-sucking creature - gonna miss that wierdo! :wave_cry:
Hello Dale!!!

You don't look anything like snoopy!! Hopefully my next avatar will have my own hair!


Tough But Sexy X
It's kinda liberating putting a picture up lol.

Ok naked it is when we hit goal then.....chill I am joking lol

It is lovely to put a face to a name, you are all hot chicks not sure why any of us were worrying.

Pinkie, yours always looked so wrong, but so right in a naughty kinda way lol but much prefer the real you lol xx


starting over
Hello Dale!!!

You don't look anything like snoopy!! Hopefully my next avatar will have my own hair!
Is that not your own hair then Gingette?! :innocent0002: hee hee

Guess the nudie pics will reveal all....
Good to see you Pinkie. Lovely pic.
I love seeing everyone's pics. :D

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Good to see you Pinkie. Lovely pic.
I love seeing everyone's pics. :D
Fanx SB...

...in fact, thanks everyone... it's very nice to be called 'pretty'... you lot just totally made my night! :D

You all look fab! Loving the pics too... feel like I know you girlies that much more now... hehe... and if we passed in the street, we'd know!! And so could say hi! ;)

/At the moment, I just suspect everyone I see who's carrying a 1lt water bottle, to be on LL!! Lol!! Anyone else think that, or is it just me! :)

Hmm, as for the nudie avatars when we hit goal, yes, erm, let's see about that nearer to the time shall we?! LOL!! ;)



Ready For Change!
When we're all at target we should give GOK a call...

We'd have a fun day out...

We'd get to meet up and....

...have a tasteful NUDE photo shoot!!

He could also teach us how to dress... we'll all be new shapes!

I've been what can only be described as kerplunk shaped for far too long!
! !
( )
! ! <- Kerplunk ;)

Really pleased to see you all... and Gingette I completely agree what a gorgeous bunch! ;)


is Magdalicious
I say!!
I've been gone for a few days and what do I see upon my return?!!!
Check you out sexy mamas!!! ;)
Looking smokin!
On that not I've gone to the dark side at the weekend so should probably change my avatar..

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Tough But Sexy X
Crackin GOK idea Lozz!!!

Hey Mags cant wait to see the dark side of you!! xx


Ready For Change!
Mags you look Super Sexy! :whistle: (wolf whistle) :whistle:

Havent seen (seen...? you know what I mean...) you in a while I hope you're well and smiling! ;)

When i loose another stone I think a new look is in store! I know what I want ... I want to loose a stone before hand! (treat)

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