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30 Day Shred on LL?

Has anyone done the 30 Day Shred DVD whilst on LL?

It looks tough but it is for only 20 mins per day.

I'm sure I've read about it on here somewhere but can't find the thread on the LL boards.

I'm a few pounds from goal, but really need to tone my belly and thighs.

Any advice would be great! xx
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new one to me!
Wow Tracy! Amazing losses without The Shred!!

I've been reading about The Shred on the Fitness & Exercise forum and it seems some folk doing VLCD's do The Shred.


I want to blast a few more lbs off and tone up so I'm going to give it a go!!

Anyone fancy joining me as an exercise buddy for 30 days?? xx


thanks hannah! where can i get it from etc? how much x


quite a few different ones on Amazon, which one should i get? x


im going to order one Hannah, WH Smiths do it, would love to join you only problem is im away from 7th to 16th may so I will start it when im back xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!


Hey Pinkie thanks for that is she ok, havent seen her on here for a while x


Must do it this time
theres a huge thread on the fitness and exercise section.Ive been doing it and am on day 7 now its tought going but after day 4 the legs does ease and your good to go then.You really do work up a sweat even though its only 20 mins....enjoy!;)

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hey Pinkie thanks for that is she ok, havent seen her on here for a while x
Hey Tracy... :)

No problemo Hun! ;) Yup, she's good... According to Facebook I think she's away at the mo, or at least about to go away... Think she's off to her homeland so there will be a few surprised relatives when they see the new her! Exciting! :D

Thanks everyone. :)

Tracy I got mine on Amazon, red and black cover, but it seems to have gone up in price on there.

Would love to join you - do you want to start before your holiday and take a break or wait until you get back?

I watched mine last night but didnt do it as I had been to the gym and out for a dog walk.

This evening I may give it a try as I'm off work for Easter now until Tuesday! Yipee!!

I'm a bit scared as some of the reviews are it really hurts the next day for a few days. - Good news your legs are strengthening after just 4 days "so much to lose"!!

Wish me luck, will have a hot bath after my efforts!! xx
Day one shred done!!

Will let you know how I feel tomorrow - level one not as bad as I thought it would be!! xx


hey hannah i will start it when im bak from hold 16th may, besides havent ordered it yet im doing it tomorrow .......keep me posted and good luck xx
Woke up this morning feeling I'd worked out last night, but not in agony. One knee slightly twinging. There are lots of jumping jacks, so will wear proper running shoes next time to protect my joints.

Used very light weights 0.5kg as I couldnt find my heavier ones. Will increase them for the next one. Had to modify the press ups as I'm always rubbish at them and my elbows seem to go in the wrong direction. :eek:

Got a nice 5 day break over Easter so will give me a few days to really get used to it.

I scared myself by watching level 3 whilst having my morning strawberry shake!!! Eek!! Read on here some folk stay on the lower levels for more than 10 days before they progress, so that may be a good option for us on LL.
Phew!! Today its hotter in Sussex than Egypt and Spain according to local news and weather!!

Despite that - Day 2 of the Shred completed. With proper weights this time, and I really felt the difference. Used 2kg weights for the standing work and 3kg for the floor work. Lets see how I feel tomorrow.

Oddly, the exercise I found the hardest apart from press ups of course, is pretending to "jump rope" (skip to us brits).

Felt a little shaky after working out, drank loads of water which is a bonus as I usually struggle with that.

Having another iced shake, will need to pop in and swap some soups for shakes, its all I want in this weather.


ive ordered it cant wait for it to arrive x
Pleased its a bank holiday today - woke up this morning with very tight calves and slightly sore muscles all over the place!!

Bizarrely looking forward to doing the shred again later, but not quite ready to do it yet!! xx


Silver Member
Hannah did u take measurements before u started, in keen to know what results u get, please keep us posted x

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